Best Mattress for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness’ Patients

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A patient with fibromyalgia suffers from wide spread pain, extreme sensitivity, stiffness, tinder spot, fatigue, and cognitive problem. It also brings down patients energy levels which makes it even hard to compete with the daily challenges that he/she faces. To cope with these effects of the chronic disorder and deal with its symptoms a good night sleep is required, as it reduces the pain and also fibro fog. But the comfort to have a sound sleep is not for the patients. They thrive for it because it is crucial for their treatment of the disorder. A right type of mattress can play a great role in patient’s quest for a good night sleep.

The different type of mattresses that favor patients of Fibromyalgia include many contouring materials like memory foam and latex cushion pressure points, Sleep Number bed, and Tempur-pedic. So to get the idea that what kind of mattresses are popular among the patients of fibromyalgia we asked the fibromyalgia community “Living with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Illness” to share their preferences and suggestion related to mattress that are best for easing pain. Hundreds of member participated in the activity and share their suggestion with us. Few of their responses are enlisted in this article. Here are the few suggestions related to mattress to ease pain, mattress to help sleeping comfortably.

Here is what community share with us related to Mattress:

1. I have an obusforme water pillow , great investment for me. – Lorna

2. Just got a Sleep Number with Dual Air. Starting to love it! – I can change the settings whenever I need it to be softer or harder. Best decision ever! – Joann

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3. Tempur-pedic! Pillows and mattresses. – Jacqueline

4. Cooling memory foam mattress. – Dana

5. Serta icomfort adjustable. Love it. – Brenda

6. Recently got a tuft & needle mattress. Firm and coolings. I had a bobopedic memory foam before this and my pain was so bad I wouldn’t sleep for days. Now i sleep way better on this new bed, but it’s still a touch too firm and my back, hips and shoulders hurt. Also thought to asked the company if they had any suggestions and they are sending out a free topper! Hopefully that helps. I also have 4 pillows I sleep with and position were I need them, plus some squish mallow stuffed animals that are great for positioning sore neck, proping up my arm when it hurts, etc. – Nina

7. Platinum Beauty Rest with adjustable bed base. Best mattress ever! Crush proof Walmart pillow under neck. Two other pillows to support and align the spine. Bedbase has vibratory which helps neuropathy. Zero gravity for sleep apnea, hypertension, etc. – Jimmie

8. I have one of those pregnancy pillows that wrap around you. BEST purchase ever. I sleep so much better. – Tina Miles

9. Firm sprung Sealey orthopaedic mattress, memory foam topper, 1 very soft feather pillow mixed with 2 slight firmer to try and avoid allodynia of the ear and head waking me. Cushion to rest knee on, cushion to rest arm on since having breast cancer surgery, for when lying on side. There are as many pillows as my body mass lol. – Annie

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10. I have a sleep number mattress, with a two inch memory foam that helps to keep me cool. Hubby got me a memory foam pillow that it cool to the touch. My neck never felt better. I still have night sweats from my head. I soak my t-shirt around the neck, sometimes it gets down to my shoulders. – Charlotte

11. I have to use 2 hard memory foam pillows and a pillow for under my legs. The one’s I’m using now are Serta memory foam. – Stephanie Valdez

12. Tried 3 mattresses my current dormeo hybrid is the best but my sleep is poop. – Debbie

13. The best thing I ever bought for my fibro is a 12ft U pillow from Amazon. It’s got so much support it’s amazing. – Bonny

14. I have an orthopaedic mattress and a “feels like down” pillow….if I stay somewhere else and everything is different I get up feeling awful and not sleeping very well. – Katie

15. We bought a Puffy Lux mattress. It was well past time for us to get a new bed. It’s a awesome bed. Perfect and supporting. – Mary

16. I have a Natura memory all cotton made mattress and I sleep on 4 bamboo and 2 goose down pillows with flannel sheets and a goose down duvet. – Sherry

17. Gel infused memory foam 4″ mattress topper…. I have that on top of our memory foam mattress from Wal-Mart and then I have a 2″ gel memory foam topper on top of that on my side of the bed. It looks funny my side is super high , hubby calls it the hill , but I can’t have any pressure on my back or I’m in a lot of pain -Abbay

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18. Just bought the Lucid 4 inch topper on sale at Amazon. – Jennifer

19. I have a Serra Perfect Sleeper and I am happy with it!! Short of an adjustable bed I think I’m doing okay!!. -Cleo

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20. Last week I bought a cool gel memory foam mattress online, it’s 8cm, have slept on it for 3 nights now and it’s wonderful, I have Bursitis and torn tendons in both hips and both shoulders and it’s really helped with the pain.  -Dianne

21. I use the My Pillow mattress topper. I put it on my old bed and I have had it 8 or 9 years and I love it. It stopped most of my hip and shoulder pain. – Missie

22. I like my Restonic @LAST. It’s got a firm foundation, but the top layer is squishy. It’s a small layer of memory foam. Enough to be comfy but not enough to restrict movement like tempurpedic- Kellie

23. We have a Sealy posturepedic hybrid series trust cushion firm mattress and absolutely love it! – Bonnie

24. I used to have a lot of pain laying on a normal mattress but no more. I bought a Simba mattress and my pain is below half of what it normally would be. Best buy ever. I tried a Tempur mattress and I couldn’t get out of it on my own and it was nearly £1000 more expensive than the Simba -Paula

25. I have a regular pillow top mattress with a 4 inch memory foam mattress on top. It’s got a flat side and an egg crate side. My pillows are the fake “my pillows” from Walmart that are like $8 and have chunks of memory foam and can be fluffed. Best pillow ever. I also have a memory foam pillow that’s one piece just for variety. As for the memory foam topper – i flip it over each year. The egg crate side is more cradling and the flat side is more bouncy but only really mildly can you tell. – Jenn

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