Much Awaited Fibro Awareness Film “Fibromyalgia and The New Me” Released

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Views interviewed Mr.Ross Health the filmmaker and writer of the new fibromyalgia awareness film “Fibro and the New me”. He is the writer and actor from Leyland Lancashire UK, her wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of years ago and alot of people don’t know what the disability is and what its about so he decided to make an awareness film called Fibro and the new me to help people understand and show more awareness.

Ross Heath written “Fibro and the new me” after her wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After realizing what it can do to you’re life he wanted to bring more awareness to it, so decided to write and direct film “Fibro and the new me”. Ross saved up his own money to make this film and is not wishing to profit from this just wants to bring awareness and help people through the art of film making for all the spoonies out there .

Starring in “Fibro and the new me” is an actress Rebecca Morris who understands and had experiences with temporary fibromyalgia and suffers with other conditions but she played the whole role perfectly and her dramatic performance made this film what it is.

Dale Hooley who plays Matt her on screen partner is a great actor and make me very proud. He is very talented and with this film he also learned alot about the condition and researched and that’s what I wanted from him. His delivery was amazing and Rahel Kapsaski who played nurse Carol and Cj Livermore who played Doctor Cole both did amazing jobs and researched and learnt more about the condition.

As well as the film when on Ross Heath wanted to show in this film a doctor understanding as many doctors don’t and I hope they watch this and realize and see this is how you should react and help a patient not by disbelieving but by recognizing it.

May be Fibro or other things people should not be judged for having fibromyalgia they should be praised for the warriors they are. I hope this short film brings awareness and help to many people and show others that there are people who do understand.

I want to thank my full team Rebecca Morris, Dale Hooley, Rahel Kapsaski, Salem Kapsaski, Raquel Davizz who suffers with Fibro herself. You all make me proud but most of all I want to thank my wife as awfully as this condition is she still remains strong to fight and battle fibromyalgia and 1 good thing has come from having this illness is that we can help others and together fight Fibro. Thank you.

You can see the film below or you can also see it on Our facebook page, click here to see.

So the film has been released earlier than expected and we have had a great response so far. Please watch and share the film to spread the word and get it out there as much as possible and raise awareness for this awful condition disability thank you. We hope this short film helps people and helps more people understand and i just want to thank everyone for there support and especially my inspiration my wife Jane heath Together we can fight fight fibro thank you Ross.

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