Actress Alyssa: Why low carbohydrate is the only diet that works for me to lose weight

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Actress Alyssa Milano said she has never experienced Hollywood-induced body-shaming. Not even after she gained fifty pounds with her first pregnancy, and then fifty-five pounds with her second.

Her approach toward the weight gain was, “‘it just is what it is.’ I just fed my body whatever I wanted.”

After the birth of her son named Milo, all the weight came off her five-foot-two-inch frame steadily but somewhat effortlessly. It was not the same after she had her daughter, Elizabella. “The first thirty pounds were alright. But the latter twenty were like dragging teeth. I had to stretch out for support, which in all conscience I would have never have done that earlier, but I needed it.” She turned to Atkins since a low-carb tactic had worked for her in the past, and allied with her favored method of eating. She has since turn into an ambassador for the brand, even writing a weight-loss blog on the website.

One of her major revelations after taking on Atkins will sound familiar to us weightwatchers: Alyssa, forty three, was surprised to see how many additional carbs she was ingestion due to concealed sugars or big portion sizes, even as she believed she was making sensible choices. The famous Dodgers supporter and social media wizard said those habits were healed nearly instantly by recording every bite into Atkins’ smartphone application.

How did you finally lose the baby weight?

It was a sluggish, transitional process. I was descending in that path but I was not doing Atkins since I was worried with, “Oh, I had need to eat a lot of red meat for the protein.” And I do not eat red meat. But I found out that you can have lean meats like turkey and chicken and fish, which is what I was previously eating. And then it was an easy fit. I can do this constantly. This is just fantastically easy, I do not have time to consider about a meal plan. It is all there. And I like the point that I can be part of a community.

What is a typical day of eating for you like? And how do you manage food for yourself, and then for the kids?

For breakfast I normally have some sort of egg dish with chicken sausage or turkey bacon. Lunch is a vegetables and protein. They’ve an actually good cheesy broccoli recipe that I love. I could eat it day after day. That was a new revelation for me: Fat is not bad for you. You can have cream and cheese and really satisfying, tasty foods, and it is okay.

Dinner is usually a fish and some kind of vegetables. I also love any kind of Mexican dish, and I’ve found ways to make it a low-carb dish. Like, turkey ground beef tacos with lettuce cups instead of tortillas. Cauliflower and cheese in place of mac ‘n’ cheese.

How many net carbs do you eat on a daily basis?

Occasionally it will be around Forty grams, some days it goes down to twenty.

What do you do for exercise?

I exercise daily. I like trainings. I do Zumba and a new jazz class and Pilates. I have found out that you will do what makes you cheerful, and this makes me happy. I do not like working out with an instructor. We used to live in a very village mindset, when women would come together and help each other over things. We have grown so away from that but I think it is essential to lift each other up. That is also what I think endures constancy too. You’re a lot less expected to make poor health selections. Your community would be thwarted if they saw you fail.

“Charmed” Actress Alyssa Milano Credits 46-Pound Weight Loss to Low-Carb High-Fat Atkins Diet

Charmed artist Alyssa Milano and her talent-agent companion David Bugliari had their 2nd child, the daughter named Elizabella, back in 2014. Meanwhile the most recent Alyssa Milano pregnancy the forty-three year old fallen from one-hundred-seventy-two pounds to one-hundred-twenty-six pounds. Alyssa Milano’s weight loss is endorsed to the low-carbon high-fat Atkins diet.

When Alyssa had her baby she started eliminating sugar and carbs, and had some achievement, but the last twenty pounds were tougher to lose. She then did her research and observed that the Atkins diet was alike to what she was already doing; though, the Atkins method was just a bit easier to follow.

“I feel so much healthier than I did earlier, it is crazy,” described Milano, who is recognized for her character in the ABC sitcom who’s the Boss? Which aired from 1984 to 1992. “You know that sensation when you go on a diet where your stomach is snarling and you are moody and angry?

There is none of that with Atkins, as you are getting proteins and fats. And it is great!”

Milano’s forty-six-pound weight loss drove the actress to turn out to be the representative for Atkins’ “Happy Weight” crusade. Alyssa also writes a weight-loss blog on the Atkins website where the actress advises low-carb high-fat tips for Atkins dieters.

What Is Alyssa Milano’s Atkins Diet?

Dr. Robert C. Atkins 1st supported the Atkins diet in 1972, after releasing a record breaking book about the diet. The Atkins regime is a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein diet that is frequently suggested for weight loss. The Atkins diet permits a maximum of twenty grams to forty grams of celluloses per day, and contains an unhampered quantity of protein. Though, it also sanctions synthetic sweeteners, and caffeine. Fruit and veggies are also constrained to low sums, which can lead to kidney, liver, and colon problems. The kind of meat is not quantified. In other words, managed meats with nitrates and other fillers are allowed.

