Hope for millions with fibromyalgia as new gut bacteria test could diagnose condition faster

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There is a chance that Lady Gaga, Kirsty Young and Morgan Freeman are suffering from Fibromyalgia. But a great number of people are suffering from it. Fibromyalgia has affected 4 percent of the world’s population but sadly no cure for is has been devised. But one of the cause of fibromyalgia might have been mentioned in a new study. In this study it is mentioned that people suffering from fibromyalgia had an odd number of species of gut bacteria compared to a healthy person.

This discovery could fasten up the process of diagnoses. The sample included the data of the gut bacteria of 156 people from Montreal, Canada and 77 of whom had fibromyalgia. They had to give samples of poo, blood, saliva and urine. After that all of the data was compared with the samples from the healthy person.

Due to the condition a change in the gut bacteria occurs. Different species of gut bacteria would exist if you are suffering from fibromyalgia. These changes were not caused by any other thing like diet, medication or age. At McGill University Health Centre with the help of AI they diagnosed the condition by looking at gut microbiome with nearly 90 percent success rate.

As the change in gut bacteria increase it poses more difficulties of the suffering patient.  Lead author of the study Amir Minerbi said that. “We found that fibromyalgia and the symptoms of fibromyalgia – pain, fatigue, and cognitive difficulties – contribute more than any of the other factors to the variations we see in the microbiomes of those with the disease,”.

He also said that.

“We also saw that the severity of a patient’s symptoms was directly correlated with an increased presence or a more pronounced absence of certain bacteria – something which has never been reported before.”

Fibromyalgia shows multiple symptoms which could help in the diagnoses. It doesn’t just causes pain, but also initiates other issues. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include the following

Currently Al can diagnose the illness in the patient with the accuracy of 87 percent. Emmanuel Gonzalez, from the McGill team, said that diagnosis of fibromyalgia was done based only on the composition of the gut microbiome. He said that

“As we build on this first discovery with more research, we hope to improve upon this accuracy, potentially creating a step-change in diagnosis,”

The consistency of the results of the system would be tested by running test of different samples. It has also been mentioned in a study that only a blood test would be required for the diagnoses in a near future. The co-author of the study Luis Rodriguez-Saona used a word “remarkable” for the results of the study. The discovery was that there were similarities in the pattern of blood of the patient suffering from fibromyalgia.

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