10 Fibromyalgia Symptoms That Are Less Common and Known

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Less Known Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Most of the patients with fibromyalgia are aware with the condition’s numerous common indications. These comprise of depression, pain, fibro fog, fatigue, stiffness, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. It is possible that in case you suffer from fibromyalgia, you will suffer from most of these symptoms, though if not all. But, unluckily, the list of symptoms does not end there. There are countless other effects (including physical and mental) that fibromyalgia patients experience, some more usual than the others.

Now the question is, which of these not as much of common fibromyalgia signs you suffer from and how you deal with them

1. Pain in Chest

Severe pain in your chest is a disturbing sensation and should not be neglected as it can often be a distinct health problem. Though, it is frequently related with fibromyalgia, for instance the chest is one of the trigger points where fibro patients feel pain. Occasionally this can lead to a littleness of breath, but more ordinarily it is a severe pain in the chest region without any other side effects. Moderate workouts and deep breathing can help ease this pain, as well as mild massage and heat.

2. Itching and Dry Skin

Some fibromyalgia patients can also experience symptoms like itching dry and skin. Frequently skin can look as if dry and flaky, and those dry regions often turn out to be itchy. A fibromyalgia rash can appear or the skin senses aching, if you scratch your skin. Actually the irritation may be an effect of pain indications being misjudged by the brain, so it is quite essential to keep your skin nourished and try to avoid rubbing.

3. Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and Tingling is more likely one of the most common lesser recognized symptoms. Muscle numbness and tingling, also called paresthesia, usually occurs in the feet and hands as a result of extensive use, and massage or rest can also occasionally help this. Though, your tingling can be triggered by anxiety due to shortness of breath affecting reduced blood flow. Deep breathing can frequently be establish to improve fibromyalgia paresthesia.

4. Extreme Sweating

This arises as a consequence of an autonomic dysfunction in the part of the brain that controls bowel movements, sweating and some other body tasks. It can happen as a consequence of fibromyalgia and so needs fibro patients to cautiously control their body temperature, which something we are every so often used to as many fibro victims discover heat/cold effects our pain.

5. Spacial Disorientation and Poor Balance

Losing balance is a common manifestation for some fibromyalgia victims. It is assumed this is for the reason that we carry less low body strength and our legs are not that steady. And for that reason, we are less able to balance ourselves when there is a possibility of falling. Not just that, but then again the risk of falling is every so often amplified because of spacial disorientation (at times an influence of fibro fog) and other balance-related side effects like blurred vision or buzzing in the ears.

6. Heightened Sensitivity

Heightened feeling to touch, also called allodynia, results in pain from stuff that wouldn’t in general make you distress. Hyperalgesia is the word for sensing great pain. These two situations as part of fibromyalgia can lead to massive uneasiness. For instance, something that originates some pain like knocking your elbow or stubbing your toe can be agonizing to a fibro patient, and something that should not be hurt at all like a friend tapping you on the back when welcoming you can cause excessive pain.

7. Severe PMS

For female fibromyalgia patients, it is a common thing to experience excessive pain than usual during their period. Usually women suffer from increased sensitivity and pain at this duration, so it is not a surprise that things turn out to be even worse for those of us with fibro. The portion of your nervous system accountable for regulating your periods is delicate to any variations that your body experiences, so handling your pain management in the course of your period can be challenging.

8. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction causes pain in the jaw and facial muscles and can occasionally be connected with grinding of the teeth. In some cases, pain produced by Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can spread to the neck and head and can effect in muscle spasm or facial enlargement.

9. Cold Feet and Hands

The cold weather is frequently challenging for fibro patients, and because of our temperature sensitivity it can be tough to warm up. Some of us experience freezing cold feet and hands which leads to extreme pain. Keeping your boundaries as warm as possible is vital during this time and even if it means wearing gloves in summers.

10. Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is a situation which makes people to uncontrollably move their legs, especially in the course of sleep. It is assessed that 33% of fibro victims suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, in comparison to just 3.1% of the rest of the people. Restless Leg Syndrome usually disrupts sleep, so this often causes further fatigue and sleep complications for Fibro patients.  


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