5 Facts about CBD oil and fibromyalgia

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When it comes to the effects of marijuana, compounds like THC and CBD receive most of the attention. But there are many other compounds in marijuana that contribute to its health effects, including CBN. CBN enhances the effects of other cannabinoids like THC and CBD, while also providing its own unique effects.

What are Cannabinoids??

Cannabinoids are large class of chemical compounds produced by the cannabis plant. Scientists have identified over 113 different canabinoids in the marijuana plant. Each interacts with the endocannabinoid system in different ways.

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system through the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This alters cellular functions in the body to create a diverse range of effects. The endocannabinoid system is a key mediator of homeostasis, or balance, in the body.

Most of the cannabinoid compounds in marijuana are non-psychoactive. This means that do not produce a euphoric high when consumed. THC is one of the few cannabinoids in the plant that causes a high.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol is one of the lesser discussed cannabinoids found in marijuana. Even so, it is an important component of the plant.

Unlike THC, CBC produces very minor, if any, psychoactive effects.  This is because CBN molecules do not fit very well into the CB1 receptors in the brain. It also has trouble binding to CB2 receptors, but binds better to CB2 than CB1 receptors.

There has been a lot of buzz in our fibromyalgia community lately about the use of CBD oil products. We have been doing a lot of research and soliciting feedback from our community members. Two things have become apparent to us: 1-feedback from those who have tried CBD oils has been overwhelming positive, and 2-there is still of a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about these products.

Below are 5 important facts about CBD oil products that we thought our community would find helpful and informative.

Fact#1: CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of 85 chemical compounds known as cannabiniods that are all found in the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted in oil form from either marijuana or hemp, both of which belong to the cannabis genus. CBD oil from marijuana is still legal in most states where it is a schedule I drug. Conversely, CBD oil from hemp is currently legal in all 50 states since it is extracted from hemp and not marijuana.

Fact#2: CBD products will not get you high. THC is the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana that produces effects such as feeling “high” or feeling anxious or paranoid. CBD is non-psychoactive so won’t get you high and studies have suggested that CBD actually counteracts the anxiety or paranoid that can be caused by THC. Since CBD hemp oil products that have no or only a trace amount of THC, it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that a person us-ing them would test positive for THC in a standard drug test.

Fact#3: CBD products come in several different forms, including drops (tinctures), capsules, vape oils, gummies and topical creams. Based on the feedback that we’ve received from community members, the drops have been the most popular with capsules being the second most popular form for personal use.

Fact#4: The effectiveness of CBD as a treatment option for disease and medical conditions has not been scientifically proven by U.S FDA standards. CBC products are also not currently regulated by the FDA. We expect there to be more research and scientific studies into CBC in the near future as the number of people using these products continues to increase.

Fact#5:  The quality of CBC hemp products for sale online can vary. Those looking to try CBD products should be sure that they are buying them from a reputable company because there are scams out there. In each of the last 2 years, the FDA has sent warning letters to some companies that were deceptively marketing its CBC products and selling products with little or no actual CBD.

Our recommendation for those wanting to try CBD Hemp oil Products

The quality and price of CBD hemp oil products available online can vary greatly. So it’s important to order these products from a trusted and vetted supplier. Some local vape shops and vitamins stores carry CBD products but many people find it more convenient to order online.

For U.S residents, we highly recommend Highland Pharms. Highland Pharms is an industry-leading online retailer of premium CBD hemp oil drops, vape oils, creams and gummies. They offer free shipping to all 50 U.S. states and have earned high praise from our community members for quality and customer service.

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