New Finding: New Daith Piercing relieves CM & Fibromyalgia Flares

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Fibromyalgia is a universal chronic pain syndrome, upsetting a predictable 3 to 9 million adults in the United States. Fibromyalgia is not a particular disease. The term fibromyalgia explains a prototype of symptoms that bunched together, including extensive body pain and sensitivity to force on particular points on the body, called tender points.

Inquisitively, these specific tender points are exclusively sensitive to pressure in people with fibromyalgia, whereas same spots in other parts of their bodies are not. In total, people with other types of chronic pain, such as low back pain or arthritis, do not find that putting force on these spots is painful for them.

The cause or causes of fibromyalgia are still not understood well. Some patients have fibromyalgia symptoms after an accident or sickness, while others have the condition with not any recognized triggering occasion. Luckily, fibromyalgia is not a degenerative or progressive disease that would lead to paralysis, memory loss, or other losses of performance.

Fascinatingly, a number of headache therapies are also effectual in decreasing symptoms of fibromyalgia:

  • -> Antidepressants (which have pain reducing special effects)
  • -> Tizanidine (a muscle relaxant with pain-relieving effects)
  • -> Psychological pain managing skills (for example, anxiety treatment, coping skills, relaxation exercise)
  • -> Aerobic work out

Common symptoms of FMS — may include:

Pain, Unease, Attentiveness and reminiscence problems — known as “fibro fog”, Gloominess, Exhaustion, Headaches, Irritable bowel syndrome, Morning rigidity, Painful menstrual cramps, Sleep issues, Lack of sensation, and stinging in hands, arms, feet, and legs, Tender areas, Urinary symptoms, such as pain or rate of recurrence

Are Chronic Headaches a Symptom of Fibromyalgia?

Chronic headaches, such as recurring migraine or tension-type headaches are general in up to 40% of people with fibromyalgia. They can create a major difficulty in a person’s capability to manage with and self-manage FMS. The headaches may be a consequence of pain in the neck and upper part of the back. They are frequently caused by tautness and contraction of the muscles of the neck, which results in a kind of headache called tension-type headaches or muscle-contraction headaches.


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They may also be created by tender points over the back of the head and neck. It is significant to keep in mind that other medical situations can cause headaches, so recurrent or severe headaches should be correctly diagnosed and managed by your doctor. The National Headache Foundation reports that more than 29 million Americans experience Chronic Migraines (CM) and Fibromyalgia, with women being three times more liable than men to obtain them. But why this happens and what can be the solution?

Daith Piercing for Fibromyalgia and Migraine Relief

These dreadful headaches can be caused by everyday jobs, eating certain foods, or even glowing lighting and too much sound. although scientists are not certain why they influence some people and not others, there does not appear to be a “one size fits all” treatment for them so victims are left to try tablet after tablet (neurologists often recommend anti-depressants to alleviate them) and treatment after treatment (from changing their diets, to acupuncture, to meditation, to yoga).

And whereas some of these alternatives help some, others are left aggravated- but keen for the next opportunity…enters the “Daith piercing”. The daith stabbing is a minute ring that pierces the inner cartilage of either ear, running through a pressure point, which for some will revive migraine and fibro pain. It is a comparatively new process, mainly done at tattoo and stabbing shops with not many figures to back it up till now. Dave Kurland, owner of the Tempest Artistic Studio in Hopewell Junction, NY have done the daith piercing on customers, and he truthfully consider It is the method to go. “I have had many people come to me looking for migraine relief.

It is a much low cost option to medicine and even acupuncture, and many of their doctors suggest it to them, and if you are into piercings that is even good for you.” Once more, the piercing is alike to acupuncture in that the piercing strikes a pressure point which decreases the pressure in your head. Some acupuncturist will also implant a little steel ball (which stays in place for up to 2 weeks) into a pressure point. When you are feeling anxiety, vomiting, a headache- whatsoever the pressure point is being used for- you just push on it for aid.

Daith Ear Cartilage Piercing

The procedure takes about 10 minutes and expenses around $45. Whereas acupuncture works for some, and this procedure is alike, it costs FAR less since it is a onetime price. Again, the piercing is similar to acupuncture in that the piercing hits a pressure point which relieves the pressure in your head. Some acupuncturist will also embed a little steel ball (which stays in place for up to 2 weeks) into a pressure point.

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When you are feeling stress, nausea, a headache- whatever the pressure point is being used for- you simply push on it for aid. “Kimberly Glatz, 24, has been tormenting from fibromyalgia for over a year now. She got the daith stabbing done last month. “Before I got it done my headaches were actually, really awful.  Dreadful.  

