5 Things to do everyday for fibromyalgia Pain Relief

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Things to do everyday for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

1. Take your medicines and supplements


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A lot of us suffering from fibromyalgia can’t do anything on some days whether we don’t have the energy to move, or whether the work we are trying to do cause a lot of pain, that breaks us physically and mentally.

These days we need to do things for our basic survival instead of facing days like these. But how’s that possible???

It means to do a lot of little things that help body to function properly. I have found out some things that I need to do everyday irrespective of my condition, whether good or bad, if I will not do these things I have to suffer for this by spending more days in bed.

The first 3 things we all shall do no matter what, everyday. Some people especially those with post-exertional malaise, will have to guage whether they can handle the last two without making themselves feel worse.

On some days I skipped them because is just couldn’t face doing anything and afterwards I regretted it badly. My treatment plan has been set up for so long that I can tell when something is off, such as neurotransmitter levels, by what symptoms grow more pronounced.

Many medicines which were not prescribed have to be maintained at certain levels to remain effective. If you are taking them irregularly then you will not get full benefit. During the flare is the absolute worst time to make your medicines less effective. Make sure you are not skipping your medicines whether keep them at your bed side or ask someone to give you your medicines regularly; this will help you most on your worst days.

2. Laugh


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Laughter is good medicine and it is beneficial in these conditions. (Again with post-exertional malaise need to be aware of the energy that it can take)

Your worst days are not probably the right time to re-watch the funniest movies you have watched before. You don’t want to overdo it. It is better to find a web comic that usually makes you happy or watch something that gives you chuckle here and there. You are just looking for a little boost not gut-clenching laugh riot.

Laughter not only changes your brain chemistry but it also lifts up your mood. It actually has affects similar to exercise with less exertion.

3. Eat something healthy


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If you are like me cooking is the worst option, even on good days and on bad days it feels like hell even lifting the food to your mouth? It’s a great way to go if you have someone that can bring healthy food for you. If you are alone and no one is there for you can have nutrient pack drinks like Ensure on hand. At least put things in your body that fuel important processes.

Most of us can’t eat a perfect diet every day; it requires a lot of work. Keep healthy foods by your side all the time, and give yourself a better chance of eating something that is good for you and have them daily.

It’s a good time to stay prepared ahead of time for symptoms flares, and spend some time on your better days, thinking to overcome the challenges of healthy eating.

4. Get rest, real serious rest.


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This is by far the most important thing. On your active days your body will automatically tell you when it will have enough days, and on your worse days, you will feel like all the time resting in bed.

However things like watching TV, scrolling down the face book, reading needs effort too. Make sure you take time to turn off the electronics, close your eyes, and really rest. If you end up asleep, that’s even better.

Make your resting time worth by listening to the music, which research shows that it is really benefit for us.

Mindfulness or meditation may also be the best ways to maximize the benefits of resting time.

5. Stretching 


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Now we are coming to the last two items where you need to make your own judgment. So before you think”how dare she recommend exercise to someone this sick?”  And please understand I am only asking for few seconds of your day, even if can tolerate.

Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary, but our illness makes our movements painful and enemy. One or two simple yoga poses are enough to keep your body from tensing up and making you feel worse, this can help you immensely. Even a good yawning stretch can help. There is fair amount of researching that yoga is actually helpful.

The posses below do not need much effort than sitting up or rolling over. When you are having a better day its best to start these, it is easy to do on or two that will likely to do the most good on your worst day.

Here are some basic posses to get started.

>>Supine Spinal Twist

>>Happy Baby Pose

>>Reclined Big Toe Pose

>>Child’s pose

>>Eye of the Needle pose

>>Corpse pose

Follow the instructions before exercising, start slowly, do minimum for a while then increase your time slowly and carefully. Don’t try to follow the models, just do your best and simplify your acts for current fitness.

-Dr. M Rana, MD FUMDC.

For reference: 5 Things to Do Every Day for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome By Adrienne Dellwo via VeryWell


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