RNA Blood Test for Fibromyalgia Launched

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What is RNA blood test technology?

Previously diseases were diagnosed through physical examination and multiple laboratory tests. Symptoms were monitored over time to see the progression of the disease. Because many diseases present with non specific symptoms. Emerging RNA-based diagnostic technologies can dramatically reduce the time to diagnosis of complex diseases, including autoimmune disease. RNA-based tools are now poised to provide physicians with actionable information early in the diagnostic process. RNA testing can improve outcomes for providers by helping to get patients on the path to suitable treatment earlier.

Isolate fibromyalgia is a new blood test announced by Data Science Company called IQuity. RNA gene expression is analyzed in this test to diagnose fibromyalgia. Simple blood draw test is done. The next step was using machine learning to develop an algorithm that could detect fibromyalgia accurately. Within 7 days sending the sample in the laboratory, results are mailed back to the provider. For doctors that have great potential in the field of medical diagnostics, RNA analysis is a cutting-edge tool.

RNA exactly shows what is taking place right now in patients’ cell whereas DNA diagnoses and predicts the risk of certain diseases. This early diagnosis can speed up patient’s recovery and can provide with better treatment plan. This test is highly accurate in differentiating fibromyalgia from other chronic conditions that can be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. Until now IQuity researchers have examined approximately 600 samples from people suffering from a number of diseases. They have clinically diagnosed depression as well as healthy individuals.

When patients don’t know the cause of their illness then living with pain can lead to confusion and uncertainty. Previously two other tests are released by IQuity. IsolateMS: for multiple sclerosis and Isolate IBS-IBD. This technology delivers accuracy rates that exceed 90 percent.  

Scientist from the company used samples from diagnosed patients as well as healthy subjects. It is highly actionable test with sensitivity and specificity greater than 90 percent. The test cost USD 599 and it is not currently covered by health insurance. IQuity has developed a brochure that patients can print and take to their next doctor’s appointment to facilitate conversation since the test is new. Doctor’s orders are required for the test.

Spurlock said the main thing we want to do is to provide clinically useful information for doctors. It is their goal that fibromyalgia should not be the disease of exclusion and providers can actually have actionable information from day one. These patients can go down very different treatments paths too often.

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They can also go from one doctor to another, so they can get answer to their unanswered questions. We are determined to provide answer as fast as possible. The extensive disease control is used in the creation of Isolate fibromyalgia that makes the test highly accurate in diagnosing fibromyalgia. The average time to diagnose fibromyalgia accurately is 5 years as fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose.

Most of the Americans with fibromyalgia remain undiagnosed. IQuity developed the test to change this scenario. If doctors think a person has fibromyalgia, they can order it from IQuity’s website. IsolateFibromyalgia will not initially be available in California, Florida and New York. The company plans to obtain licenses for the product in those states as well. IsolateFibromyalgia provides useful information that improves the efficiency of the diagnostic process for doctors.


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