Just tremendously painful,” she said. “Now, I’ve seen some dissimilarity, I do not know if it is from the piercing or not. I cannot accurately locate what altered my headaches, but I have absolutely seen a development and it is worth trying,” she said.” I cannot visualize what it must be like to undergo usual migraines or even headaches, so this appears worth an attempt. In addition, if it does not work, you have got a pretty sweet piercing.

What do you guys think? Is it significant to make an effort? “I have had many people come to me looking for fibromyalgia treatment. It is a much cheaper substitute to medicine and even acupuncture, and many of their doctors propose it to them, and if you are into piercings that is even good for you.

“Basically it is the same thought as acupuncture, the piercing hits a pressure point which then allay the pressure in your head. I propose getting it finished on the ear that correlate with the side of your head where most of your migraines hit,” he said. But the vital question is, if there are no truth behind this than how can we know if it actually works or not. Tammi Bergman says that you have to consider Fibromyalgia and nervousness relief, in the substitutes and in the medication.

“Sometimes release of fibromyalgia and disquiet is psychological, but that is not a terrible thing, it is a frame of mind. Occasionally you actually have to consider it for it to work,” she said. In future it is fifty-fifty, it may not treat your headaches but you will be left with an ear piercing. Hey, you win some you lose some true? Some of the preliminary executive techniques used to treat fibromyalgia include a routine exercise schedule(as bearable), getting a good night’s sleep, eating a balanced diet, anxiety lessening, massage, acupuncture, and dietary supplements.

Other types of treatment comprise yoga, Tai chi and behavioral therapy. If these treatments don not appear helpful, there are now three prescription medications FDA approved to treat fibromyalgia; Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella.

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We have shared this in our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” and asked for the reviews. Here are few of their reviews.

1. I’ve been suffering terribly with migraines with my fibromyalgia. And this last one put me in hospital and left my right side of my body paralysed!!! They call it hemiplegic migraine. So I tried this daith piercing. Went into the salon (in pain with a migraine for over a week, with sunglasses on to block out the light and my crutch to help me walk) 
Anyway, as soon as she pierced me, I could feel instant relief! I left there pain free!!!!! Amazing  . If you suffer migraines, try getting your daith pierced. It worked for me. -Jen

2. Mine is almost 1 year old and love it yes it works when I decided to do mine delt with my pain over 20 years and was like if it don’t work I’ll have a nice piercing. It’s the best. – Debra

3.  I have mine done and I have been migraine free for a year. For anyone who gets one done, I suggest getting a can of ocean H2O and spraying the piercing 3 to 4 times a day for about 4 weeks. If it becomes red and irritated Neosporin works great for keeping the piercing from getting infected, keeps the crust that may build up during the healing process. I hope this helps you all if you are having issues with the piercing. – Heather

4. I hade Daith piercing done just come after Christmas for sinus headache and I haven’t had any since then. -Kathryan

5.  I love love love mine!! I tried changing from the basic surgical steel to a smaller cutesy one and I got a headache. I changed back to the original and haven’t had a migraine since! -Kelly

6. Hey, I got mine done back in November and have found it has lowered the number of headaches I get by quite a lot! It hasn’t done anything to change my fibro but if you suffer from a lot of headaches I always say its worth a shot! It isn’t a miracle cure though I do still occasionally get them! I will also warn you the healing process for the Daith is a nightmare and mine still isn’t fully healed but it is getting there  Hope this helps! I got mine done at a local tattoo studio who have a good rep for piercings, i think it cost £28 including the hoop – Charallote

7. Getting my daith pierced was the best decision I made.. I suffered from chronic migraine for over 20 years. I just to get the 3 to 4 days a week..i raised my children in bed. It’s been 2 years and no migraines. I still get headaches but they don’t turn into migraines any more. This piercing is an acupuncture point if not done correctly it will not work. It does not work for fibromyalgia pain just migraines. You can get it done at a tattoo/piercing shop. Make sure the piercer understands the placing of the daith.- Racheal

8. I have one. I got it specifically for fibro. It has stopped headaches, except for sinus. But for fibro pain, no I’ve had mine a month.- Terrie

9. I got my daith pierced yesterday. Instant relief by about 50%! I strongly recommend everyone give it a shot! – Christy

10. I just wanted to say that I suffered terrible headaches and migrains. I got my daith piercing 4 months ago and its helped me a lot. Not a single migraine and only a couple of minimal headaches. If you suffer from them, consider the daith ear piercing. -Jade


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Read More reviews here.

Reviewed by: Dr. Muneeba Rana, MD MBBS, FUMDC.


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