Can Fibromyalgia Patients take Phentermine for Weight Loss

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Incredible efficacy in promoting weight loss

Phentermine has been widely used in different groups of people and so too in patients with the condition of Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). The drug is highly popular for its incredible efficacy in promoting weight loss with short term use that it has been available for many decades now.

The question of whether or not Fibromyalgia patients can take Phentermine depends on many factors like the effects of the drug and also the impact on the condition. By looking closely at these, we can see about the possibility of using the diet pills in someone with FMS.

Is it safe to use Phentermine for fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS?)

Many individuals want to know if it is safe to use Phentermine for fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). Especially patients who are obese and would like to lose weight more easily, People with FMS often experience varying degrees of muscular pain throughout the body, as well as headaches and migraines, particularly when they are experiencing stress, or have done so recently. It is often treated with various forms of painkillers, anti-seizure medications, and antidepressants, which can each have some effect on reducing the pain that can be felt every day.

Fibromyalgia sufferers tend to gain weight more easily

The condition of Fibromyalgia is a difficult one to manage as there is no definite cure for it. The common symptoms include muscle pain in different parts of the body, fatigue, headaches, migraines, trouble sleeping, and memory issues.

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The persons who are suffering from this condition tend to easily gain weight as they are unable to work out regularly or maintain a diet that does not add on too much weight. Many persons even find it difficult to get out of bed or experience stiffness. The decreased mobility can enable faster weight gain too.

Use of phentermine for weight loss

From a technical standpoint, it is clear that Phentermine does indeed work to reduce weight. Most people do admit that Phentermine can help them lose weight (in the short-term) but almost everyone puts back on the weight that they lose once they stop the medication. This phenomenon is well known to researchers and it is the reason that Phentermine is only approved for SHORT-term weight loss. 

Losing weight with the help of Phentermine would be suitable for many as there are not many options to help with weight loss due to the symptoms of the condition. The drug controls the appetite and also induces the stored fat to break down and be ready for conversion into energy. Of course, not every person with FMS may be suited to take the diet pills.

Why fibromyalgia patients gain weight?

For reasons that include unhealthy eating choices, the lack of ability to exercise due to muscle pain, and/or side effects from drugs being used to treat the condition, FMS patients frequently find themselves gaining weight and are unable to lose it as easily (relatively speaking) as dieters who do not have this condition. Therefore, the question as to whether or not Phentermine diet pills for fibromyalgia syndrome obesity sufferers is an appropriate choice is appearing at an increasing rate.

How to use phentermine effectively?

If opting to use Phentermine to help lose weight in fibromyalgia patients, it should be done by keeping a few important points in mind. The patient may already be on other medications and it is important to ensure that there will not be any adverse reactions. Also, the drug is likely to trigger certain allergic reactions or some of the symptoms of the condition itself.

The person would have to work with the doctor to work out nutrition since there would be appetite changes. The wrong diet can again trigger the condition easily. Also, Phentermine is known to interfere with sleep if the dosage is too strong or if the drug is taken late in the day. On the other hand, the drug can improve focus and alertness, while uplifting any fatigue. With the right medical supervision, FMS patients can definitely use Phentermine safely and benefit from its effects.

Wrong use of phentermine

Most people use Phentermine incorrectly so we need to expand upon that idea. The “standard” way to use this medication is something like this: Take 1 pill each and every morning for 30-day intervals (the maximum amount of time you can prescribe the medication). 

Each day you take it you will notice that your appetite is reduced so you consume less food. Because of this reduction in caloric intake, you will lose some weight (maybe a few pounds a month). Eventually, your Doctor will stop prescribing the medication and you will slowly regain whatever weight you lost over this 1-3 month period. 

Most Doctors will NOT prescribe Phentermine longer than a 3 month time period because it is well known that the benefits of Phentermine start to decline after that time period. So even if you lost some weight while using it initially, you will have diminishing returns on your weight loss over time.

 That means if you lost 5 pounds the first month you’ll probably lose 2-3 pounds the next month and then another 1 pound the following month. Taking it for another 3-6 months will NOT increase the amount you lose. This is the “standard” way to use Phentermine and it’s how most Doctors recommend that you use it. 

There is no way to tell whether or not Phentermine for fibromyalgia syndrome weight loss will have a positive effect in any given patient, as the actual nature of the condition is not entirely understood, and therefore knowing the result of the the stimulation of the brain chemicals that occurs with the drug’s use is more than just difficult.

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