Things People with Chronic pain wish their doctors knew

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We asked from our community “Living with fibromyalgia and Chronic illness” a question Comment things you wish that your doctor knows. More than 100 people participated in the thread and share their thoughts with us.

This is what community shares with us:

1.What it really feels like to live with high levels of chronic pain. No I’m not drug seeking. I don’t have an addiction issue;I have an uncontrolled pain issue. I would prefer to never take another pill quite frankly. And I surely wish I didn’t have to.

2.With fibromyalgia, cfs & a dozen of other chronic illnesses can cause even more pain. Not everyone is after something to get high, not everyone is a hypochondriac. Be knowledgeable of alternative sources of healing natural medicine.

3. That my fatigue isn’t just me being tired. That I don’t tell them exactly how bad the pain is because I don’t think they’ll believe me.

4. I am not depressed and I don’t like being made to feel like a hysterical woman that needs antidepressants. When I refused anymore antidepressants and you basically blew me off and said I needed counseling I was really offended. I tried explaining that if I am depressed it is because I am in pain and you aren’t hearing me.

5. How to be empathetic. How to use natural non-toxic medicines, procedures, protocols, & CURES. To admit what has harmed me and countless others is exposures to chemicals, vaccines. toxin-filled medications, heavy metals, fluoride, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, combined with preventable repeated traumas. That I did nothing wrong that caused my health to be so poor. And that I and everyone else have value and a life and love that matter.

6. Wish he knew what it feels like to be so blindly dismissed so many times by some one your seeking medical advice from, what it’s like to not sleep, and be in pain and have your Dr, tell you to sleep and excersice more, to know what it’s like to avoid seeing him because he just chalk it up to another symptom, for him to know what it’s like to work out as much as your body will let you but you still cant lose weight because the damn meds your on cause weight gain, to know what it feels like to not have your Dr listen to you

7. My everything hurts. The medicines just do not work. I itch, I have smell invisible smells, I have terrible tummy problems that medicines do not help with, and my memory only works part of the time. Maybe king f they had a machine that could replicate what Fibo feels like and make doctor fully understand what goes on in the body. Or something.

8. I hate having to tell doctors personal information. I know that childhood trauma contributed but I also feel like that information becomes a rift between my doctor and myself. I’m here now dealing with the present but the past is part of that. He wants me to go to therapy. I’ve been to therapy on and off for over thirty years. I done enough to realize that the key lies within me just like the cause does. Mental health professionals are not always any more effective than a doctor who treats your health in that instant. Here’s your script. I would like to be able to discuss the articles and discoveries that I’ve made w someone who’s education might prove useful in shedding light on the subject but nope.

9. That I’m not a drug seeker…i barely take pain medicines when I have them but sometimes it is just so unbearable and I have other chronic pain issues that I just want to be treated like every other human being.

10. I wish I could tell him that sometimes I need to take an extra pill. I’m allowed 2 a day and don’t want to suffer. I get anxiety attacks when I’m running out!


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