Chewing Your Way to Relief? Marijuana-Infused Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

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Is Weed-Infused Gum an Option for Fibro Pain?

The possible benefits of marijuana for medical use is regularly making headlines. Proponents claim it provides more help with fewer side effects. While the government continues to fight against making it legal in all states the FDA is currently running clinical trials on a new product called Medchew, a chewing gum infused with 5 mg. CBD and 5 mg. THC.

According to an article written on “Weed-Infused Gum For Chronic Pain?” Axim Technology expects their gum to pass through the FDA, as well as the European Medicines Agency by the end of the current year. It is to be marketed as a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and other syndromes in which spasticity is a problem. Although Fibromyalgia isn’t specifically mentioned, it might be a viable treatment option for those who experience spastic muscles as part of their disability.

According to Professor John Zajicek, chewing, as opposed to smoking or ingesting, would provide even more relief without any of the undesirable side effects. The THC and CBD would be absorbed directly into the mouth, bypassing the liver. Also, the simple act of chewing is believed to be beneficial to the patient. Zajicek claimed it provides stress relief and aids in slowing the loss of cognition in older persons. In this way, the patient gets double the positive without all the negative. Chewing is also more socially acceptable than smoking or taking a pill.

Axim Technology owns the patent for the product and already has placed a CBD laced gun on the market under the moniker Canchew. Medical Marijuana, INC owns 46% of Axim and plans to release more weed related products in the future.

How this all plays out may very well depend upon competitors. While Axim owns the rights to the gum they are also in competition with GW Pharmaceuticals whose spray Sativex is available in 27 countries, just not the US. In the United States the FDA has approved a spray called Epidolex.

GW Pharmaceuticals cultivates their own plants in order to control the genetics and provide the most effective medication. Axim, on the other hand, works with the Dutch government. While Axim will benefit from GW Pharmaceutical’s proof that cannabis laced products are safe and effective they need to also convince the FDA and DEA.

Since this article was published, Axim released Marinol, a gum used to treat Cancer and patients with HIV. This is a synthetic THC and patients using it are complaining of various side effects that make taking advantage of it virtually impossible. If Medchew passes current medical trials this may fix the issues associated with the synthetic version.

But, does this hold promise for the millions of Fibromyalgia patients? According to one source, it very well might. In an article on Leafly about “Can Cannabis Treat Fibromyalgia Better Than Prescription Drugs? ” the National Pain Association conducted a survey of 1300 Fibromyalgia patients in 2014. Of those patients 30%, or 390, had tried cannabis for pain. For those who tried it 62% found it very effective. 33% reported some help and only 8% stated it did not help at all.

This same study questioned participants about the FDA approved medications of Lyrica, Savella and Cymbalta. Only 8-10% reported these to be very effective while 60-65% stated they did not help at all.

In one double blind study of a synthetic cannabinoid, nabilone, researchers determined it could be used as an adjunct to other therapies. However, the cost would make the medicine unattainable for many patients at $1,000 for 30 pills and a vast majority of the respondents preferred the botanical option which is easier to individually control.

Cannabis is Legal in the following 26 US States
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode island, Vermont, Washington​ And Washington DC. All have either medical or recreational laws on the books.

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