I Thanks My husband for putting some spark back in my eyes

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I believe fibromyalgia steals your soul. Today I thank my husband for putting some spark back in my eyes with this fun idea to enjoy my morning cuppa ☕️ without having to go through the pain of moving too much ? ( I have a kink in my neck & shoulder) ??

Yesterday these photos were posted by Meaghon Morrison in the fibromyalgia group “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness”.  After she posted, members of group just fell in love with the creativity of her husband and they way he is treating her. More than 500 likes this post receives and we thought to cover this story for inspiring other husbands to do the same with their spouse and make them feel special. It may looks small to you, but for the ones who is suffering from fibromyalgia this means a lot…

Here is the feedback of few of the members on her post:

Tabatha Prescott Aita : I just showed this to my husband  and he even giggled because he knows it’s something that he would do. Cheers to the amazing husbands that are still out there that do stand behind us and for those of you that don’t have them I pray that things change in your life because without my husband’s support I don’t know what I would do.

Priscilla Caldwell :How great to have a partner that understands! Prayers and air hugs…..feel better!

November Rain : You are my hero for today! Hahaha!!! Genius!!

Sandy Baker : What a wonderful heart he has!! That’s precious.

Mary Winters : Gentle hug and what a great idea, very thoughtful husband you have xxxx

Edwin Folkers : Great solution ??

Walker Jessica : That’s awesome:))) sorry your going through so much at this time. Boy I tell ya just having a kink in your neck and shoulder can really put us down. I had one of the worst flare ups of my life a few years ago that made me practically bed ridden, I don’t remember a whole year of my life. and it has taken me years to recover from it. It really scares me to have that happen again. You take care sweetie and I pray you get to feeling as good as you can.

Teresa Flores : ? this made me crack up. LoL, thanks for the laugh, that’s awesome! 

Paula Jordan :  Nice of him to be so clever, but I couldn’t possibly stay still can’t stay in bed the pain would be far too bad I’ve got to get up in the morning to because I’m in so much pain I don’t last long before I got a lie down again but??

Erica Nielson Scott : It only steals things from you if you let it. Yes, it makes life a challenge and greatly limits what our bodies can do, but the mind/body connection is huge. If you believe it steals your soul, then it definitely will. Staying positive is super important with this disease. Good job looking for the silver lining with your hubbys kind gesture

On further talking to her, she tells us about how supportive and loving her husband is. She said “My husband has grown to be a great carer. He has been my full time carer for 4 years. With this last year being increasingly worse. He has seen first hand how hard daily basics have become for me. He gets me into the shower on a garden chair and runs baths and helps me in and out. He cooks,cleans and works part time. He is amazing. He has grown to be amazing.”

My husband always stands with me in my ups and down, in every moment of life. I Love My hero,Love you James Morrison.

Advice for other Husband:

I would like other husbands to understand that everything they do is appreciated. It is very hard to be happy with such a draining disease like fibromyalgia. If your wife is smiling, you have made a big impact on her day. My husband is always busy and tired because he has to look after me and our son, but tries to keep us smiling and this is great medicine. Please don’t give up on your partners. They don’t want to be ‘that person’ either.  ?

Tips for caregivers:

Housework is really hard when you are unwell right? Well imagine being unwell so often that others around you see it as normal. This is what a family with a fibro sufferer looks like. I look well on the outside and unless I’m using my walking sticks or in a wheelchair, no one knows. At home I may whinge and moan because everything hurts.

This is one way of me telling my family I’m hurt and don’t want to push myself anymore today. These hints are not laziness or pretend. They are cries for help. I would bet others like me are similar. They probably send out signals that they need help and it is then up to their carer to either help or choose to ignore, then the person suffering will push through and get the job done…..only to have more impact on their bodies later on. Being cared for is sometimes very upsetting as if I’ve gone back to being a baby.

My husband is starting to see the benefit of all his help and help from my family and friends. It means we have more time to be happy because the appreciation he is rewarded with is better than a wife who pushes through. He has gone back to part time work after 4 years and this was so good for him to have work mates and get out of the house. He call me 3 or 4 times a day when he’s at work to see how I am. This means the world to me. Just to know someone truly cares is very important.

I also suffer from depression and anxiety. These phone calls keep me from worrying and getting upset and that no one cares. Silly ideas that go through my mind because I have a lot of time to think. I hope husbands can try to keep their wives happy because this is an illness that won’t have a quick fix. If the wives are happy they will return the smile and perhaps life feels less dark and gloomy.

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