The healthy benefits of dance therapy for fibromyalgia

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Dance therapy is like regular dance, but it utilizes diverse actions in order to improve your physical fitness, along with your mental condition. Dance is known for offering a wide-array of mental health benefits, from improving mood to lessening anxiety.

There are two different forms of dance therapy for fibromyalgia. The primary step is individual dance, where you participate in one-on-one sessions with a dance teacher. The second form is group sessions. During a group dance therapy session, each member of the group takes part in the dance routine. These groups may consist of two or three people, or may be large in size with upwards of 20 members.

Some people prefer one or the other, but each offers its own great benefits. Dance therapy is the therapeutic use of movement that aims to improve physical and mental health. Dance therapy is also known as movement therapy, dance therapy pay attention on restoring a healthy mind-body link through encouraging health and curing. 

Benefits of dance therapy

Clinical reports have shown that dance therapy is effective in reducing stress as well as improving self-esteem; it is also a beneficial form of exercise that improves muscle strength, postural alignment and flexibility. Dance therapy is suitable for individuals without chief health issues, as well as a form of approving treatment for individuals with cancer and other chronic sickness. It is also beneficial in the reduction of stress for caregivers. Physical benefits include increased mobility, flexibility, and coordination and decreased muscle tension.

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Circulatory, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems are also improved by dance therapy. While there is a lack of scientific evidence thus far to support these claims, supporters of dance therapy believe that dance therapy strengthens the immune system through muscular activity as well as through physiological processes, thereby preventing disease.

There are also a variety of emotional benefits associated with dance therapy, as physical activity promotes the production of endorphins, a hormone that stimulates a sense of well-being. Also dance therapy has numerous emotional and social benefits, as it improves self-worth and promotes social communication with others. Dance therapy is a great way to express emotions that are sometimes not easily expressed verbally. Any form of exercise is great for relieving stress in the mind and body.

Dance is no different. Dance therapy is a great tension reliever, not only because it is great physically for the body but it is also psychologically curative. Since movement can be related to thoughts and feelings, dancing can bring changes to emotions and attitudes almost instantly. Dance therapy also focuses on developing gross motor skills. By focusing on power and synchronization as well as stability, gross motor skills development is encouraged.

Fibromyalgia and dance therapy

Dance therapy for fibromyalgia is one of the latest therapy trends, due to the vast array of benefits it offers. This form of therapy is considered an alternative treatment method, and has been shown to be very effective in various clinical studies. If you are unaware of what dance therapy is and how it works to treat fibromyalgia, read on to learn more and decide if this form is therapy is right for you.

Some Fibromyalgia patients wish individual sessions because they’re capable to have the session intended more towards their individual requirements. The therapist will generally create a dance therapy plan that is aimed towards improving the patient’s unique set of symptoms, or any problems they may be concerned with. The level of strength obtainable from the class will be adjusted for the patient’s exclusive needs, probably increasing over time

. One of the main benefits of group sessions for fibromyalgia patients is the ability to connect with other people with fibro. This condition can sometimes make you feel isolated, which can lead to feelings of depression. By taking part in a group session, you’re able to connect with others while also receiving the other benefits of dance therapy. The social aspect can help improve your self confidence, or simply make the session more exciting.

A study involving 36 female patients with fibromyalgia syndrome found that dance therapy was beneficial in the treatment of fibromyalgia. It was shown by the study that six months of dance therapy showed improved physical and psychological functions in patients. Patients experienced a greater sense of well-being and also had a minimized perception of pain. In addition to chronic tenderness, dance therapy can facilitate to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms such as muscular troubles, nervousness, depression and fibro fog.

Peoples with cardiovascular disease and arthritis should consult their physician before starting any form of movement therapy. According to experts, the benefits from dance therapy for fibromyalgia are extensive, but some of the biggest benefits include Anxiety reduction, Body tension relief, chronic pain relief, Depression relief and Muscle building.

Dance therapy tips

If you are interested in pursuing dance therapy as part of your fibromyalgia treatment, keep these tips in mind so that you can maximize the benefits of movement therapy for your condition.

 Don’t put impractical expectations on yourself to be a natural dance expert. Remember that having fun and feeling healthy and good about you is the most important part of dance therapy. If you’re signing up for regular dance classes, choose a form of dance that best suits your personality and interests, as this will provide you with enthusiasm and will keep you motivated to continue and to keep challenging yourself.

Everyone has a unique body with its own strengths and flaws. Rather than focusing on your body’s limitations, embrace your body and the ways in which it allows you to express yourself, as this is what makes you a unique dancer.

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