How to Choose a Bra That Doesn’t Aggravate Fibromyalgia Pain

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When you’re dealing with the skin sensitivities and extensive pain of fibromyalgia, the last thing you possibly want to do is put on a bra. If you’re at home, wearing several layers or has a small chest, you may feel totally comfortable skipping a bra entirely and that’s great! However for many women, there are occasions when a bra feels essential.

Perhaps you feel physically uncomfortable and unsupported without one, or you need to go run errands and feel self-conscious skipping it. Many people go for for tops that have a built in cami, but if you require or just want more significant hold, a jersey panel with some elastic won’t incise it. Sports bras, the trendy proposal for the “anti-bra” throng also wouldn’t be a strong choice as the tautness of the bra can cause great uneasiness.

When you are dealing with the sensitivity of the skin and generalized fibromyalgia pain, on these occasions, you will need a bra that is soft, not too tight and not add to the pain that you are feeling. As anyone with fibromyalgia who went shopping bra knows many styles of bra and brands will not work for them, People who have fibromyalgia have a condition where even light touch can be perceived as being painful. This is called allodynia.

As a consequence, clothes should be loose-fitting, light in weight, and non-constricting.” In other words, tight clothes are the enemy. With all the straps and wires, not to mention their close proximity to the skin, it’s no wonder that bras are high on the list of clothing that causes chronic pain among women with fibromyalgia. Many women with fibromyalgia will in fact not put on bras because of the painful sensation.

To make sure that bras and underwear help rather than harm, opt for loose-fitting, not constrictive styles that are easy to pull on and off. Also, decide bras and underwear that are made of flexible cotton rather than harsh man-made fabrics

True and Co

True & Co, True Body Collection. So comfy! Feels like wearing nothing.

Cotton only

Stay away from synthetic fabrics. They don’t breathe well and may cause moisture to build up causing the garment to become further uncomfortable to wear. Natural materials promote airflow. If you have to go with a less than ordinary material due to finances constraints, then a microfiber blend would be your best gamble as it will assist keeping the moisture off.

Front closures

This is an important point for many people who have Fibromyalgia. With the joint pain and the added sensitivity, they often have trouble reaching around to close and open bras. Hooking them in the front and rotating them may case pain to already responsive bodies. Instead, a bra with a front closure provides an easy alternative. The bonus is that the backs of these bras are often much smoother than traditional ones.


Aerie all the way! It’s American eagle’s version of [Victoria’s Secret] PINK but their stuff is so much better and so comfortable. The sales associates are super helpful too and make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

La Senza

La Senza is the only brand fibromyalgia sufferers can wear. It’s not too thin that it cuts and the bras with and without underwire seem to not hurt them until the end of the day.

Under wires are not the enemies

Nor are they your friend. Some women like them for their support. Others hate them for busting through the fabric and stabbing them. If you have had bad fortune with bras in the past, a bra with no under wires may be a fine choice for you. If you choose a bra that does have an underwire, ensure that the area of the cup the wire sits in is well padded and reinforced so as to avoid having the wire from breaking through.


Champion brand sports bras. No underwire and super comfortable.

Soft-cup bras

These bras put forward good hold for women of all sizes. Wide shoulder straps won’t burrow into your skin like the thinner ones do, so prefer them. A front-closure design would also reduce the pain of putting on and removing a bra.

Sports Bras

These bras can be very comfortable and give good support for women of all sizes. Opt for something softer and with a wider stretch to prevent squeezing your rib cage.

Getting your exact size

This, for many people, is the problem. Making sure that your bra is a good fit is paramount to comfort. Some pain issues can be solved simply by being professionally fit for a bra instead of guessing in the dressing room. Although there aren’t any one-size-fits-all answers (or bras for that matter) there are a few options that may work. Adhesive cups that do not have straps or any kind may provide support, but aren’t a permanent solution. There are also ‘invisible back’ bras that some people have found ease in, as well as freedom/revival bras.

The important thing is to find something that works for your body and not to “settle the lesser of two evils. I would also suggest trying Wacoal red carpet strapless, Wacoal perfect fit non-underwire t-shirt bra, Spanx bra-lelujah front closure, or Amoena post surgery bras available at Nordstrom.As well, many women also note that this search for the perfect, pain-free bra is fairly expensive.

Some women have resorted to going bra-less, but this caused its own problems. The solution for many is getting personally fitted for a bra. Ensuring that your bra is a perfect fit is a great way to minimize the chance that it will aggravate your Fibromyalgia.


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