Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are 10 Times Happier (Says Science!)

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Chubby women were always underestimated and were neglected. People look down upon them. Don’t you dare to call them fat women, instead call them chubby, fluffy or plus size. A lot of beliefs were there about dating chubby women. People consider them lazy and slow learners.

A study was conducted at the department of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales discovered a very interesting thing that men who live with chubby women were ten times happier than who lived with skinny women. It was also seen that they smile more easily with their chubby partners and all problems seem to solve more easily with their chubby partners.

They were in love with their chubby roles, chubby dimples and even chubby boobs. Chubby women satisfy their husband’s needs better than skinny women. As chubby women are already heavy so becoming pregnant and carrying a baby weight is not a problem for them. But when it comes to love, love is blind. In love appearance really doesn’t matter. Being skinny or chubby is not important in love.

Love is unconditional; it gets you attracted to someone your heart want. It is not planned. Ladies out there, whatever you are whether skinny of fat, if you are filled will love that is does not matter whether you are filled with fat or not.

It was seen that plus size women anticipate the needs of their men even before they ask for it. They are full of confidence and they are able to speak out their thoughts more confidently than skinny women. Chubby women are more obedient and they are always full of positive vibes.

These women are full of patience and don’t show their aggression even when they are offended. Plus size ladies were compared with their skinny counterparts and it was seen that their skinny counterparts were more aggressive, less expressive and unfriendly. Men who married chubby women reported that they feel that their house is always full of joy and peace and they said it was because of their chubby partners who are always in a light mood, understanding and full of positive vibes.

Whereas on the other hand men who married skinny women said that their skinny partners are always full of aggression. They are always ready to fight. According to them their wives are rigid and short tempered. Even minor issues incite big fights among them. Studies found that those who marry chubby women are happier and live longer. So the concept is men should broad their horizon and thoughts beyond skinny women, they should go for chubby women as they can offer them a lot.

It was also seen that when men were asked to chose women by showing their pictures to them, then those men who were going through some kind of stress ended up choosing chubby women. It was concluded that both partners in such relationship feels comfortable with each other. And in our society chubbiness refers to good nutrition and high status. They are more fertile than skinny women.

But we can’t deny the fact that physical appearance has little to do with real beauty. This article is not at all aimed at degrading skinny women. But it only encourages and highlights the importance and role of chubby women in happily married life.

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Here is why men who were in a relationship with curvy, plus-size women were 10 times happier compared to men that were with skinny women:

  • These women do not put too much pressure on their partners to be fit.
  • They do not try to lose weight. This means more eating out opportunities.
  • Buying them their favorite chocolate can make them happy.
  • They’re funnier. People that laugh together are happier couples. Furthermore, happier couples are more likely to have a healthier and longer relationship.
  • They give good hugs. Chubby women are better to hug, without exceptions.
  • They tend to cook better. Of course, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • They’re foodies. Men want to chow down with their partners.
  • These women tend to be figuratively and literally sweeter.
  • There is more to love.

Note: We didn’t mean to offend or hurt any women out there, we just presented a study related to chubby curvy girls. Women is the beautiful creation of God. Every women is unique and beautiful in its way… 🙂 


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Study Reference: department of psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales 

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