A Fight We Must Win- A Life Interrupted

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Sometimes the life we were destined to live gets intertwined in the reality of the life we are currently living. Finding the joy can become a struggle. Maintaining a positive outlook gets muddled in the challenges of each day. The happy, energetic person we once were gets lost in the stress of trying to maintain some “normalcy.” We trod through each day hoping for a miracle.

In some ways we feel like we’ve been given a death sentence, but we know life will go on. Small victories become our motivation. What we once never gave a second thought to, now takes more effort. We want to live who we once were. We want to be the person we used to be. But now, our existence has changed. We have to learn a new reality, a new way to live. No one can give us the magic cure.

People will continue to doubt our pain, but we must move on. We have to forge our new path forward. Living a new reality becomes our focus. We face doubt from every direction, every day. We deal with insecurity, guilt, self doubt and lack of understanding from so many people, but yet, our life goes on. We have to figure out how to move from point “A” to point “B” without fail. We need to continue to be everything to everyone so we don’t let anyone down. We push to be the “old us,” the “us” who helped everyone, the “us” who ran our house, the “us” who could work 40+ hour weeks. The “us” who we felt mattered. 

Some day we hope to become the person we once were, the person who worked their butt off every day, the person who kept their family life flowing. The person who made a difference. We want to be the person we used to be! We want to do the things we never gave a second thought to. We want to be the person who always gave their all to every situation. We want to be “us,” once again.

The person who never gave up, the person who chose to fight, head on, every day! We want the life we once had, the life that made us “normal.” We want to look past this “condition” & and be able to LIVE!!! We want to be able to say that we gave it our all! We want to be able to say that we gave it, “The Old College Try!” We want to be able to move forward with our lives and experience the good, the bad & they ugly! We want to show the world that we are more than what our diagnosis says. Some day we may get back to some sort of normal, some kind of life we once had.

Maybe someday our life will be what we once had. But for now, we have to just give it the best we can, we have to give the world the best we can muster and hope it will get us through each day. We have to wake up and do what we need to do to survive, to enjoy he best life we can. Fibromyalgia may have taken who we once were, but it will never take who we can become. 

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