How Common is Clavicle or Shoulder Pain in Fibromyalgia?

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The victims of fibromyalgia often undergo pain in shoulders, upper arms or clavicle. This pain is like the usual symptoms of fibromyalgia. Clavicle is the collar bone that runs between the shoulder blade and breast bone. Some people experience this pain when they are tired or when they do repetitive motions, while others are the victims of continuous pain.

The shoulder consists of upper arm bone, the shoulder blade and the collar bone. Pain in the shoulder is mainly due to inflammation, or nerve damage. Any infection or fracture may be the cause of this shoulder pain. Pain may be due to sudden injury or the injury may develop over time. Everyone has its own description of pain and this pain varies from person to person.

Some people are not able to describe this pain. Some people describe it as a twisting muscular sensation that cuts down to the bone.  For some people pain stays at one place, while for others the pain travels down across the chest. The pain is likely to be connected to trigger points when you feel that it is radiating and moving. These trigger points may remain dormant or can become active due to some injury or accident.

Fibromyalgia and collarbone pain is seen more in women as compare to men. And the reason is still not known. These symptoms are seen more in women who are in their post menopausal stage. This is not the final verdict, these conditions may be present in men but left undiagnosed.

Recent research shows that fibromyalgia may be due to reduction in blood flow to various parts of the body. If someone in undergoing extreme shoulder pain that don’t assume that it is only due to fibromyalgia. Some people left this pain unchecked because they believe that it is due to fibromyalgia, but the truth is that the pain in this region may occur due to other reasons too.

Trigger points are not the only cause of shoulder pain in fibromyalgia, instead any recent accident or illness in any part of the body may be the cause of this shoulder pain. Any trauma to the neck or any part of the body around the neck may cause pain that extends to the clavicle.

Proper posture is very important. Improper posture for a long time can start this pain or it can also exaggerate this pain, if it is already present. People using excessive computers, cell phones, desk works, lean forward more than normal routine. This may exaggerate their pain.


  • >A good neck support should be used. Apply heat and ice on the back of the neck and also wrap around the clavicle. Take some ice and wrap it in a towel and apply it for 20 minutes and then apply heat for 20 minutes. During this, lie on a flat bed with no pillow and stretch your neck.
  • >Stop using internet,mobile,computer some hours before sleep that will increase your melatonin production. Improve your overall physical condition that will have direct impact on the severity of your pain and overall symptoms.
  • >If you sleep on the side, then it can constrict your clavicle on that side. If you are habitual in sleeping like this then at least try to switch positions.

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