“Hacks” to make life with fibromyalgia easier

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Living with fibromyalgia is incredibly frustrating and painful. Fibro can be exhausting both physically and emotionally, to cope with all the fibro symptoms on a daily basis. It’s a fact so far fibro has no cure, but people have self developed tricks to find some ease in hard times, and manage symptoms to reduce everyday pains and frustrations. We asked from our community “Living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness” to share their hack that helps in living easier with fibromyalgia. May be some of their hacks help you too.

Here is what community share it with us:

1. Chrystal Hebert Hilton–  Pills do NOTHING! … Move when you CAN & sit and rest when you CANT! … and just know that if you have a really active day that you WILL need at least a day to relax n do NOTHING! And breaking plans is PERFECTLY FINE! The people closest to you should know your condition and will understand!

2. Joanie Blanchar Tyler — I pace myself and try not to plan out a full day. Lots of maybes are better and less disappointing for me.
I live with Mentholated ointment ( V ) for IBS or upset stomach. Bit under the nose and I can sleep better. Works wonders for car sickness also ?Its calming !

3. Jenni Meyer — With Fibro comes Restless Leg Syndrome. I found that a bar of “IVORY” soap in a Ziploc bag with a few holes punched in it under your sheets at the foot of the bed helps calm the RLS down. I don’t know why, but it does. Try it.

4. Katrina Edmonds — No pills, I’ve tried everything under the sun. I started working out with weights and eating better. I feel so much better, I wished I had listened to my doctor years ago. Start out slow and work your way up! My life is so much better!!!

5.Violet Ortiz — The days I work thats all I do on my days off if Im up for it I will do some light cleaning but with this heat I get exhausted much easier and faster so I just try to sleep as much as I can and not excert myself too much or at all for that matter

6. Valerie Conroy Porter — I get all of my clothes ready for the week on the weekend. This is so helpful because the mornings are very rough for me. I don’t stand in the closet trying to fight pain and brain fog as I pick out clothes.

7. Paula Fascia Falato — Epsom salt baths, naps, tennis balls to roll on and a spiked foam roller for knots. Self massage, deep breathing

8.Jackie Clark — Gadgets to open things easier. Journal my pain medication and any temporary medication. Coloring helps with my depression and anxiety. I use my rollator (wheeled Walker) when I walk at my apartment complex ~ when the bumps in pavement jar Walker I pay more attention and do not trip and fall. I have relaxed my standards for hair style, make up and clothes for what my energy and pain level is. I don’t care what other people think, I do what I can do.

9. Theresa Paquette — Wake up an hour earlier for work and appointments so I can take my meds and wake up enough to function.

10. Sharifah BlackButterfly — Having accepting people around.

11. Jenn Adams — The best thing I’ve ever done for my fibromyalgia was giving up meat and dairy. I went from not being able to get out of bed to being able to walk around places like Disneyland!

12. Kelly Cannon — Exercise. I push myself to go to the gym and do what I can. It helps me feel accomplished and gives me an amazing boost of energy. It works better than any drug. Plus, it helps me sleep better and keeps any extra weight off. I’ve never been happier or felt better.

13. Kristy Renae — Just a tip: I was diagnosed with fibromialgia two months ago and I also have OA in 90% of my joints, my Rheumatoidologist told me to do one thing a day, even on a good day. It could be sweeping the floor, or making the bed, or washing dishes but to do just one. It not only helps me mentally but it also makes me feel good knowing I was able to accomplish something.

14.Deanna Smith — Biggest hacks I have for life with fibromyalgia is epsom salt baths and a heated mattress pad. These have saved me when in a flare. Sleep helps my mind but the heated mattress pad takes care of my muscles and joints. It has gentle therapeutic heat that relaxes them as I sleep. So I can rest and wake up with less tension. My mind isn’t always better, but at least my muscles and joints can function with less discomfort.

15. Tiffany Gordon Share three tips with us:

->I’ve found that using plastic dining ware & plastic utensils helps me to conserve energy because they cut down on cleaning time since they can be thrown away after usage. From a practical standpoint, any newfound time & energy can be used​ toward resting or finding new healing remedies

-> Rewarding myself keeps me focused, motivated and happier!?For instance, I reward myself with a dollar nail polish or a dollar doughnut from my favorite bakery when I finish an important accomplishment such as submitting my timesheet or completing a monthly goal like drinking more water. I always reward myself with inexpensive treats so that I don’t drain my finances too badly. This reward system always gives me something fun to look forward to throughout the month. ?

->Breaking tasks into smaller bites helps me immensely. For instance, I may type up one half of an assignment one day, then type the rest the next day just so that I can conserve energy. Or I may type a letter one day then go back and proof read it later in the day at a time when I am hurting less or have more energy. This hack keeps me from feeling as exhausted, overextended & overwhelmed because it doesn’t force me to do everything at once.

1) On chilly mornings/days/nights, I wrap myself up like a burrito, with a warm comforter fresh from the dryer, right before each sleep/nap. I also spray all of my painful areas with my fibro flex spray before I lie down. The spray truly helps to mute my pain while the warm comforter feels like a warm hug. They both help me to relax more so that I can get to sleep faster. Tylenol PM also has helped me with night insomnia from time to time.

2) Drinking more water has led me to experience better sleep. I was never a big water drinker, but now that I do, I sleep more soundly and my knees don’t hurt nearly as much.

3) Focusing on the Beauty in everything around me and operating in my giftings both take my mind off of my pain for long periods????: Reading inspirational Biographies, watching inspirational/funny YouTubers, meditating on Biblical striptures of hope, creating artwork, writing fiction and helping others to problem solve all bring me alot of joy as well as a fabulous distraction from the pain. Didn’t mean to write a novel! LOL! But I sincerely hope that these help someone! Sincerely, Tiffany G.?

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