Best Summer Fruits for Fibromyalgia Patients

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If you are suffering from fibromyalgia (FM), it is important that you don’t just think about which foods to avoid. You should also make sure that your diet includes a wide range of healthy foods. This can boost your immune system and actually reduce inflammation and stress in your body.

Fruits are complex carbs, which means they give you the necessary energy to get through your day whether you are doing chores around the house, at work, or exercising. They are nature’s way of giving additional supplies of beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, selenium, magnesium, and zinc. Deficiencies in these nutrients can cause fibromyalgia symptoms to increase. Fruits like apples and bananas can give you a needed energy boost, and they are filled with fiber.

To most people, summer is one of the best times of the year. But when you are suffering from FM, summer can be miserable. For many of fibro patients, the rising thermometer during summer heat brings an increase in fatigue and pain. So if you are already dreading another summer, have some of the fruits which makes your life more manageable.

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Pineapple and some other tropical fruits share the same properties with blueberries. You may want to cut back on them only if you have an existing blood sugar anomaly.

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries get their rich red color and many of their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits from the flavonoid anthocyanin. Tart cherries are powerful ally in treating joint pain, inflammation and stiffness


A whole piece of organic fruit, eaten with a meal, can be a delicious source of vitamins.


The rich, creamy texture of this fruit comes in part from its high content of anti-inflammatory monounsaturated fat. It is also a known brain superfood, is full of healthy monounsaturated fat and folate that helps to improve brain functioning and helps protect brain cells. Unlike most fruits, avocados are a good source of vitamin E, a micronutrient with anti-inflammatory effects.


Blueberry is rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidant, which can help address pain, inflammation, and give your immune system a kick. Dark colored berries, in general, have this property so you may want to take them in great amounts.


Sweet and enchanting, dates possess a texture that we love to indulge in. Dates are rich in minerals, vitamins, and especially polyphenols. These elements help regenerate bone tissues and reduce inflammation.


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Strawberries are naturally low in sugar and have more vitamin C per serving than an orange. Vitamin C can lower risk for high blood pressure, gout, and cholesterol problems.

Red Raspberries

Like strawberries, these berries are among the highest in anthocyanin and vitamin C. Studies have shown extracts from the fruit reduce inflammation.


Watermelon is another fruit with anti-inflammatory action. It has more lycopene than tomatoes and are very low in calories. Watermelon is also ninety-two percent water, which makes it great for hydration and weight management.


Grapes, both white and darker-colored varieties, are a great source of beneficial antioxidants and other polyphenols. Fresh red and black grapes are rich in resveratrol, a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Resveratrol also helps kill microbes and bacteria.


Tomatoes are mostly lined up with vegetables in the grocery, but they are actually fruits. Tomatoes are rich in pro-biotics and phytochemicals that can help you with your digestion. By digestion, it means that it helps you absorb nutrients from other food maximizing the nutritional value of the other foods you eat.

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High-powered nutrition that fruits bring to the table may also offer benefits to FM patients who have comorbid autoimmune illnesses, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. Fruits are typically low in calories, high in fiber, and rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants. They are also excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are essential to healthy immune system functioning.

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