How I Describe Fibromyalgia to People Who Have Never Felt It

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Fibromyalgia: For those who don’t know

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes strong extensive body pain, hypersensitivity, chronic fatigue and patient is not able to sleep properly. More women are affected but can affect people of any gender or age. Approximately 10 million people in the United States are suffering from fibromyalgia.

The Diagnosis of fibromyalgia can be difficult because there is no absolute way to “confirm” someone is suffering from this disorder. Alot of struggle is required to obtain a diagnosis because fibromyalgia is a contentious issue in the medical world, because many doctors still believe that it is physiological issue, it has no relation with reality.

Present treatment involves above all various types of medication to help handle the pain. moreover, sleep is tremendously significant and essential to fight with fatigue and some substitute therapies like massage or acupuncture may reduce some pain to people suffering from fibromyalgia.

This disease is progressive, and show various symptoms, which may increase in intensity with time. Unluckily, most fibromyalgia patients are unable to reduce their pain, and making it bearable. There is still no cure. Fibromyalgia patients have to bear near-constant pain and fatigue that makes impossible for them to carry out their daily works.

Fibromyalgia has affect other symptoms of the body other than just pain and fatigue. It also has impact on cognitive functioning and cause memory and attention problems, which many known to as the “fibro fog.” frequently this disease leads to unease and/or gloominess. People have to live a miserable life by struggling with both the chronic and invisible natures of this disorder.

Describing Fibromyalgia to People Who Have Never Felt It

Have you ever wanted to feel and go through the sufferings of fibomyalgia? I haven’t ever, but I know the ups and downs of these disease more than anyone else (certainly better than I ever wanted to) and now I am able to explain you with enough of my experiences that you’ll come to know more about this disease then of anyone in your life who may be suffering from a chronic illness, pain, or other health struggle. First of all  take a deep distillation breath and get ready to experience something new.

A voyage through my eyes, if you will. Do you Remember the last time you had sunburn? the kind that makes you feel every inch of your skin? It causes irritation all over, felt tensed and hot. Try to feel it now, imagine your skin becomes highly sensitive and there are quick nervous movements of face and awareness to every touch spread to every part of your skin.

Now you can feel seams in your clothes and you’re even super alert where your fingers touch each other and the folds of your skin at your elbows and knees the collar of your shirt is tight and the waist of your pants is painful, claustrophobic. But touch isn’t the only sensation that have become sharp. Sounds are heard louder than before and they are very unpleasant to hear, Lights may seem too bright while driving, and sometimes look fiercely without warning.

You have to pay more attention while driving at night ,the headlights unexpectedly seem like they’re out to caught you every now and then. Smells are too strong, and perfumes which were pleasant to smell before seems unpleasant now,and food once taste yummy, is out of taste now,they make you feel nauseating and disgusting. Do you ever have the flu? That very bad and unpleasant seasonal kind that makes you so sore all over that even after taking four Motrin you can still feel your whole skeleton?

If you have then you can relate better now. If you haven’t experienced this unpleasant feeling, then be happy and continue to get your flu vaccine. Visualize that one day you wake up with that continuous dull pain, only it’s frighteningly bad than normal. You start to moan yourself, think, alas that flu vaccine is of no use,it didn’t,” and exhale noisily, you give courage to yourself by thinking that it will become better after a week, like before, and you need not to worry and if it doesn’t get better even after two weeks, three, you start to panic. And then, it gets worse.

It make you feel tired and lims become heavy, You feel like you are walking in sand  and you lack the energy you had previously, which helps you do things in a better way,and you have to spend two or three days in bed to pay off this energy debt.You think that its fate cruelity that only some days you have enough energy to get out of bed and dress up and eat something,this makes you think that fate is smiling at you. The assistant of chronic fatigue and pain is something called “brain fog,” which sounds stupid. It’s actually not.

It can make you feel silly and uncomfortable, and try to hide it and chuckle it off as nothing. But you may end up in putting your keys in the freezer, the milk has might gone in the cupboard, and one day you find yourself in some haphazard room and glancing at wall asking to your self,what was I um going to do???even 4 times a day. Shopping is a joke for you now, even if it is a lot more… fanciful now. You will randomly end up touching the fabrics of the clothes to see whether they’re soft enough, and tell your husband, “Oooh, feel this towel!” Don’t worry, they’ll get used to it.

Everytime I get distracted by those sale advertisements or pretty towels  my husband has to strike a chord to tell me of what I was actually looking for  Target is a dangerous place. Whether you believe or not,every tiny thing I told, pales in comparison to the pain. Pain will become your always accompanying person and very best friend,.Some days it’s bearable, and only makes everything a little bit brighter and the corners of your eyes become a little tighter. It makes easy for you to lose your temper, but your husband handles everything (just don’t even care about your husband what he thinks).

Some days you don’t want to think much and you look for something that prevents you from thinking like books or movies.You will prefer the cinema with comfortable seats because the uncomfortable seats are not for you anymore. On some bad days you show others and think that you even don’t exist now. I know I have portrayed a pretty harsh picture here, and one that you think I have overstated and you don’t believe it.

May be you have nothing to  do with, even if you have experienced this chronic pain or someone else who has been going through it, But now it will tell you something,its up to you to believe or not and that’s that I’m grateful for my fibro. It’s taught me the reality of life ,the truth about myself more than anything else that I have experienced uptil now.

I never knew about my Yorkie’s fur that how soft it used to be before, And after smog how pleasant was the smell of rain. I can not feel now how lovely it was to hear the rain falling on the roof top,after spending a long tiring day.When I look for it,I think I should find balance in my pain.


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