8 Negative Effects of Bad Posture in Fibromyalgia

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Bad posture and fibromyalgia

All patients suffering from fibromyalgia need to have a postural evaluation as part of their examination.The principle behind posture correction is that as we age, we tend to move away from the natural posture we had as children. As a result, our bad posture pulls the body out of alignment and puts stress on our muscles and joints. And according to some doctors this stress could be making the pain of fibromyalgia much worse.

The truth is that there really hasn’t been that much scientific study on the subject of using posture correction to treat fibromyalgia. But there is some evidence that poor posture can increase the amount of pain that someone with fibromyalgia experiences. Poor posture can strain joints and muscles and increase tension throughout the body, all of which can make your fibromyalgia pain worse.

We are always seen hunching over our computers. Parents scold us seldom times and tell us about the negative points of bad posture. But have they ever elaborated the consequences of bad posture?

If not then let’s see some of the negative effects of bad posture, they are as following;

Carpel tunnel syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs when the nerves in your neck and upper back are affected by bad posture. These nerves control the muscle function in arms, wrist and hands. Numbness, tingling and pain are felt in these muscles. These muscles also become taught.

Less motivation

Less motivation can also occur due to bad posture which is the consequence of lower confidence caused by bad posture. If you are slouching people will see you shy or under confident and this will ultimately affect both your social and work conditions. Less motivation will also lead do depression and fear.


When you continuously sit in bad posture, your body works very harder to keep you upright and this will ultimately make you tired. Your normal position of the body is upright position, that’s why your body always tries hard to get your body back into normal position whenever you sit in a bad posture. Energy is needed by the body to do this task, that’s why you will end up in fatigue.

Poor digestion

Poor digestion is one of the negative effects of bad posture that often goes unnoticed. Your organs bunch up together, when you slouch and hunch over. It will make it difficult for your body to digest the food and this will cause constipation. Your body processes to consume and process food are damaged and your metabolism is also affected. In the end it will lead to life threatening metabolic issues.

Increased stress

The two negative effects of bad posture are increased physical and mental stress. Due to physical stress soreness and pain occurs in the body and it will further lead to mental stress. Sitting upright may be a behavioral strategy to help build resilience to stress. Levels of testosterone are also decreased due to bad posture whereas levels of cortisol increase.

Negative mood

Bad posture is the cause of depression whereas good posture fights with it. Individuals who sat with a slouched or slumped posture exhibited more fear, lower self-esteem, and worse moods than those who sat upright.

Soreness and pain

In order to sit in a slouching position our muscles need extra energy to maintain this position. The common effects of bad posture that are overlooked are soreness and pain. It can also result in long term health issues. Bad posture can cause chronic pain in lower back area.

Poor circulation

For women, it is thought that crossing their legs is the proper position for them to sit. When actually, it increases the pressure of fluids and gasses moving through our bodies, it can also cause lower back pain.


Physiotherapy treatment may include Corrective exercises and movements to improve flexibility, strength and posture, Advice regarding ergonomic work stations, Activity modification advice, Pilates exercises, Assessment and diagnosis of postural habits and Postural education and training. Physiotherapy treatment may significantly help to minimize, if not eliminate, postural dysfunction. Most patients will experience decreased pain once their posture is corrected.


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