Five products you’ll swear by this allergy season

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Unrelenting runny noses, Body-rocking sneezes, the itchiest eyeballs, ever. Allergy season comes with annoying side effects that affect a ton of us. According to the CDC, some 19.1 million American adults are diagnosed with nasal allergies, also known as hay fever, annually. That calls for a lot of Kleenex.

To buffer the pollen burden, we’re rounding up the best allergy-control products you can buy on Amazon right now. Because saying, “Bless you” sixteen times a day gets old really fast. There are many types of allergy relief products on the market. Some are remarkable for how effective they can be in bringing relief to allergy sufferers.

Some excel at reducing the amount of cash in your pocket much not much else. If you want the largest amount of improvement in your allergy symptoms then focus on these top performing allergy relief products.


Avoidance is always the best treatment for allergies regardless of which allergens are the triggers. Interestingly enough, the most effective, least expensive, and simplest options are not always followed. Many people choose medications or vaccinations instead, despite their drawbacks.

Fortunately, there are lots of simple methods, both old and new, to help with avoidance. Remember, putting into practice any of these measures can only be helpful in managing your allergies.

Dust Mite Proof Bedding

Doctors may disagree on many allergy relief products. The one thing in which they all agree is that zippered dust mite proof bedding covers are your first line of defense if you have dust mite allergies. The zippered covers provide a barrier between you and the millions of allergy-causing particles in your mattress and pillow. They are made with special microwave fabrics or fabrics coated with special backing to prevent exposure to dust mite allergens.

Focusing on the basics of a routine

When patients get started with the process of “allergy-proofing” their homes, one of two things usually happens. They either do nothing or “overdo it.” Some patients become so overwhelmed with all the different methods of allergy-proofing that they simply do nothing. That’s always a disappointing outcome, especially when the process is so straightforward and inexpensive. Just focusing on the basics of a routine and thorough cleaning and temperature and humidity reduction can lead to fewer symptoms and a vastly improved quality of life.


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Steam Inhaler

Try 10 minutes of vapor therapy to soothe your wheezing symptoms. This personal steam inhaler from Vicks is like a cozy blanket for your respiratory system, relieving coughs, dry throats, and chest congestion. Pro tip: pop a scented menthol pad in the machine for an extra calming steam session.

Start with the easy things first.

The allergy-proofing process becomes all consuming and inordinately expensive. Overpriced and often inefficient whole-house filtration devices are installed when simple cleaning and reduction of humidity and temperature would have been adequate. Clearly, there are situations in which extreme measures need to be undertaken. Before going down this path, however, it’s best to consult with your doctor. Start with the easy things first.

Laundry care

Alkaline Laboratories (Allersearch Allergen Wash) and Allerpet (De-Mite Laundry Additive) both make products to eliminate allergens from your bedding. If you use one of these special detergents or laundry additives, you can safely wash in cold or warm water. It is still important that bed linens be washed weekly so that allergens do not build.

Soap & Hot Water

New synthetic bedding materials are available that are equivalent to down for warmth but can withstand washing more easily because the fibers don’t clump. The ideal water temperature for washing is at least 130 degrees F to completely kill the dust mites found throughout the bedding. Emphasis is placed on the bedroom since people spend at least one third of a 24 hour day there. It is also the room with the greatest number of dust mites.

Nasal spray

This non-addictive nasal spray known as Flonase is now sold over the counter and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? The fast-acting formula provides 24-hour relief from nose- and eye-related allergy symptoms without leaving you sleepy. Spray it, inhale it, easier to use and repeat.

Allerpet Coat Conditioner

If you are allergic to furry animals, it is not the fur or skin that causes the problem. The allergen is a protein found in the saliva and urine of the animal. Each time the animals grooms or empties its bladder, bits of this protein adhere to the fur and skin where it dries up.

Once dry, the protein will flake off and become airborne so it is easily inhaled. Washing the animal will temporarily remove the protein, but as soon as the animal licks or urinates, the protein will be back. The Allerpet Solution coat conditioners gently and safely remove the problem-causing protein and have a residual denaturing affect as well. Regular use of the product will reduce the animal allergen in your home.


If the carpet can’t be replaced by a solid surface such as linoleum or hardwood, then it must be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. Also remember to vacuum upholstered furniture, draperies, and other fabric items that cannot be washed, removed, or replaced. The trouble with vacuuming is that the allergenic dust mite and mold particles become airborne during the process. Dust mite particles can remain airborne for about 15 minutes and be redistributed throughout the home environment. Allergic persons clearly should not be doing the vacuuming and should also stay out of the area until the dust particles resettle.

Walgreens Neti Pot Soft Tip

Many of these products are great for preventing allergy attacks. But what if you already have one? That’s where a neti pot comes in. These little teapots, usually filled with a saline or salt water solution, help flush out nasal passages so you can breathe easy.

The FDA says that, if used correctly, they are safe and effective products to use. The biggest things to note from the FDA are that you should rinse with distilled or sterilized water (not tap), and follow the directions carefully. One ultra-affordable option out there is the Walgreens Neti Pot, which features a supersoft tip to protect your nose. Not too bad for 10 bucks.

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