The 10 Astonishing things I learned about Fibromyalgia

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10 Things that astonished me About Fibromyalgia, It’s not all bad.

Here is the list of the 10 things that astonished me because they were considered to be rare symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  A couple of good things are mixed in as well, nothing could be ALL bad. So here we go, here is my list of the 10 things that surprised me because they either weren’t in the literature of the time, or they were considered to be rare symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  A couple of good things are mixed in as well, nothing could be ALL bad.

The Itch

In all of the collected works that I read on Fibromyalgia, they revealed the chance of being itchy but that it was a minor indication and not everybody has it. These are fabrications. On occasion the itching is so bad that I literally cut myself with my nails from biting. It does not matter how much cream I use or any of the other itching medications that everybody mentions, the itch is persistent. There is not a phase when some part or other is not itching. I have learned to be restrained with just how much I scratch.

People I am amazed all the time by the bad behavior of people and then I am pleasurably amazed at the humanity of others. The number of times that I have been walking to the door and instead of perhaps assisting me out by holding it for me the individual just lets it go even though they have seen me approaching. On the other hand, there are magnificent persons who not only see me approaching that then grasp the door for me or offer to support me in some way but say something to give me a laugh or to make me smirk.


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I did not know that it was imaginable to be so drained, that even when you woke up in the morning you would be tired just going to the restroom. I didn’t know that trying to do my cleaning or even getting dressed would exhaust me so gravely that my legs would literally give out. How is it that you can be so exhausted that even inhalation feels like a hard work? 

Then when it’s time to sleep, you can’t, you might be capable to sleep for 45 minutes or so but then you have to get up move about because the agony is so bad.  Ruined nights add severely to the weakness, but even on rare incidents when I do sleep over the night, I get up drained.  I would never have thought that taking a bath could turn into a main task and that I would be so exhausted later that it could take up to two hours for me to be able to develop and function.

Fibro Fog

Even though the things that I read warned me about fibro fog, it is not really logical until you’re going through it; that you would overlook what you were talking about in the mid of a sentence, that you would fail to recall the name of your husband or child, that words that should come simply to you, don’t, and that mumbling would become a way of life as you fight to find the words.


It will give you the opening to look back on those very hard times when sadness and nervousness had you so depressed that you truly assumed it would be better if you weren’t here. It will make you recall the reasons that it’s better that you are here.

Trading off 

It has develop a game of trade-off; if I do this now how minute am I going to get through tomorrow. Should I do the brushing and tomorrow the one thing I might be capable to do is shower, or should I leave the brushing for now and positively be capable to put a meal on the table and play with the puppies and who knows maybe just perhaps I might be capable to do a load of washing as well. See what I mean, the trade-off each day; what can I do today that won’t injure me for tomorrow. It is a continuous balancing act.


This one I predict I would have anticipated, that one by one the friends would all go away; when I would have to call off on them at the eleventh-hour or just flat-out say no. It appears so hilarious to me I have friends all over the globe online that I communicate to at least a couple of times a week but that those that were nearby to me are no more there. I have made some very durable friendships online but all of my friends that live nearby I never see any more.

The Guilt

Nobody realizes just how uncomfortable you feel not being capable to do the things that you used to. For example, it has develop normal for my house to be a mess, my bad days far outweigh my good days. I know that my floor needs to be washed but if I do that then I am literally going to be laid up for two or three days to recover from it.

Wrapping it up

If there was one thing that I could say to people who do not suffer from a long-lasting illness; it would be to tell them that this ailment is real. We are not faking, we are not being lethargic, we are not just trying to get out of work, and we have real and in some cases terrible, horrible pain.  You would be surprised how many people consider and say that to our faces.  

Body Temp

Evaluation on Fibromyalgia, I learned that I was going to have complications with my body temp; since I was previously going through menopause this was not respectable news. I had at present gone through the night sweats and the hot sparks were still making me miserable, but then alongside comes Fibromyalgia and as it developed the temperature blows became worse.

When I was cold, I was icing and when I was hot it was tough to take breaths. I would be literally soaked from the ends of my hair during the hot flickers triggered by Fibromyalgia; and 3 or 4 over-blankets plus a couple of jerseys could not get me warm, because being cold was also triggered by Fibromyalgia. I am commonly past the hot flashes now I only get them now and then. For me, it is regularly the cold that proceeds and that I have to deal with, but every now and then I’ll be lying in bed and the heater goes on and it’s not a night sweat and it’s not a hot flash, it feels completely different, the heat is at times awful nearly like you are in one of those places with super high moisture and warmth.  

Online Friends

I think one of the main shocks for me was just how many individuals with prolonged illness I would encounter online. How meeting them made me feel not relatively so unhelpful. Speaking to others and find out how they spent their days, the settlements that they made; assisted me to figure out my own system for getting things done. I have spoken to so many that are much worse off than I am and yet our feelings are still extraordinary and each and every one of us still hopes that in the end, the medical establishment will eventually find a way to help and maybe even cure us. Ref  


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