A Story of Every Fibro Patient’s Life

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My fibro story

1. Pain from head to toe. 

2. Indescribable exhaustion

3. Anxiety/depression

4. IBS

5. Yes, because my system is f***ed I suffer from pain insomnia that has lasted several days and nights.

6. Clothing can hurt

7. At this point showering or bathing can be like running a marathon and I’m out for the day.

8. Because of it I avoid bathing until necessary. Yes, gross. Baby wipes help.

I’m very sensitive to hot/cold. I operate best when it’s warm and humid.

9. I suffer from migraines

10. I have epilepsy (unrelated to fibro so far)

11. I can experience numbness in extremities.

12. My medicines have caused very serious side affects. Thinning hair, severe weight gain/bloating.

13. I get judged everyday because i don’t look sick.

14. I’ve been called unreliable because I never know from one minute to the next how I’ll feel.

15. I’ve lost friends because they just don’t get it.

16. I’ve been called lazy when the opposite is true. It takes a warrior to get up everyday and pretend nothing is wrong.

17. There is no cure for fibromyalgia. I will not die from fibromyalgia either.

18. The “Fibro Fob” makes you forget things or you’re at a loss of words. It’s terrifying.

19. Touch really bothers me. It hurts.

20 loud noise is a no-no. With Slade I have to deal with it.

21. Because of meds I have dry mouth that never seems to go away.

22. My eyes don’t produce enough tears which cause my corneas to scratch. Nothing a little gel eye drop won’t help.

23. I’m also sensitive to smells and makeup.

My cousin deals with a hidden illness like me and like me she is always asked …”what do you do all day?”.  And like her…I color, I binge watch shows, Netflix is my new BFF, I enjoy coffee and putting my feet up. I still chase after Slade unless Emma or Mike are. I’m both a Facebook whore and Instagram stalker.

Social media has become my lifeline to the outside world. I love the news and gossip shows like TMZ. I love car rides and at times shopping but that can be all done at home now too. I love finding used stuff and deals on marketplace and Kijiji.  I try to stay busy on the phone. Most days I’m sleeping because I can only do short spurts. Despite this……it’s all good.

Credit: T. Gibson shared this story with us in our group.

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