20 Reasons of Having So Many Random Fibromyalgia’s Symptoms

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Fibromyalgia cause chronic pain to its patients for their entire lifetimes. This pain can be in different parts of the body. It has many symptoms but these are random symptoms which is basically different for different people. Although a large population is affected by it, the consistency of symptoms is rare. Curious about this, we asked our Facebook community Living with fibromyalgia and chronic illness that “Why there are so many random symptoms of fibromyalgia?”. Lots of member responded the question for our website Fibromyalgia Resources and we have compiled their answers in this article.

Most of the people think the reason of so many random symptoms is hidden in the underline cause of fibromyalgia and several varieties. Some relate the causes of fibro to trauma, genetic disorder and some to the nervous system disorder

Here is what community shares with us related random symptoms of fibromyalgia

1> The most recent research I’ve read is that the reason is so many body systems are affected is because fibromyalgia basically screws with all the nerves coming off the spinal cord therefore affecting all body systems from head to toe. As a nurse for 26 years, it seems the most plausible of everything I’ve heard so far. – Amy M

2> I am an autoimmune disease research scientist and functional medicine practitioner, so I hope I can shed some light on this condition for you. In recent years the science has grown exponentially, and we now understand that fibromyalgia (and other inflammatory and autoimmune diseases in general) all have their underlying root cause in rampant inflammation, which affects all parts of your body.

Your nerves, muscles, hormones, organs, mood, brain fog… all are affected by your systemic inflammation, so this is why there are a multitude of symptoms that can be different in different people, depending on their personal genetics. The inflammation has it’s root cause, in part, by a condition called “leaky gut” combined with gut dysbiosis. This was discovered by Dr. Alessio Fassano at Harvard in 2007, and has been proven by other research facilities around the world many times over.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine is still catching up to what scientists have already discovered, so people continue to suffer when we now know how to reverse the rampant inflammation and give people their lives back. To learn how to reverse, you can start with this article. Also look up The Doctor’s Farmacy by Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Amy Myers, Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Tom O’Bryan… and there are many, many others who have reversed fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions.

Start your research, and let 2020 be your year to reverse! By the way, I reversed fibromyalgia and six other autoimmune conditions in myself in 2018, and am now a living example of what science is now capable of doing for us. Blessings to you and your healing! – Dorinda A

3> My rheumatologist says that it’s genetic and you carry the gene until it is triggered by some type of trauma. I had a severe back injury in 92 and was diagnosed in 97. I became a totally different person. Lots of medication and some have been taken off the market which leaves me in trouble I can no longer take ANY anti inflammatory and depend on Cymbalta and muscle relaxers. I use a lot of turmeric and I do better than some people I know but I have some really bad days which get more frequent as I age. My husband used it for nerve pain. It’s expensive but I’m about to buy me a vat of it and take a bath in it! – Patricia H

4> My fibromyalgia was caused by black toxic mold and Lyme disease. Mold everywhere. In the water you drink and the fall leaves. Maybe in your house. I have that gene that makes me allergic to mold. As my Mother did. Get a allergy test. At least it’s a place to start. – Sue L

5> Last year research and findings of hospital in Göteborg in Sweden with the University in Boston shows all of the fibromyalgia partcipants had inflammation in their brain. To me that explains the different symptoms depending on what area of the brain is inflamed. – Anna K

6> Fibro is either viral, neurological, or both. Viruses mutate and can move around your nervous system like downed power lines. Several body systems go awry due to hormonal and endocrine dysfunction. Fibro is often common with auto-immune diseases, compromised immunity, and lots of bacterial infections (like Lyme, strep, or pneumonia). Following the SHINE Protocol gets at the causes and treats them. I had Fibro for 10 years, and my doctor used this protocol to diagnose and treat mine. It took about a year of treatment, but I have been Fibro free for 8 years. I had several viruses, no thyroid or adrenal function, IBS, and head-to-toe yeast overgrowth. Once these were treated and slowly went away, my pain and fatigue lessened and eventually went away. – Ana C

7> To add to the comment every single person is different some have rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and generative disc disease pain on top of which intensifies the pain in the nervous system so when you over use those areas it causes those areas to intensify which intern would make you get all kinds of bloodwork x rays MRI s to pinpoint what it is that they need to treat to ease the pain from those sources first but to every totally rid of it completely no I believe it’s nearly impossible if you are one of those people that have those multiple diagnosis on top of us not having proper diets vitamins etc.

You have to ease what you can as symptoms arise . there is no cure as I know of to this date to fix this but let’s keep faith that there will be someday as the studies keep going and a cure actually arises for all these symptoms and diseases !

Me personally only God and the fountain of youth could do that and one I don’t believe in ! Trust in god when it’s time we will feel no pain no longer ! As humans we can only work together and learn ! – Billiejo V

8> I think by what I have read it has something to do with your brain resetting. So many different symptoms in so many people and it seems that some event, trauma sets it off. – Charmayne B

9> There are strong scientific views that it is due to dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) +/- central sensitisation. The ANS controls many of the bodily systems & it is made up of two branches 1/ the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) & the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & restore / digest). Most with Fibro, CFS etc. live disproportionately on the fight or flight side which is why, genetic / wiring, past traumas, triggers plus current stressors etc come up a lot (this imbalance can cause dysfunction in the ANS)….

