The Side Effects of Fibromyalgia No One Talks About

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We asked a question “What are the side Effects of Fibromyalgia No One Talks About?” to our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic illness“. They have share their opinions with us.

Few of their opinions are below.

1. fear: fear for illnesses dismissed by doctors, fear of not being believed, fear of the future. Feeling a (failure) because you can’t work when all the rest of the family are out working.

2. Hypocondria, but at the same time, assuming that new symptoms are just fibro and not getting them looked at. I never knew I could be both at the same time.

3. Dental issues. Not just TMJ even teeth that just hurt like they’ve been drilled. I mean gum disease and dry mouth and tooth decay that happen even though you take care of your teeth. Read More here

4. Desperation: Having to ask for help when you’ve been a very independent person.

5. Self-Esteem: Unable to work so loss of self worth, Unable to get dressed and presentable, Loss of feelings of attractiveness for partner, Unable to accomplish small tasks that you normally always did, so feeling useless, Self-esteem definitely hits the skids, causing depression, anxiety & suicidal thoughts.

6. Grief. Grieving the loss of my career, being the mother I used to be, having any kind of positive future, etc. Apathy. Anger. Not really living while silently wishing for death

—painfully uselessly EXISTING. Feeling misunderstood by everyone which further increases isolation. The delirium from waking up every two hours all night long every night for years. Complete lack of any self esteem is an understatement. Guilt for not being the perfect wife, mum, nanna, daughter, employee…

Grief for the life I had, Grief for the life I planned, Frustration that I can’t think or speak properly


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7. Cramps, nausea , peeing all the time, uselessness, fatigues, anger, fear of the future, weight loss or gain, weakness, tiredness, pains , forgetting, mental issues anxiety or panic attacks lonelyness .low sex drive, low concentration, headaches chest pains foot pains food sensitivity light sensitivity the list just goes on everyone has deferent symptoms showering is a chore every things is a chore lost of vision at times lost of interest in general to everything and everyone itching burning skin.

8. Memory, Doctors not caring or giving you time. Loss of friends. Family frustration with you, since you can’t give them the attention and things you always did before. The migraine headaches all the time constant changes in vision. The stinging an burnings. Read more here

9. Feeling much older than your real age. Read more on Pre-mature aging in Fibromyalgia Here

10. Balancing: Feeling like you are always going to fall because of loss of balance…then that leads me to more anxiety and panic attacks. Read more Here

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