What Things People with Fibromyalgia Need to have in home

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We asked a question from our community “Living with fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” that What stuff/things people with fibromyalgia need to have in home. Members have shared their personnel experiences and give their own recommendation of the things that should be everyone house who is suffering from this debilitating illness. A lot of answer enlisted but what i think is having a caring friend or spouse is foremost thing that ones will have…

Here are the few answers of the members

1. Honey: Well! I am using honey in warm water and if i have some lemon juice. I usually take it when i get up. i feel good. I feel in security when i have honey at home. it calms me. purify me it helps to pee better and frequently makes like a detox. I used many kinds of honey. Mostly Caroubien honey. I created also my own preparation of honey with other herbs and seeds. As i have noise allergy also,it helps me too much. Also it is in the Coran,that it is so good with many benefits. That’s why. I have it all the time at my home.  Nabila Hunny

2. A Free maid by Dan Leigh , Alexis Ana Lagombra Stevens, Roxanne Patterson, Michelle Frederick Ishler

3. Epsom salts,ice pack,heating pad, motrin! and take-out!!  Judith Crowley , Phyllis Ollar Goodwin

4 . A zip up bathrobe for the days you’re freezing. a fan for the days you’re sweating. sunglasses for when the light is sharp (those who also get migraines know what I mean). an electric kettle for when you can’t manage more than cup of soup, but might not remember that you’re heating water. an ice maker, because sometimes all that will go down is something cold. gel packs in the freezer. a heating pad. anti-inflammatory of choice. Tiger balm to ease cramps and achy joints.

Crafter’s gloves for when it hurts to even look at your hands. super soft foam earplugs and a Bucky 40 blinks mask for when you HAVE to sleep or you’re going to cry, but every noise in the neighborhood is painful and the light is unbearable. Reading glasses for when a flare makes it hard to read labels, etc. Chlorella to deodorize the farts that go with IBS. med cases to keep your meds straight, and to be able to tell at a glance whether you’ve taken them or not. Cellphone alarms for Everything from when to take your meds to routine things you forget to do. a bottle of water near your med cases so you don’t have to get up to get something to drink and risk forgetting to take them. and something to look at that makes you happy when you see it. — Faith Nelson

5. Theracane, warm fuzzy socks, heating pad, and meds of course —  Aisha AC

6.  Heating pads. Or electric blanket.. My heating pad is attractive for my body.. A hand sprayer in the shower. Jets on the run of possible.. Hand rails.. A cane near your bed.. Vibrating back massager .. Vitamin D. Vitamin B12. Magnesium. Comfy chair.. Pillows. Lots of pillows.. And most of all a great support system! — Amanda Zamora

7.  Netflix, a big tub, pain patches and Epsom salt. They are life savers — Sharon Diaz 

8.  Some non perishable food, or frozen meals. I know that some food they’re not good for you but sometimes you have to take medication or you are too sick to get out of bed so I actually keep granola bars and protein bars by my bedJen Johnson

9.  A nanny, a maid and a butler!!!! An allergist and about 10 specialists along with a chiropractor and massage therapist! That might help! — Kelli Sinclair

10.  Heating pad ,essential oils, coke lots , cake lots , Netflix, comfy pillows, my husband 24-7 — Alexis Ana Lagombra Stevens


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11.  My slow cooker so u can just fill and leave to cool and feed the family. My automatic bed so I can position better to suit each flare cool light sleep wear as I’m always sweating and the most important of all the support love and attention of my wonderful family and best friend without them my life would end. — Susan Richards

12.  OTC vitamins, pain meds when needed, occasionally a shower chair, get hot very easily so I have to us a cooling towel when I go out, I need fan running year round on high along with A/C as low as family can handle (spring, summer, fall), have to dress in light, comfortable clothes year round (nothing tight fitting), if I get cold I have to put socks on to warm up. If joints start hurting all the time and I can not hardly move them, then I have to get steroid shots to get rid of the pain (mainly left shoulder, left elbow, left ankle…why?) — Debra Corley Caldwell

13.  Personally.. I m looking forward 2 hot water & a bath tub. Yall please pray 4 that 2 come true 4 me ! Also a better way 2 communicate beside this flip phone. God bless us all please ! — Robin Fackler