The ANS controls involuntary actions in the body & therefore those with Fibro present with everything from pain to headaches to IBS to low BP & tachycardia to brain fog to fatigue & so on. If your central processing unit (CPU) is dysfunctional, you’ll have widespread, multi-system symptoms. Treat the root cause (ANS dysfunction), not the symptoms… ? – Matthew S

10> I was explained its caused from trauma from a PT in your life it triggers all your nerve sensors and flavors in not just one location it effects throughout your entire body then fibromyalgia chronic pain lupus etc. Sets in your body becomes in a constant fight with all your organs eventually causing your organs to shut down – B Vanhoy

11> According to the medical medium Anthony Williams its caused by the EBV virus. Avoid grains, egss, corn, soy, gluten, dairy and symptoms will improve. Eat plant based foods. My symptoms improved when I did this – Claire L

12> I was told in a pain clinic it was the brain working too hard and sending the Wrong pain signals . Also a lack of serotonin the feel good hormone and over active substance – Marion E

13> I have my own theory. I am beginning to think it is the foods we eat are slowly poisoning us. The way food is produced nowadays compared to in the past has changed radically. Our animals are kept in pens or factories fed grains instead of pasture also pumped with anti biotic too! Cro po s are sprayed we are what we eat!! I love a steak I love cheese…in fact I love good food. Processed sugar is also another enemy! As is artificial sweeteners! I watched a netflix program last night ” the magic pill” worth watching!!I am going to start to try eat differently to see if it helps – Elaine H

14> Fibro may be triggered by a trauma the same as other things like RA and OA. A trauma might be pregnancy or glandular fever, and as some say, breast implants. Prolonged periods of stress. Symptoms do vary even in one person. – Sandie B

15> Pain changes the brain, the body physically. It’s like a shock and trauma. Mild stroke (trauma) brought on fibromyalgia. Added stress (trauma) brings on flare-ups. Any over exertion (trauma) increases pain. How do you avoid trauma? – Monica E – Kylie P

16>My guess would be because it is an auto immune disorder. So much like things like MS, affecting many different things for many different people at many different levels. – Danielle C

17> Fibromyalgia is chronic and is due to many factors and it’s a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals and Symptoms sometimes begin after a physical trauma, surgery, infection or significant or psychological stress.

In other cases, symptoms gradually accumulate over time with no single triggering event I suffered years with doctors and investigations and lengthy list of tests and was blessed when I finally knew that I am not hallucinating bec most of doctors sent me home in disbelief when they said ( all tests came ok ) so why do I have the pain why do I feel like a rag ? Why do I have multiple complaints !?

Etc etc so I still can’t really get it but at least we have an explanation that it’s a disorder that we have to Live with and change our habits and routine to make the day pass maybe with remaining active and go around the threshold of pain by using pain killers like CBD oil hempseed turmeric for inflammation and yoga and medication and staying away from stress etc that what helped because all meds gave me hell and aide effects of drugs made me a regular at ICU’s around the years so I ditched all that and am using medical Cannabies and trying all methods and natural remedies and believe me when I say it’s more psychosomatic than anything else when u t stressed and tensed u get worse pain threshold and the attacks stays for lonnnng time ! – Marwa E

18> It is systemic, even though there are some theories floating around I don’t think doctors even understand why it presents in so many different ways. Hopefully they will have some better answers and more importantly better treatments in the near future. Nothing really works for me other than muscle relaxers. I manage some of the symptoms with diet but the one area that has not improved in the 10+ years since I have had it is fatigue. I would love to feel rested after a nights sleep. – Lisza B

19> I think personally, any kind of nerve stimulation, our brain registers as pain. Like our brain can’t figure out the difference between the wind blowing the hair on our arms and a Fork being raked against that arm, for example. – Michelle I

20> Were all made different, and each one of us has been through different traumas and upsets and problems in our lives and fibro goes in and hits your vulnerable pieces and in many cases ALL our vulnerable bits. 

Because they haven’t found what the cause is. Without knowing what the actual cause is, they can’t fully identify how you should feel…. and once you hit the 10 necessary markers for fibro (or however many you need to be diagnosed), anything else explained or unexplained is grouped under fibro which brings us with so many random symptoms of fibromyalgia.

So for an example: a broken arm has very obvious signs and symptoms, and can be confirmed with an x-ray. Anything not related to the broken bone is something else. Let’s say you broke your right arm, and your left shoulder hurts. Well, we know your left shoulder hurts because the left arm is picking up all the slack of the broken right arm. While slightly related they’re two totally different things.

Anyhow, I think this is why fibro has so many symptoms. They can’t differentiate between what is fibro and what is a slightly unrelated matter, without knowing the cause.

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