Treating Hair Loss in CFS and Fibromyalgia

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Hair loss and Fibromyalgia

In CFS and fibromyalgia patients, as in any chronic illness, a very common cause of unusual hair loss is a condition called “Telogen Effluvium.” This is when the normal cycles of natural growing and falling out of the hair follicles become jolted out of their usual random phase due to illness. In this condition, a severe physical stress such as pneumonia or a CFS flare up – can produce unusual hair loss which doesn’t begin until 3-9 months later. This type of hair loss is reversible, although it can take 3-9 months.

Hair Loss in Women

Losing some hair every day is completely natural. It is a sign your body is growing new, healthy ones to replace the old. In fact, losing up to 100 hair per day is quite normal. You can also get an idea of what is normal for you by just paying attention to what you usually see in your brush or shower drain.

Hair loss in women is a slightly common condition that can lead to loads of emotional distress and uncomfortable conditions. It can also be a sign of some key underlying health condition and, therefore, should not be ignored. Autoimmune disorders, stress, protein deficiency are some of the reasons that can cause hair loss in women.

We think of hair loss as a common problem in men, but women also experience it. Fewer than forty-five percent of women go through their whole lives with a full head of hair. Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) increases with advancing age. Women who experience hair loss often experience psychological distress and impaired social functioning because of it. As FPHL tends to be a chronic, progressive condition, early diagnosis and treatment are critical.

If all of a sudden, you are noticing a lot more, or you are seeing more scalp or your ponytail is getting thinner, then you may be losing more hair than you should. Here are some of the most likely things that could be affecting it.

Excessive Styling

Too much shampooing, dyeing, and styling can damage your hairs. Chemicals and heat weaken the hair, causing it to break and fall out. Usually, it is a combination of treatments like coloring, keratin, and blow-drying that does the damage.

Skin Conditions of the Scalp

An unhealthy scalp can cause inflammation that makes it difficult for hair to grow. Skin conditions that lead to hair loss include psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff), and fungal infections like ringworm.

Protein deficiency

Having protein is vital for our bodies to make new hair cells. If you are not eating enough, your body will not have enough new hairs to replace the old ones when they shed.

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Women who have heavy periods or do not eat enough iron-rich foods can be prone to iron deficiency, where the blood does not have enough red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen to cells throughout your body, providing you the energy you need.

Autoimmune diseases

An autoimmune condition makes the body recognize its own hair follicles as foreign and it attacks them and makes the hair fall out.


Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks healthy tissues. The condition be likely to strike women during their childbearing years.

Medical Treatments & Home Remedies

There are various medical treatments available for curing hair loss. These contain numerous medicinal treatments, laser therapies, surgical treatments, etc.

Better Blood Circulation

Many people with bad circulation find that their scalp cells die, which means that hair will stop growing. Therefore, scalp massage is one of the best ways to create this beneficial blood flow.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has various enzymes that help in a healthy growth of hair. Either you can take one teaspoon of Aloe Vera on an empty stomach or you can directly apply the Aloe Vera gel/juice on your scalp.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Amla is used in countless hair tonics as it improves hair pigmentation and hair growth. It contains vitamin C, tannins, kaempferol, Gallic acid, antioxidants and flavonoids. All these nutrients help in enhancing the hair texture. Amla also contains Vitamin C, the lack of which in the body is one of the main reasons for hair loss.

Vitamins and Minerals

Biotin, a specific form of vitamin B, is quite important in the health and growth of the hair. This is why there should always be appropriate amounts of biotin present in your body.

Potassium-rich Foods

Foods like bananas are a good idea to eat while suffering from hair loss. Potassium is also a very powerful vasodilator and can seriously increase the circulation of blood at the scalp cells.

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