Thing Not to say to someone with Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is chronic illness that affects more than 10 million people. It symptoms varies for just about everyone, it’s difficult for people to understand what exactly fibromyalgia is, and what to say to someone who has it. Because as said you know the depth of ocean when you enters into it

We asked to our community “Living with fibromyalgia and Chronic illness” a question What not to say to someone with Fibromyalgia and they shared their views with us…

Here is what they share with us:

1. Kimberly Grayson : Is it real? I dont think so.

2. Tamra Cullen: Don’t say Get up and put on makeup, you’ll feel so much better.  Ughhhh

3. Lisa Fay : Ah your always sick, how will u get better if you don’t get up and out do something with your self ?? that bugs me

4. Caroline Brockwell : What are you doing tomorrow? ?

5. JS Miller : “Whatever….it’s all in your head anyway”.

“Everybody has pain, you’re not a special case”.

“Get over it, you don’t hurt that bad you drama queen…you’re just trying to fish for attention”.

and my personal favorite…”it’s normal, you’re just getting old”.

6. Kristen Yohon Maier : But you could do it yesterday, Why not today?? My father-in-law has arthritis and in his 70’s, his meds help him. Maybe you aren’t on the right meds??

7. Nabila Hunny : “But you are looking good! It might be just in your head! You should see a psychiatr”

“Why are you all the time ill??” “As allways, you are not going with us because you are tired!” “Your house is so unclean!why you don’t clean your home?”

8. Taylor McDaniel : “It’s a small disease, you’ll be fine, suck it up”

“It’s all in your head your fine” “Why can’t you do the things you used to do it’s not that hard”

9. Shelly Elwell : I once was told if I believed in Jesus more I wouldn’t suffer so much. She literally told me I deserved this because my faith was lacking. I will never forget the look she had when she told me that. It was like I was being condemned right there on the spot.

10. Jessi Denton : One of my favs: “Oh, my back/legs/arms/head/ect hurts too” ??? and “Have you tried (insert some random, weird “treatment”, positive attitude, or even just praying here), it worked for so and so..” …yeah, sure…lmao???

11. Des Bibby ; BUT YOU LOOK SO HEALTHY!!!! (Which was hilarious because 30 seconds later another person said how white and unwell I looked)!!

12. Jackie Neilson : Must be nice not having to work So frustrating!

13. Cassandra Watson : Stop being such a negative person. Have a positive perspective and you will feel better. Believe God for your healing. You don’t believe that’s why you are not healed.

You stay in the house too much. Maybe if you got up and moved around you would feel better. The more you lay around the worse you are going to feel. You gotta try, you’ve gotta want to feel better.

14. Michelle Louise Edwards : My friend, niece, nephew had that but they cured it by .. It’s one of those made up conditions…. But it can’t be that bad you’re still working… Never heard of it doesn’t painkillers work then….. Why can’t you walk your dog yourself…..

15. Sharon Cave Spillman : “I’m tried too” “My back hurts too”….ect “You’re already in bed” “Feel like having sex”

16. Valerie Clements O’Tighe : If you tried harder and got serious enough you can cure yourself but you’re not trying to.

I had that before….. you will be better soon You need to work out more and you would feel better You need to stop being lazy and go back to work, no one wants you living on our hard working tax dollar’s with your SSD ( guess all the years I worked didnt count after all)

17. Cathy Schlesinger Pacos : Your fibromyalgia only happens during the work week….

Heather Hillier Why don’t you exercise more – it’ll give you more energy and help you lose the weight (that I put on cos of my meds!)

If you want to add something to the list, share with us in the comment section below.

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