To All the Non-Believers of Fibromyalgia

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Dearest Non-believer,

I know it’s news to you, but I really am not faking. What isn’t happening to you wasn’t in the making. I want you to picture someone all healthy and defined. Now, kick that healthy person eleventh fifty times. Hammer in some 9 inch nails straight into their spine, make sure their tight, and hit them one more time. Drain out all their blood to replace it with ice, then add lava, ants, and a little spice. We don’t want it to blend so mixing is not required. The randomness the better. They’ll be confused until expired.

The next part is pretty simple for it’s easily done… Scramble up their brains. Go ahead. Have some fun! When they can’t remember what you had done spill some rocks in their tummy, then through them in the sun. Once they’re nice and crispy throw them in the snow. Just make sure the concrete has settled in their muscles before you let them go.

Please sir or madam, don’t think that you are through. After all this the sandman comes to you. The moment he arrives cover your victim in glue. I’m sure that he will help you. He’s a non-believer too. Enjoy covering them in sand, but scrape the skin up a little. Now, let them stand all broken and brittle.

Can you see your masterpiece in all it’s miscellaneous? You my non-believer are fibro-my-al-gia! It all seems pretty clustered. I know this all to well, but remember there’s so much unknown about this invisible living hell. The next time that you see me see me for what I tell. I am that brittle person living in this healthy shell. Sincerely, Erin Carroll

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We also posted a question on our Facebook community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” that What message you want to give all Fibromyalgia Non-believers ?. They have shared their thoughts with us that we have enlisted below.

Here is what community shares with us:

1. I just hope that one day someone will invent a machine that will hook up to a fibromyalgia sufferer and hook it up to a nonbeliever so that they could feel what we are feeling. I really do ?

2. Don’t doubt what you don’t know.- Jessica Streed-Puddicombe

3. Research the illness before you judge. If you could feel it you might be able to understand it. No I don’t take naps just because I’m lazy. Yes you might see me out and about having dinner with my family or doing some shopping but I’m still hurting. I probably rested the last two days just so i could go out, then to feel like crap the next two days.

4. We really do feel bad and really do hurt all over, some days more than others. I wish a couple of people in my family could feel like I do for two weeks. That would shut them up.


6. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anybody else but like I tell people change places with me for 1 day and then tell me it ain’t real

7. Educate yourselves. When someone you know is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, EDUCATE YOURSELVES !!! then maybe just maybe you can at least understand a little. You can’t begin to know how we feel unless you have it. I wouldn’t wish this horrible disease on anyone.

8. Please be aware just because we act fine,looks wonderful, do things like you might that each day we suffer in silence with levels of pain and other things you may not be aware of, be kind to us.

9. This is a shitty way of life. I would give anything to not suffer everyday. It’s very debilitating & depressing. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

10. On the days I moan I am hurting. On the days I am not, I am hurting. If it ever goes away…I’ll let you know. When that day comes you’ll know by my speech, my movements and my smile!

11. What reason do I have to lie? Why on Earth would I make myself miserable?!!!

12. At one point, I would have said walk in my shoes, live my life, but now, I tell them I wouldn’t trade shoes at all, no one else should have to live this way, and God is helping me each day…

13. Imagine your ex husband imagine your worst relationship imagine that work colleague that always had to make you feel inferior imagine that bully at school imagine every person that’s belittled ,embarrassed, been pure downright awful to you where you’ve hated their guts and wanted to get them back for their wrong doings ?!?!? You wouldn’t even wish this on them !

14. I tell them i wish this on no one here is my day night of very little sleep because of pain wake up shower which that wares me out hubby and I have to appointment s today but were I am in bed because I m tried I hurt to my bones today I not making this up because I don’t want to do things because I m lazy I have a kitchen that needs clean I be trying to clean for the last week and why I get thought one load of dishes and have to stop our dishwasher broke so I m washing dish s by hand I wish I could have my life back were a shower dose n t ware me out so before you don t want to believe us think what it s. Like to be locked in a body that betray s me every day what kind of life is that for anyone you tell me sorry I just get mad sad and tried of hearing people tell me you will be fine and stop making it up and I m not all this does is make me feel alone.

15. