25 ‘Habits’ of People With Fibromyalgia

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Human body is very adjustable in every type of scenario. As Fibro is constant but its unpredictable flare up thing. You may find yourself developing “habits” that help relaxing few symptoms, provide distraction from pain or make life as comfortable as possible.

We asked our community “Living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness” to share some of the “habits” they’ve developed to get through the hardest moment with fibromyalgia. Many of these habits sound familiar to you, but few unfamiliar ones give you some idea to adopt into your routine.

This is what community share it with us:

1- Isobel Baker says: Kinda embarrassing but i have a blanket that i take the corner and rub it against my face very gently i find it soothing and calming.

2- Susan Seyerle Hannan says: Candy Crush and other puzzle games. You can forget the pain when you brain is busy.

3- Gail Jones says: I quit smoking to ease my pain no caffeine and think positive

4- Annmarie Hanley says: Lay down in a dark quiet room on a heating pad

5- Jo Cook says: Joined a choir! Amazing for breathing, anxiety, stress and good social aspect too!

6- Anita Crook says: Twiddle with my hair. Find it comforting but I get told to stop it .

7- Jen Jen Reynolds says: Eating no processed foods, Processed sugar, or dairy. I eat fish about once a week still but I might give that up eventually. Lot’s of fresh fruits and veggies. No more meds for me I was on 12 for lupus and fibromyalgia. Don’t need them anymore. Grateful! Also I walk everyday and don’t suppress my emotions I deal with them. All these things have changed my health.

8- Lisa Baza says: I drink. The doctors act like giving me anything to help is out of the question. The only thing I’ve ever asked for was sleeping pills. Insomnia and less than restful sleep are known symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The clerk at the liquor store doesn’t require a prescription.

9- Anna Rush says: Daily prayer, hot bath every morning, worship music, ice pack headbands , coffee with coconut oil, sit in backyard and soak up sun, Currently i take turmeric, and vitamin c and B-12 habitually.

10- Theresa Ostertag says: Putting my sleep at number one importance. I have a bed time. The sleep helps many things. I know it’s not cool when I can’t hang out late anymore, but I put my health first. Drink lots of water..

11- Carol Ann Oliver says: I listen to my body and nobody else. Take my pain meds responsibly. Rest when I have too and adore the way my husband takes care of me and loves me to the moon and back!!

12- Brandi Gremaud says: This is a weird trick I do when my legs are screaming (I am a teacher so I don’t get to sit much during the day). I’ve found if a punch my thighs a few times, not enough to bruise or anything, just enough to hurt a bit….its like my body goes “oh, there’s some pain for a real reason, let’s focus on that!”. For up to an hour the burning all over my legs eases up. Weird, but it works for me!

13- Jennifer Woodring says: A habit that I have now that I didn’t have before fibro is that I never rush anymore. I don’t rush to go anywhere I don’t rush to do anything I take my time. I walk slowly especially on stairs and I always give myself plenty of time to make it to appointments. Since everything wears me out and I trip and fall so easily now taking my time really is the best habit that I’ve formed for my health.

14- Gloria J Richardson says: eat better foods, take more walks with my dog when my body permits me to move. I joined this group for moral support and just someone to talk to that understands my illness. Because, as some of you well know, sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I ask God what my purpose is on this earth, but has not answered me yet. So I just keep on pluggin away.

15- Melisa Mumford says: I no longer get upset or angry when I can’t sleep for days due to the pain. I learned that not only does it not help, but it will actually make the pain worse so I watch feel good movies or shows, no matter how many times I’ve seen them it still helps relax me or at the least makes me laugh

16- Shana Hamel says: I have been using doTERRA essential oils and their vitamins/supplements. I noticed my recovery time is quicker when I do anything physical.

17- Christina Kaltenbach says: Everything heat! Also I am very healthy eater, gluten-free, no nightshades, no corn. Also, when I was introduced to Young living essential oils I was pretty sure they were not going to work… However when I tried them they changed my life! I am so passionate about them, and I am now a distributor because I want to share them with everyone, and help them live the best possible life!

18- Grace Burgner says: I have a stool with wheels. I have learned how to even sweep some places while seated, I clean the cats litter boxes and other things.

19- Kimberly Boyd says: Stretching every morning before I even get out of bed. I started doing it because of the stiffness but now I’ve realized it helps me wake up more refreshed and ready for the day. I’m not so grouchy and that’s good. ??

20- Debra Roller says: Tumeric is amazing!! I stay on it. I also wake up 30 min early and soak for 30 min in a bubble bath of Dr teals eucalyptus and mint. It soothes the mind body and soul and helps me prepare for the day.

21- Carrie Sollars Rodman says: Take naps daily. Listen to my body more and not worry so much on things i can’t clean or conteol. Learning the words “in moderation.”

22- Mac Taffi says: I heat up a beanie in the microwave throughout the day and especially at night. The heat helps alleviate the pain long enough for me to sleep two hours at a time.

23- Karie Laude says: Telling people no. Some people call it selfish. I call it taking care of myself and what I do and how much I do affects my health.

24- Jessica Peevy says: I heat up a corn bag almost every time I walk through the front door and I close all the blinds.

25- Flower Power says: I dont go a day without makeup. This habit helps me deal with the stress people gives me, plus gives me a boost to look better while hurting

What’s “habit” you’ve developed due to your Fibromyalgia? Share in the comments below!

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