15 Things People With Fibromyalgia Mean When They Say ‘I’m Tired’

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Everyone has said this  “I’m tired” at one point or another in life. But these words are so deceptive and its means different in different situations. And in Chronic illness everything has double meanings, because the pain we get ,no one can imagine in their life

We asked our community “Living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness” to share what they actually mean when they say, “I’m tired.” They have shared their personnel experiences and comments.

This is what community share with us:

1- PeggySue Valentine says: My very existence is overwhelmed with no energy and the most devastating fatigue kicking my ass on high, so high that no amount of medication, message or coping skills will get you through this so at any moment you will be passing out in the name of self-preservation.

2- Susan Duso Meade says: I’m exhausted and haven’t slept more than 2 hours a night in forever!

3- Kelly Campbell says: I’m exhausted both mentally and physically but in today’s society where no one really cares about anyone else’s lives or problems (unless it’s juicy gossip) it’s too long to politely explain so instead I instead substitute, “oh I’m fine, just tired.”

4- Kimberly Grayson says: I’m so mentally and physically exhausted I just need a hot epsom salt bath and bed… please leave me alone to sleep

5- Rick N. Case says: I’m tired. I have no energy. I’m exhausted. I’m running on empty. I don’t feel like doing ANY THING. I have to go to bed and rest my eyes. I don’t feel like moving, so I’m just going to lay here. I’m so tired, I can’t even think. I’m so tired, my brain is asleep, but my eyes are wide open. I’m so tired even my breathing is shallow & labored with long pauses between breaths.

6- Ann Mawhinney says: When im tired i feel as if a hoover has sucked the life out of me .
Or a lettuce leaf that is being wash under a strong water flow my body feels like a shell with no motion . An my mind just wants to be left alone i have no interest in anything. That the effect it has on me an no one understands.
My body wont give

7- Mordecai Demarce says:  I’m tired of pretending that I’m a fully functional and healthy 22 yr old who isn’t plagued by fatigue and insurmountable pain.

8- Jessica Streed-Puddicombe says: You know the feeling when you have done a whole body workout for the first time? And then on top of that you haven’t slept in a week?? Yes, that’s what I mean when I say I’m tired….

9- Cheryl Sullivan says: I’m exhausted, I have no energy to do anything. My brain doesn’t function, my body doesn’t function, I feel completely useless.

10- Rebecca Cobb says: I’m soo unbelievably tired and in soo much pain that there isn’t a word that can describe it so I just say I’m tired.

11- Dee Stoglin says: When I say it that means PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! ! OR YOU MAY SEE THE BEAST!!

12- Janet Rodriguez says: That I suffer in silence most of the time, more then you think , more then you would believe. That this stupid illness who has a name I can’t freaking pronounce! Is slowly killing the woman I am trying to hang on to.

13- Ne’Cole Keaton says: No energy burned to the core. My circuits ARE shorting out

14- Cathy Schlesinger Pacos says: It means my body hurts so much and I just can’t move anymore and I’m so tired it’s almost to much of an effort to breath!

15- Jackie Clark says: There is no breath, no movement left in my muscles, no clear thinking in my brain. I can’t sleep so maybe I will eat something and get energy…. No, that is not working…. Now I am overweight and overwhelmed.

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