Doctors warns patients by Prescription Tramadol painkiller “claiming more lives than any other drug”

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Medicine painkiller Tramadol, taken by thousands of people every day, is owns more lives than any other drug –together with heroin and cocaine –estimated by Northern Ireland’s top pathologist. The anesthetic painkiller does not cause damage if taken properly, but the risk goes high when users combine it with other drugs or alcohol. Previous year, 33 deaths in Northern Ireland were associated to Tramadol.

Between them were a 16-year-old girl and a pensioner in his 70s. The opiate-based drug used to manage moderate or intense pain should only be obtainable on prescription – it was classified again in 2014 making it an prohibited and illegal Class C drug without prescription. But anti-drug campaigners say more and more people are coming back to the illegal market.

Professor Jack Crane has stood up to say he worries more people will die if not urgent act is taken and he is asking for an onslaught on the illegal market. He wants Tramadol to be upgraded again; this time to Class A. Professor Crane is now ready to meet Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer afterward this month to pressurize for transformation.

Pain Management: Drug Tolerance and Addiction

Some medications used to treat pain can make people permanently dependent on them. Addiction is dissimilar from physical dependence or tolerance, however. In cases of physical dependence, pulling out symptoms occur when a stuff suddenly is stopped up.

Tolerance occurs when the preliminary quantity of a substance loses its usefulness over time. Addiction is a psychological and behavioral reaction that occurs in some people with the utilization of narcotic pain medicines. People who take a group of drugs called opioids for a long phase of time may build up tolerance and even physical dependence. This does not mean, on the other hand, that a person is addicted. In common, addiction happens in only a small proportion of people when narcotics are used under appropriate medical management.

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Addictive Pain Medications

Opioids, a group of drugs that have special effects alike to those of opium or morphine, can be addictive. They comprise of:


2.Fetanyl (including brand name Duragesic)

3.Oxycodone (including brand name OxyContin, Percocet, Percodan, Tylox, and Roxicet)) Read more on it Here

4.Morphine (including brand name MS Contin)

5.Meperidine (including brand name Demerol)

6.Hydrocodone (including brand name Vicodin and Lortab)

7.Hydromorphone (including brand name Dilaudid)

Who Is at Risk for Addiction?

Most people who take their pain medicine as prescribed by their doctor do not become dependent, even if they take the medicine for a long time. On the other hand, some people may be at an elevated danger of becoming addicted than others. People who have been addicted to things in the past or those with a family member who is or has been addicted to drugs or alcohol may be at bigger risk of becoming addicted to narcotics.

How to Prevent Addiction

The solution to prevent addiction is to take your medicine accurately as your doctor prescribes. Tell your doctor any private and/or family history of stuff misuse or addiction. Your doctor wants this data to prescribe the medicines that will work finest for you.

Worries about addiction should not stop you from using narcotics to successfully alleviate your pain. Keep in mind; it is general for people to build up a tolerance to their pain medication and to require higher dosage to attain the same level of pain liberation. Such a condition is normal and is not a signal of addiction. Nonetheless, you should talk to your doctor if this consequence becomes disturbing. 

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