14. I always have at least three ice packs, for migraines and when my neck or feet are in a lot of pain. Heating pad for deep knee or bone pain. Eases it a bit. Loose clothes , clothes feel heavy and hurt, loose and breathable clothes help. a lot. Gloves all year long for when hands get so ungodly cold and painful. Fan for the hot flashes that last for hours and my extremely strong pain meds for the days I hurt so bad I want to bash my head into a brick wall. — Shannon Homic-Marx 

15.  Understanding and compassion from those they live with. — Rebeckah Faith

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16.  I would love no stairs.I spend most of my life up stairs because the loo is up stairs and there is a lot of pain going up and down — Rosie Farr

17. A cleaner to help around house . Chill pillow for migraines heat pack for when cold nice warm blanket and soft pillows a cup of hot chocolate pain killers and nice cosy bed. — Haley Edwards 

18.  Two Boston Terriors to get you up and moving and to keep your muscles warm at night and a good mattress with about 5 pillows like Amanda said…Healthy food and a warm fire. As little crap as possible in the system such as codeine etc. I have RA as well so just use Tylenol arthritis. And a loving and considerate man to do the heavy stuff and I am good to go…. –– Kathleen McLeod

19.  I need someone that understand how bad i feel and wants to take care of me. My dog for companionship when i am home alone. My phone in case my anxiety flairs up and i need to call someone. Worm blankets for the cold winter days. Food that is easy to cook and lots of sleep — Mary Roberts

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20.  A cane for the hard days to walk,cool fan on you,flashlight if you’re alone,program your phone to 911,and some food.good luck my friend — Shelia Ownby

21.  “Professional iconic soft bonnet dryer” This is something that I love. I can sit on my bed and do my makeup while also drying my hair. Saves time and energy… Less wear and tear on my shoulder drying my hair. — Alexis Williamson O’Farrell

23. Heating pad — Robyn Cullen Lavallee 

23. TR Williams Writes Heat pad, cold packs, aches. Soft blanket, temperature roller coaster. Arnica lotion and CBD oil, pain. Magnesium Oil

24. Donna Wrubleski Gerstlauer says My husband to help me and to give me an Aromatouch Technique massage. ( crucial for pain relief) dõTERRA Essential oils for my pain and inflammation, my brain fog, sleep, digestive support, bladder support, sleep appnea support, restless leg support and emotional support.

  • A cozy comfortable sofa and blanket to rest my body.
  • A heating pad and fireplace to keep me warm. 
  • The TV remote so I can watch movies .
  • My cell phone and charger so I can socialize and connect with others

25. Kathy Hensley says O24, for really bad pain days

  • Massagers of all shapes and sizes, for pain,
  • Mission brand cooling towels, for hot flashes
  • A whirlpool, best thing for pain
  • Medication for pain
  • Down comforters for warmth
  • Heating pads, all types and sizes, for localized pain
  • And adjustable bed or lots of pillows, for a semblance of comfort
  • Peanut butter, and any other protein that can be kept in your bed, for when you can’t get out of it
  • Water, to keep you hydrated and to take your meds
  • Coloring books and markers, to relax you
  • Word searches, games, books, etc. to keep your mind engaged 
  • A cooler to keep fresh food nearby, so you don’t have to get out of bed so often
  • A full spectrum light, because you don’t get outside often enough
  • Skin lotions, because it’s always dry
  • Computer, phone, television, etc., to keep you sane
  • Heated mattress cover/blanket, because you’re usually cold
  • Mittens, gloves, socks to stay warm in bed
  • Crocs for when you can actually get out of bed, they weigh nothing
  • Several TENS units, to interrupt pain signals
  • Lineament, sprays, ointments, any pain relief you can find, hopefully for pain relief
  • Car package is water, heated blanket, down ski suit, leg warmers, gloves, mittens, boots, muff, food, first aid kit, matches, empty coffee can, flashlight, meds, cell phone, warm blankets, heavy socks, one time use warmers for hands and feet. Keep in car at all times. Replenish as necessary 
  • If you can afford it, maid, chef, masseuse and chauffeur would help enormously. An in home hot tub would help, but isn’t possible for most of us.


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