All over the years studies have endorsed the weight loss efficiency of low-carb regimes like the Atkins diet. Alike diets comprise the ketogenic diet, the Zone diet, and the Paleo diet. That being said, the Paleo diet comprises large numbers of vegetables and the meat should be organic and grass-fed. Studies have also established that the Atkins diet can develop triglyceride levels, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels, and blood sugar and insulin levels. Low-carb diets also control your lower blood pressure, appetite, and treat metabolic syndrome.

Foods avoided on the Atkins diet contains vegetable oils, sugar, trans fats, grains, legumes, high-carb veggies and potatoes, and fruits like bananas, carrots, apples, turnips, oranges, and pears. The diet contains meat, fatty fish, eggs, low-carb veggies like spinach and kale, and healthy fats like avocados, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. What does Milano regular menu comprises?

The Alyssa Milano diet plan contains 4 stages:

Stage 1: You start with less than twenty carbs every day for 2 weeks, and you eat high-fat, high-protein meals with low-carbon veggies like leafy greens. The method helps kick start weight loss.

Stage 2: Phase two will gradually add some nuts, fruit, and low-carbon veggies into the diet.

Stage 3: When you are close to your weight loss goal, it’s time to increase your carb consumption till your weight loss slows down.

Stage 4: Phase four is the preservation stage where you can eat lots of healthy carbs without gaining weight.

Some of Alyssa’s go-to Atkins ratified favorites in the summer contains the sun-dried tomato deviled eggs, raspberry lime fizz, and the lemony shrimp, chicken and vegetable kebabs.

Other favorites of Alyssa consists of kale zucchini noodles, chips, and salmon with a cucumber base. Though not a weight loss approach, Milano’s Instagram post would suggest she is a supporter for breastfeeding. Alyssa and husband David also have a son, Milo. Milano is also recognized for her TV characters in ABC sitcom Mistresses and Fox soap opera Melrose Place.

The Ingenious Tricks That Helped Alyssa Milano Lose weight

The social activist and actress swears by a few tried-and-true techniques (nothing of which tastes like “diet food”). Alyssa’s resume is as diverse as they come. Definitely, she played the lead in Charmed and Who’s The Boss?, but in the meantime, she has been fiddling in all types of areas, featuring in Project Runway All Stars, crafting a line of luxe paper towels for Viva, and even introducing her own hacking-meets-social-activism comic book sequence, Hacktivist.

But her real concealed superpower is her awareness of low-carb nutrients that does not suck. She has grown into an enthusiast of eliminating starches after getting on the Atkins diet in the recent past, when she struggled to lose the last twenty pounds of baby weight. The diet worked so well that she decided to stick with it, embracing it as a lifestyle, instead of a way to swiftly drop pounds. Here are some of her tried-and-true methods.


Taco nights are particularly popular at Alyssa’s house. “I love any kind of meal I can make for my kids,” she describes. While she puts out regular taco shells for the kids, she will use cabbage or lettuce to cover up hers.

The same goes for sandwiches. “I discover that it is just satisfying to cover any sort of sandwich in a good portion of sturdy lettuce, like butter or iceberg lettuce,” she states. “It provides it a fine crunch.”


Alyssa loves baking pizza, and if she is taking a slice, she will often make it with a cauliflower layer. To save time, she purchases the dough pre-made, but you may well try this recipe.

She will regularly go for a plain cheese piece, but she will splurge on one coating: ranch covering. “I love ranch covering on anything, truly,” she states.



The actress misses cereal or toast, preferring turkey bacon and scrambled eggs most mornings. The protein helps you feel fuller longer.


The Brooklyn inherent grew up in an Italian family, where her mom prepared “Sunday sauce” each weekend (Also known as tomato sauce). “I am really good at making pasta dishes, but unluckily, I cannot have them at the moment,” Alyssa says. But she has found some replacements, like using finely sliced zucchini in place of noodles in her lasagna.


Alyssa has an organic vegetable orchard in her backyard, which makes it easier for her to toss together a salad or throw together an improved alternative to potato chips when she is craving something salty. “I make spinach and kale chips that the children love,” Alyssa says. “I just drizzle them with pepper, salt, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, then cook them over low heat for fifteen minutes or so.”

You know you have got a crowd pleaser when even kids give it the seal of endorsement.

One more desired carb-free snack? Flavored almonds. “I truly love wasabi pepper almonds,” Milano says.


If Alyssa’s parents come to stay over the weekend and, certainly, just because it is so unquestionably good, the actress keeps a cluster of cheese on hand at all times, to toss together a hasty cheese platter. “There is nothing like a good cheese plate,” Alyssa says, who is a big admirer of aged gouda and bleu cheese. Here is one she piece together for us, which also contains cherries, grapes, strawberries, cured meat and pickles.

courtesy by Alyssa Milano


So many of the most crave worthy coatings on meals improve a ton of taste and calories. (Ahem, ranch, bacon, cheese dressing.) Alyssa adds lime juice or fresh lemon to “nearly in everything,” to give a dish a citrusy kick without turning it into a calorie-bomb.


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