7 Drug-Free Solutions of fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia pain can be devastating, and what provides assistance for one patient may not work for another. It’s particularly hard to predict success when you’re trying alternative or drug-free ways of treating fibromyalgia symptoms.

Concerned about the health implications coupled with the long-term use of painkillers, but not certain what else you can do to alleviate your constant pain? While standard treatments for fibromyalgia given by medical professionals often include prescription drugs (such as painkillers, antidepressants, and anti-seizure drugs), it’s important to know that you can seek relief in natural solutions and remedies, too.

Understanding that the long-term use of prescription drugs and painkillers isn’t for everyone, we’re offering 4 useful drug-free solutions to help you find relief, naturally. Whether you choose to do yoga and tai-chi, or perform low level laser therapy treatments at home with HandyRx for pain relief, we hope you’ll find comfort and relief using one of these drug-free solutions. Non-drug won’t cause additional damage and usually are protected. So they may be worth trying, as 90 percent of fibromyalgia patients have at some time.


A couple of patients tell that biofeedback was very helpful. Biofeedback is a mind-body treatment. A biofeedback machine uses lights and beeps to get you to recognize your body’s reactions to stress, such as rapid heartbeat, joint pain, and heavy breathing, and thus control and lessen them. For people who may be unhappy from their fibromyalgia ache and exhaustion, biofeedback seems most hopeful for them.


Practitioners of aromatherapy applying fragrant herbs or oils to the skin or inhaling them believe it can promote sleep, decrease muscle pain, improve circulation, and calm the mind. It may assist fibromyalgia muscle ache and sleep troubles. Some patients can see improvement with aromatherapy. Some people with fibromyalgia are overly sensitive to smells. They are precisely the patients who may get the most benefit from aromatherapy or it could cause their fibromyalgia symptoms to worsen. Approach it carefully and gently. While fibromyalgia may cause long-term chronic muscle pain and sleeping problems, patients who receive aromatherapy tend to experience noticeable improvements after just one session. If you suffer from pain caused by fibromyalgia and are sensitive to smells, then aromatherapy may be a viable drug-free solution for you.



Massage is another good drug-free approach to fibromyalgia treatment. Several scientific studies confirm that massage can be an effective pain management therapy. However, people with fibromyalgia may find it painful as their muscle tissue is very sensitive. If you decide on for massage treatment, look for a therapist who is skilled in treating patients with fibromyalgia and who know to make use of very light pressure. If it’s done correctly, it can be very helpful.

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Looking for instant relief from your symptoms? HandyRx is a low level laser therapy device that can be used from the comfort of your own home. Using state-of-the-art skill, the HandyRx works to speed up inflamed tissue revival, while also promote cell regeneration which results in better microcirculation and reduced chronic pain from fibromyalgia, all without requiring painkiller ingestion and invasive techniques. Administering relief at the tissue level using laser energies, the HandyRx is a nontoxic and noninvasive alternative to pain relief and related symptoms of chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. Relieve ache, aches, and uneasiness naturally with the HandyRx, a favored pain management way out and prescription drug substitute that is both secure and effectual to use. Meticulously designed with our patients needs in mind, the HandyRx can be used at home and on the go meaning you can treat your symptoms anytime, anywhere.



Although acupuncture may not offer instant pain relief from your fibromyalgia symptoms, many studies have shown that the conventional Chinese method helps to reduce fibromyalgia symptoms and further chronic pain. When receiving an acupuncture treatment, a licensed practitioner will insert very fine needles into strategic points located throughout your body. These needles are then left in place for 20 to 30 minutes and are stimulated further with heat or electricity. By treating any problem areas you may have, acupuncture provides modest relief for patients suffering from muscle stiffness and tension. Need a safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs and painkillers? Try acupuncture treatments once a month.


Do your fibromyalgia symptoms make it difficult for you to work out or do exercises at the gym? Consider easing your pain with traditional practices like yoga or tai-chi. Not only do these slow-movement exercises work to reduce muscular tension in your body, yoga and tai-chi are also said to help improve spinal alignment, sleep quality and mental health.

Oftentimes, people suffering from fibromyalgia will experience chronic tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck where 10 out of 18 tender points are located in the body. Luckily, many beginner yoga and tai-chi poses easily target these areas and work to provide relief, reducing muscle tension and stress, while also making fibromyalgia symptoms more manageable. Additionally, doing yoga or tai-chi also helps keep your muscles strong and as a result, increases your stamina so that you can complete daily tasks without your symptoms flaring up and the pain keeping you from your daily routine.


People with fibromyalgia often have low levels of melatonin, which the pineal gland releases so you’re ready for sleep. Sleep is important for everybody and for fibromyalgia patients in particular. Their high quality profound sleep is interrupted by their extreme muscle pain, which is how the body recuperates and muscles fix themselves. Taking melatonin helped reduce fibromyalgia pain and improve sleep in some people. Start with 2- to 10-milligram tablets that you put beneath your tongue as melatonin tablets differ in potency.

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