Connection of Fibromyalgia with Infectious Mononucleosis

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Infectious mononucleosis is an acute infection caused by Epstein-Barr virus. This condition includes an increase in the mononuclear white blood cells associated with splenomegaly, generalized lymphadenopathy and hepatitis. Glandular fever is also known as kissing disease. Epstein Barr virus can cause infection in the childhood which leads to the development of glandular fever later on. EBV is contagious. While kissing, coughing and sneezing it can be transmitted from one person to another as it is found in the mucus and saliva.

Does fibromyalgia occurs due to glandular fever?

It was reported recently that fibromyalgia may be caused y certain infectious diseases. f you get infected with this virus in the early childhood; your body may protect you from it by boosting your immune system. But when get infected again your body fails to protect you. This puts you to a double risk. Even though the fever subsides after few days, and in the end you get fibromyalgia as its side effect.

Viruses are just like biological stress that is almost similar to physical stress and physical stress in return is the trigger of fibromyalgia.  If you are suffering from any metabolic disorder like diabetes and thyroid, it can also contribute to the development of fibromyalgia and glandular fever. When you are on steroids, your immunity has already decreased so any minor abnormal sign should be noticed.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia associated with glandular fever

If you experience jaundice, malaise, nausea along with it, then just don’t waste your time. Get your treatment done straight away. All the time you will feel exhausted and your hips, shoulders and neck will ache. You will lose your appetite and will feel difficult to sleep.  

Swelling around your eyes and loss of appetite are must to notice signs. If your muscles hurt badly on and off then it is a sign that your fibromyalgia is flaring up. Headache, depression and anxiety are some other signs that show the association of fibromyalgia with glandular fever.


Gradually returning to the normal daily life activities after some bed is recommended by the doctors. Stay hydrated. Take sips of water or juices after every two hours to prevent dehydration. Avoid all the exhausting exercises like jumping, running and swimming. Stay from aspirin as aspirin can leads to rye syndrome. gargle daily to treat sore throat. Whenever you are feeling low close your eyes and take deep breaths. Inhale and exhale slowly.

This measure will exhale out all your worries and soon you will be pain free. Sugar consumption should be decreased as it can reduce lymphocyte activity. Soup are best for you but without preservatives. Have small nutritious meals instead of heavy meals. Fruits and vegetables loaded with zinc and vitamin C works best for you.

Raw honey should be used instead of sugar. To protect yourself, stay away from the person having fibromyalgia associated with glandular fever. Used crockery should be washed before using them again. Prevention is better than cure. Antiviral drugs can also be used.

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EBV is the possible cause of fibromyalgia



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