Awareness Film called “Fibro and the New Me” set to release on November 1.

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Fibro and The New Me interviewed Mr.Ross Health the filmmaker and writer of the new upcoming fibromyalgia awareness film “Fibro and the New me”. He is the writer and actor from leyland Lancashire UK, her wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple of years ago and alot of people don’t know what the disability is and what its about so he decided to make an awareness film called Fibro and the new me to help people understand and show more awareness.

As more needs to be done this film the story line is from mine and my wife’s personal experiences played by some amazing actors and actress Rebecca Morris plays Bridget she portrays the character amazingly and had me in tears on set as her acting was phenomenal also Dale hooley plays her on screen partner Matt.

Dale did an amazing job also and played the part perfectly and it also helped that they researched it and asked questions regarding it, also Rebecca can relate to the story as she has gone through fibromyalgia herself and she is an inspiration the story follows Bridget and Matt on setting out to discover why she is so ill and getting diagnosed and dealing and coming to terms with what is to follow i cant give to much away at the moment.

We have a great team behind this film including director and music producer Christopher livermore Cinematography by Salem Kapsaski and great cast such as Rebecca morris Dale hooley, Raquel davizz, Rahel kapsaski, and many more

Our aim is to put this film onto social media and you tube so people can watch it for free and it will bring awareness and help people and show people that you shouldn’t judge and anyone suffering with fibro needs love and support, We have a teaser trailer out for the film on social media and youtube and you can find us on Facebook on our official Facebook page Fibro and the new me, also we will have a film screening in Manchester very soon release date for the film will be November 1st.

We hope this short film helps people and helps more people understand and i just want to thank everyone for there support and especially my inspiration my wife Jane heath Together we can fight fight fibro thankyou Ross.

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You can see the trailer below or Click Here to see the Teaser Trailer on Facebook

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