Synthetic Marijuana Approved By DEA for Medicine While the Real Thing Remains Ilegal

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What is synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic cannabinoids are frequently marketed as designer drugs and they are often sold with drugs that claim to have the benefits of  cannabis. It has the natural powers of cannabis. These powers are amplified through various lab processes. It has greater benefits than organic marijuana but it affects health too. It is cheap and affordable. Synthetic marijuana often has adverse effects due to its overpowered potency and an indiscriminate blend of chemicals.

News Summary 

The DEA announced few weeks ago in the Federal Register by the DEA synthetic marijuana has been produced and they have declared this product medically more valuable and safer than real cannabis. The drug Syndros is a liquid form of synthetic THC and now it can be legally prescribed by the doctors.

As the FDA has approved this drug, it will be hitting the market soon. Insys Therapeutics is an Arizona based pharmaceutical company and it is the manufacturer of Syndros. Organic marijuana continues to be listed right alongside heroin among Schedule 1 controlled substances. This category is reserved for the drugs that have high potential for abuse and they are not currently accepted for medical use. Some drugs that have proved their medical value still stuck in this category but now things are changing too.


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The Insys therapeutics has been accused of using illegal marketing practices to sell Subsys. Subsys is approved but the doctors for the treatment of cancer pain. It is the spray form of extremely potent synthetic opioid fentynal. The matter reached to extent that John Kapoor, company’s billionaire founder was arrested. Insys and its formal leaders are also facing several lawsuits from states and individuals.

They are accused of illegally triggering American’s opioid crisis. Kapoor has denied all of his wrong doings. New Insys’s president that the launch of syndros is an important milestone for the company; it is federally regulated prescription drug. In fact other forms of Dronabinol will remain illegal.

Syndros is strikingly similar to Marinol. Marinol is another synthetic drug that was approved by FDA to treat nausea as a result of cancer. The main psychoactive component in marijuana is THC and in causes the person to increase its appetite and feels high. But the question is if THC has a lot medicinal value then there is a need to make synthetic version of it? And the answer is maybe we can’t patent cannabis and capitalize on it.

In March syndros was granted preliminary schedule 2 statuses and is was listed along with Oxycontin, Percocet, cocaine and other drugs that were considered to hold some medicinal importance but they have high potential for abuse. It was argued for a long time that classification of substances as conducted by DEA was based on least understanding of chemistry and proper facts.

But now synthetic THC has been rescheduled but the plant still remains illegal is the final nail in the coffin. This announcement was made by by the DEA the day before Thanksgiving, slipping past the radar of the regular news cycle. Syndros is also known as Dronabinol. To avoid any confusion between this ‘new’ medicine and organic THC, the DEA quickly shot down any notion of wider rescheduling in its announcement.

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  • The DEA approves synthetic marijuana as medicine while the real thing remains illegal via Herb

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