What Causes Fibromyalgia And Is There A Cure?

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I have repeatedly told my patients that if they are feeling aches and pains, the obvious thing they can have is fibromyalgia. Certainly, a statement like that will obviously tend to create some confusion, considering that people with fibromyalgia are constantly told there is no cure for this disease.

But, actually, fibromyalgia is curable regardless of what doctors say when the primary cause is treated. Visualize this: Waking up after ten hours’ sleep feeling totally exhausted and too drained to face the day. Picture extensive pain throughout your muscles and joints; some days it’s so awful that simple tasks like turning a door handle or lacing up your shoes become impossible to do. Just visualize about living with an invariable, thick brain fog, where you are not even able to string two coherent thoughts together and your mood is regularly low.

18 exact points on a person’s body were checked by the doctors in the past to see how many of them were painful when pressed tightly. Newer guidelines don’t require a tender point exam. If a person has had extensive pain for more than three months with no underlying medical condition that could cause the pain than it can be the possibility that the person is suffering from fibromyalgia.

Is there any cure for fibromyalgia?

The underlying cause of the condition is required to be treated if you have to cure a disease; however, today’s medical system concentrates instead on treating symptoms, often with extremely toxic medications. The drug Lyrica, used to treat nerve pain in case of Fibromyalgia, fits contentedly into this class. Besides, do not be deceived by the manufacturer’s TV ad telling that the pain of fibromyalgia is due to the overstimulation of nerve endings.

Accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue and tendon sheaths may lead to Fibromyalgia. The same pain is known as “muscle burn” in athletes who exercises. At this stage it has become clear that in order to eradicate the pain of fibromyalgia; one has to stop the buildup of lactic acid, which, in turn, is achieved by treating the underlying cause(s) of this condition.

Secondly, please be comforted by knowing that Fibromyalgia is not a disease that will progress into something more serious. Whereas this condition is very unlikable to live with, it isn’t lethal and doesn’t cause harm to your joints and organs. Countless people also come across that it naturally improves with time.  If you inquire a doctor about fibromyalgia, the general agreement from the medical community is that Fibromyalgia cannot be “cured”. though; my Dad is living proof that Fibromyalgia CAN be conquered! More than ten years later, he is still vibrant, healthy, happy and 100% symptom-free.

So for God’s sake doesn’t allow this common prognosis dishearten you! There are many options to help you manage your symptoms and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Keep reading for my top recommendations.

Some ways to manage fibromyalgia

The first step is education and knowing more about this condition. So congratulations, you’re already doing Step One by reading this article! Please don’t stop learning either. As new research continues to emerge, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to follow in this space. After that you need to truly understand how Fibromyalgia personally affects you and your body. As I said earlier, each case is a little bit different.

This puts you in a seat of power to learn more about how your body responds to various treatment options. Not all the things listed below will go well with everyone, so discover gently, and listen to the feedback that your body provides.


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Are you getting enough good quality sleep?

Tiredness, concentration and short-term memory problems experienced by people with fibromyalgia may be the consequences of lack of sleep. Consistency is key when it comes to sleep. Each night, follow the same bedtime ritual as a signal to your body that it’s time to sleep. Whatever it is, whether it’s taking a warm bath, reading a book, listening to music or doing a crossword puzzle, finds the habit that is suitable for you. If you still can’t get to sleep, consider talking to your doctor about sleep aids.

Get enough protein

Get enough protein. We might find that our exercise drops off and we lose some muscle mass when our muscles are painful. As a consequence of this a cycle is started of feeling sorer and weaker, sorer and weaker. Getting adequate protein will help to maintain your muscle mass and keep up your strength. You can enough protein through vegan or animal sources, that  includes red meat, fish, chicken, organic eggs, lentils, nuts, split peas and good quality protein powders. 

Have you considered the power of touch?

Some investigation suggests that massage can help in fibromyalgia pain management. Study finds that massage therapy provided multiple benefits, including improved sleep, decreased joint pain and lowered stress hormones.  

Move Gently

Any form of exercise perhaps feels out of the question even when getting out of bed is hurting. On the other hand, many people do find that a mild aerobic exercise program does ease or improve their symptoms. The key is being gentle. Start softly with something that resonates with you. Tai chi, water-based activities, mild walking, and stretching are some good and suitable options. These suggest the further advantages of improving sleep and mood; other factors which can also influence Fibromyalgia.

Have you given acupuncture a shot?

Some patients find relief from acupuncture. It was found by the research that people who received accurate acupuncture showed better improvements in angst and fatigue than those who received a false procedure.

Stress Reduction

Decreasing your stress will not only improve your overall health but many people with Fibromyalgia find that it can significantly improve their symptoms too. Stress management tools work differently for everybody. Soothing music, soothing aromatherapy, gentle yoga, journaling, Meditation, positive affirmations, counseling/therapy and a daily practice of “feel-good” activities are the widespread efficient options.

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