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Fibromyalgia is a condition which causes widespread pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional, mental distress and have many other symptoms. So far there is no proper cure of fibromyalgia, but using different approaches, one can ease up their fibro pain. We conducted survey in our facebook group “Living with fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” and asked people who are suffering from fibromyalgia to share a coping skill that helps you. Also asked to share their methods, tip and technique that help them relax and cope up the fibromyalgia pain and symptoms. They have shared their tricks, coping skills and approaches through which they releive their symptoms. We have compiled the list of their answers below.

Here is what community share with us.

1. When my pain is extremely bad I take hot/cold showers. I go slowly back and forth between degrees, and this helps circulate my blood which helps with my pain. – Cindy

2. Painting because for the time I am in my creative brain I am not in my painful brain. I only can pull it off for little bits of time. I love to create so even if I am in pain while doing so, it gives me an outlet. -Suzana

3. I take a hot shower and have a hand held sprayer and spray each sore spot up close for a few seconds and move on to the next, repeat as needed till I feel it is time to get out. I also use my rice heat packs on areas that hurt, sometimes above and below the areas as well. – Debra

4. I take my dog for walk even if I need to use the card cane I force myself. Bath with Epson salt does wonders and heating pad, I also added in CBD cream for nerve pain on my left foot and calf. – Jacqie

5. Keep my mind as active as possible, play puzzle or video games on my phone, got some colouring apps too, hot bath always helps too xx – fiona

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6. Weighted blanket and heating pad. I also keep a microwavable heat pad at work as well as a pad that I can freeze. Acupressure mat and pillow also help, especially in combo with heat blanket but they take some getting used to.- Frida

7. Nothing but eastern medicine for me Acupuncture helps me drastically. I read recently that balancing your chakras can help as well. Learning how to do that now and already am seeing a difference. I’d recommend trying it out. – Kricket

8. My main coping skill is my paraffin wax hand tub. While it is heating up I sit on the bed and meditate, then dip my hands one at a time and take about 10 mins. Each..the heat gives my hands the warmth they need…and gives me time to mentally cope. – Paula

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9. CBD Oil, heated “bed buddies” for whichever area hurts (I have multiple ones), MUSIC, deep breathing and relaxation techniques, TENS Unit, pain killers, and hot stone massages when I can afford them!. Morover, sometime i take both bombs – Connie

10. Natural therapies and Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique & various meditation techniques ..eg visualising in your minds eye the problematic areas of the body at that moment & then saying to yourself you give your body permission to release & let go of problem/pain & to heal the cause of the problem/pain. – Julie

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Everyone’s symptom list are different, everyone has their own pain level and own coping mechanism. So far causes of fibromyalgia is not clear, but there are multiple theories that are consider to be the probable cause of fibromyalgia like some research says its autoimmune disease, while some link it to trauma, abuse, childhood stress, Spinal Cord Dysfunction, and Central Nervous System Disorder. Also type of fibromyalgia warries with person to person. So you might find something here that does not work for you, but giving a try to these a worth it. If you find something else that help you, also share it with us in the comments below.

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