Aspartame and Fibromyalgia disorder

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Fibromyalgia is a disorder that comprises of a density of symptoms that can contain but are not limited to joint and muscle pain joined with a fatigue that is just distressing.  It does not matter how much relaxation and sleep you acquire, the exhaustion plagues you constantly.

Up to four percent of the population is affected by FM and although maximum sufferers are female, there have been cases of men who have the ailment. As of now, there is no identified cause and additionally there is no solo cure that is operative on everybody. 

As a result, many individuals have turned to their intake as a way to try to catch some help. In all fact, there is very slight indication (scientifically speaking) that supports any sort of nutrition that treats with the situation efficiently and through the panel.  That said, all you have to do is check the internet and you will discover a plethora of dietary cures for the disorder.


In a large amount of persons, aspartame seem to play a main part in the indications of fibromyalgia.  Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener that is establish in many sodas and foodstuffs.  Aspartame motivates the opening of a pain receptor called the NMDA. 

This receptor is situated in the nervous system and it has to do with pain revolving from severe pain into long-lasting.  People who undergo from fibromyalgia normally already have an over active NMDA and therefore are more vulnerable to the sort of stimulation that aspartame causes the NMDA to have.

There was a study done and printed in 2006 where specialists initiate that patients who undergo from fibromyalgia do certainly have an enlarged movement of the NMDA receptors found in the skin.  This showed that there is a general rise of that similar kind of motion in the peripheral nerves. Aspartame may play an enormous role in the inspiration of those similar nerve pathways. 

For some people, cutting aspartame out of the intake entirely can have dramatic results in the pain levels. A different study done in 2001 had the similar results.  This study found that MSG as well as aspartame triggered people with fibromyalgia to have enlarged pain while the prevention of these two things had an outcome of reducing the pain by a huge degree.

Why doesn’t it Work?

Some persons may discover that alterations in their intake supports with the symptoms and some do not.  Specialists say that is because one of the earmarks of the illness is the variety of it. It is not a single precise disease but relatively a symptom complex.  Just as different persons look to have different causes that they develop it, what works as a cure for one person regularly has no result on another individual.

Fibromyalgia and your intake

There are rheumatology specialists who consider that the unbelievable variety of the dietary methods that people yield in trying to cure their symptoms has slight to do with fibromyalgia itself and lots to do with handling a secondary ailment that may be undiagnosed.  They consider that when you take care of this second “mystery situation”, you not simply watch out the signs but you will just feel healthier in a common way. There are a quantity of health situations that co-exist. 

These have a trend to be established in people who undergo from fibromyalgia.  Many of these disorders have symptoms that intersects. Some of these are stuffs like intolerance to gluten (gout) and even RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome). 

There are several specialists who are of the view that the reason of fibromyalgia is a sensitivity to certain foodstuffs. They say that because these subordinate circumstances respond to different sort of foods and prevention of opposing foods, it is easy to see why patients report several dietary limitations having a good influence or none at all. These same doctors feel that fibromyalgia is even often the inappropriate judgment. 

They say that is a contributing reason to the irregularity in the consequences of cure in a nutritional manner. They say that if you pay consideration to which foods cause a major reaction in a patient, it can be used as a trajectory of breadcrumbs in detecting the true basis of the patient’s situation and many times it is NOT fibromyalgia. While there are no set nutritional rules that will help every single fibromyalgia patients, there are food groups or even specific foods or components that do seem to make a important difference in the symptoms of many individuals.

That said, recall what you read above: not all nutritional changes will help every single being. At this point however, it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Products with aspartame

Whenever a product is labeled “sugar-free,” that usually means it has an artificial sweetener in place of sugar. While not all sugar-free products contain aspartame, it’s still one of the most popular sweeteners. It’s widely available in a number of packaged goods. Some examples of aspartame-containing products include:

Using other sweeteners can help you limit your aspartame intake. However, if you want to avoid aspartame altogether, you’ll also need to make sure to look out for it in packaged goods. Aspartame is most often labeled as containing phenylalanine.


Natural alternatives to aspartame

The controversy over aspartame continues. Available evidence doesn’t suggest long-term negative effects, but research is ongoing. Before you switch back to sugar (which is high in calories and has no nutritional value), you can consider natural alternatives to aspartame. You may try sweetening foods and beverages with:

  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Agave nectar
  • Fruit juice
  • Blackstrap molasses

While such products are indeed more “natural” compared to artificial versions like aspartame, you should still consume these alternatives in limited quantities. Like sugar, natural alternatives to aspartame can contain a lot of calories with little to no nutritional value.


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