If Your Fibromyalgia Could Text You, It Might Look Like This

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Obviously, fibromyalgia cannot text the people who live with it, but if it did, it might look something like this. So its a hypothetical type question that we asked to our Facebook community Living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness and Healthopedia to share what a text conversation with fibromyalgia might look like. Lots of people share their conversation and we have compiled a list of few messages for you

Here is what community share with us:

1. Conversation between Fibro and Stephanie Dais.

Fibromyalgia “I’m what happens when bad emotions turn sideways. I started when you were very young, and have grown with you. I found exactly the right moment to attack, and I am firmly lodged in your brain and body. And no matter what you do, I will change you completely.”

Me: “Yes, that is all true. You are not my fault, and there was no way to prevent you. I cant remember a time where you weren’t looming over me, and I don’t expect that to ever change. There are days where I feel sad about that, and I don’t want to accept it. And then there are days where I am only interested in kicking your ass. Mostly though, I just blame you for everything I don’t like about me. But I know I will have to work with you in order to accomplish anything in this life. So OK, old companion, I will do what I have to do, because that is how you will cripple me the least. But I don’t like it. And I don’t like you.

2. Conversation between Fibro and Dottie Wingert

Fibromyalgia: ” Hi I’m Fibromyalgia and I’m here to wreck your life!”
Me: , “You may make my days hell but I will survive.”

3. Conversation between Fibro and Catherine Moeller

Fibromyalgia would say: I am changing your life forever. Your strength and energy and independence is gone. You will not be able to do the things you use to enjoy doing. You will feel pain like never before…and when its bad it will get worse. I will make people talk about you, doubt you and leave you. Any money you make, if you can manage to keep a job, will be spent on doctors, medicines, supplements of all kind in your search to get better. But you won’t. And every day you will feel more defeated, discourage and hopeless.
Me:please have mercy on me.

4. Conversation between Fibromyalgia and Bente

Fibromyalgia: ” I’m sorry for hurting you”
Me; “Please, giv me my life back”

5. Conversation between Fibro and Julie

Fibro: Hi…
Me: Why don’t you leave me alone?

6. Conversation between Fibro and Monah

Me: I am cold, i think i’ll curl up with my blanket.
Fibro: You mean this thing that feel like a sheet of concrete? Its OK though, Here is a HOT FLASH to warm you up and your blanket too.
Me: No Please No. Not another Hot flash! I just showered…
Fibro: Its too late sweetheart, Enjoy.

7. Conversation between Fibro and Angie Mcgennity

Fibro : I am gonna ruin your life bit by bit till you don’t recognize yourself. For no reason than i can.

Me: you wont win

Fibro: I already have

8.  Conversation between Fibro and Debbie Behner Sabo 

FM: can’t lift your arms today without pain and weakness. Hehe
Me: I know, but I am going to keep working on the laundry.
Fm: I’ll give you about 5 minutes and then turn up the pain!
Me: ugh, can’t take anymore!
Fm: told you!

9. Conversation between Fibro and LeAnn Underwood 

FM: ” Sup Beooch?” “Let’s get ready to rumble!!!” 
Me: I got this!


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10. Conversation between Fibro and Jen Nifer 

Fibro: look it’s a nice sunny day, I know you have plans to get up and enjoy it with your loved ones but how about we play a game? I could rip through your body like red hot pokers, zap your energy and make the sun hurt your eyes, you could try and fight the fatigue and pain and go out.…… what do you say? 
Me: …… 
Fibro : hey where did you go? 
Me ……… back to bed, the shower water was hurting my skin
Fibro …… hey who’s winning? How am I doing? 
Me: I am too tired to answer………… 
*falls back to sleep

11. Conversation between Fibro and Shelia Fenroy 

Fibro: Ready or not, here o come.
Me: I prefer death

12. Conversation between Fibro and Solesbee Sami 

Fibro: “I have you trapped in this pain body.”
Me: ” You can’t have me because God said you couldn’t. He sent CBD oils.”

13. Conversation between Fibro and Anita Goza-Solomon 

Fibro: “I’m here!”
Me: “You weren’t invited, Please leave.”

14. Conversation between Fibro and Missy Bungert White 

Fibro: I decided to give you insomnia last night and give you a migraine this morning. I’m pretty sure you won’t be doing anything today. 
Me: Not going to let you keep me down!

15. Conversation between Fibro and Tammy Dorris 

Fibro: I’ll get you fired, and you’ll have no ins,. Lyrica just went from $85/a month to $1000

16. Conversation between Fibro and Dora Gonsalez 

Fibro: I’m going to make your left knee and right arm hurt at the same time for a couple of weeks ?
Me: I’m used to it go ahead 
Fibro: I’m not going to let you fall asleep till 2am and wake you up at 6am
Me: Yay 

17. Conversation between Fibro and Lindsay Jean

Fm : Peek a boo…
Me I feel you

18. Conversation between Fibro and Alexandria Andrew 

FM: I’m gonna f**k you up …..
Me: Ohh Great again please can you wait till iv done the laundry and cleaned the house first

19. Conversation between Fibro and Laini Howard 

FM: I came, I sore I conquered! To you I give pain and exhaustion 
Me: you did that! Thank you for ruining my life.

20. Conversation between Fibro and Paula Coburn 

Fibro: Hey, how about some pain today? ☠ Me: NO.. I can sure do without that. ?
Fibro: I insist.. as a matter of fact I could give you the pain everyday. Me: No. Leave me alone. ?
Fibro: But, I am a major attachment in your life, you have to experience the torture I have in store for you.  Me: Just leave me alone and and let me live. 
Fibro: Nope.. I now own you! You must give in & accept me. ?

So what would be your conversation with fibromyalgia? Let us know in comments

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