What to Wear When your Clothes Causes Pain

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Comfy styling is going to differ considerably from one person to another depending on personal taste, body shape and which parts of your body are most sensitive. The most sensitive part of my body is my neck.   I can’t stand anything touching or even coming close to my neck.  Turtlenecks, crew necks and even Necklaces are out of the question.   That drastically limits the number of tops, dresses, clothes I can even consider. Few people with fibromyalgia have very sensitive waist. That makes finding comfortable clothes like pants or skirts a challenge.

For pants check out the maternity department, back when my friend was pregnant, all she had were those pants with the big ugly knit piece inset in the front, but nowadays most of the maternity pants are styled to look just like usual pants only looser and with more support in the waist and stomach area.

No one but you has to know they’re maternity pants. Today the styles tend to be very form-fitting, but I just can’t wear clothes that adhere to my body.  If the clothes are constantly touching me even the softest clothes will begin to annoy and hurt me.  Actually, I like to buy many of my clothes a size larger than I would wear if I didn’t have fibromyalgia just so they will droop loosely and touch my body as slightest as possible.

Pay attention to your waist

Did you know that waistbands can be one of the reasons that you feel pain when you are wearing clothing? It goes for both men and women who is the victim of this illness. Therefore, never wear a waistband that is super tight, as this can cause even more issues! Pantyhose should be avoided. If you must wear something, consider thigh-highs.

You will be surprised at how much better you will feel when these are not tight around your waist. Try to wear underwear and jeans that are considered low rise. Though you may not like the idea of where this fashion leans, many women find that this is just what the doctor ordered and lessens their pain appreciably.

Think about shopping in the maternity sector as there is softer fitting clothing in the waist area, and these clothes tend to be more tolerant! Go for a nightgown instead of pajama pants at night. Many women have reported a more restful sleep thanks to not having anything around their waist.

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Ladies, you don’t need to wear whalebone-edged bras that squeeze your ribs in order to get support and feel dressed. Many manufacturers offer comfort bras that are wireless, seamless, and sport wide shoulder straps that still give a good lift. Feel the fabric for yourself, and ask for assistance in choosing the right size…even if you think you already know. Sometimes, shoulder pain and itchy rashes occur with fibromyalgia because you’re wearing a too-tight or large-sized bra. For underwear, stick to breathable 100% cotton, especially during the summertime.


Hands-down, most fibromyalgia patients prefer low-rise pants over the kind that pinches the waist painfully. Look for draw-string closure instead of an elastic band. And always give them a good test drive in the store before taking them home. Sit, bend, and twist in the dressing room, and see make sure you have enough room in the seat. For skirts, choose thin, light fold-over waist jersey cotton skirts in a mid-length style. Or, look for a breezy rayon circle skirt.


Stay away from high-waisted pants! They press your abdomen as they are usually tighter, which is a main cause of pain. As silly as it may sound, try looking in the maternity section. A little of their elastic materials in pants could really be cooperative to your fibro symptoms. While trying any pants on, sit down and move around to test if they truly are comfortable. You won’t be standing in place all day, so sitting down is a good way to find out if they provide the comfort level you desire.

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Beating the Bras Blues

Soft cup Bras

You can find soft-cup bras that will give you support even if you’re a larger size. Check out the selection at a specialty shop or a plus-size boutique. Also, gets a bra fitting. Most women don’t wear the right size, and a too-tight band is doing you no favors. Wide shoulder straps don’t dig into the shoulders like thinner straps often do, so go for them.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are comfy and put far less of a squeeze around your rib cage as long as they’re not too taut. They also hold everything right in place.

Bralettes or Bandeaus

One of these styles might be the way to go if you’re smaller. A bralette is an unlined soft-cup bra that’s designed for comfort. Among teenagers it’s most popular because it doesn’t provide much lift. A bandeau is basically a tube of fabric that goes around your chest. Again, the support isn’t the best, but it won’t poke you anywhere and cause pain.

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Some manufacturers make seamless socks for the tactile sensitive fibromyalgia sufferer. For dressier occasions, avoid pantyhose, and opt instead for knee-high nylon socks. Sometimes, diabetic socks are also a good option during a fibro flare-up. Click Here to get customized Fibro ribbon socks.


Different fabrics make fibro sufferers feel differently. Usually, lighter fabrics like cotton or silky materials feel less harsh and heavy on the skin and muscles. Long sweaters, although some are of cotton, still most of them are too heavy and add further pain to the shoulders and other tender areas too, so go for the most suggested fabrics like cotton, stretchy silk/satin knits, fleece and flannel all in lighter weight. Every little bit helps, so find what makes you comfortable and buy it in every color!

Hats, gloves and scarves

Hats are used in modern style and fashion – and you have to choose a large droopy hat that can protect you from summer high temperature.During winter time, hats, gloves and scarves are often significant to protect the body from intense cold and warm up to the normal temperature.

But in case of fibromyalgia you should be conscious while choosing these accessories as you are fighting against your chronic pain.You have to follow the same general rules that accessories should be loose-fitting, natural and non synthetic fibers  You should not panic if your sensitivity prevents you from wearing it for long time.Due to high sensitivity patients with fibromyalgia may even not be able to wear hats, gloves and scarves.

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