How to Clean when you’re Chronically ill

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Doing house hold work is really tough job to do, and if you are chronically ill, then its a nightmare. Comment if you agree with this statement, i know you will agree 🙂

I’ve been doing this for years, so I thought I’d type it up for you, in case it helps someone

-> Gather dishes and take them to the kitchen.

-> Gather laundry and put in hampers. Sit and rest.

-> Empty out sink(s), scrub sink(s), run pure HOT water with soap in sink, put a load into the sink to soak. Sit and rest.

-> Sort the laundry *as you put it into washer*. Fill the load, add the soap, adjust dials, start washer. Sit and rest.

-> Wash dishes in sink, rinse, put on drain rack/towel. Squirt toilet bowl cleaner into toilet, set timer for 10 minutes. Sit and rest.

-> Timer dings, scrub toilet. Spray antibacterial stuff on outside of toilet; wash hands. Set timer 10 minutes. Sit and rest.

-> Timer dings; wipe outside of toilet with rag, put rag in laundry hamper. Wash hands. Sit and rest.

-> Wash 2nd load of dishes in sink, rinse and drain. Put really nasty/greasy cookware/pot into sink. Put load from washer into dryer, add dryer sheet, turn dryer on. Sit and long rest.

-> Pull yucky dish out of sink, rinse big chunks off. Drain sink and rinse it; put fresh water in. Put new load of dishes in to soak. Go to bathroom and remove everything off counter. Sit and rest.

-> Put load of laundry into washer, add soap, start washer. Spray antibacterial stuff onto bathroom counter/sink. Wash hands. Set timer 10 minutes. Sit and rest.

-> Timer dings, wipe down bathroom counter/sink. Put rag in laundry. Wash hands. Sit and rest. -> Wash load of dishes in sink, rinse, drain. Put new load into sink. Sit and rest.

-> Replace the counter items onto the bathroom counter. Remove clothes from dryer. Put washer clothes into dryer, add dryer sheet, start dryer. Sit and long rest.

-> Put dry dishes away. Sit and rest.

-> Fold dry laundry while sitting down; stack ‘hangable’ items in one pile, laid out like they were on a hanger. Grab handful of hangers, flip through the collars and insert hangers. Sit and rest.

-> Hang items in closet. Sit and rest. Put items in drawers. Sit and rest.

-> Finish washing dishes (including that previously nasty pot you already soaked). Wipe down counter(s). Sit and rest.

-> Take laundry out of dryer. Sit and rest.

-> Wipe down top of stove (the range). Put away dry dishes. Sit and rest.

-> Fold laundry as above. Sit and rest.

This covers about 4-8 hours, depending on how long you can stand, and how long you need to rest. During that time you washed, dried, and put away 2 loads of laundry; washed the inside and outside of toilet, and bathroom counter and sink; and washed 4-5 loads of dishes and wiped down the sinks.

And without keeling over! (Ideally) I normally need a full rest day the day after this- BUT I’ve found I need a full rest day after doing about HALF this much, so in for a penny, in for a pound (my opinion about MY work). Hope this helps

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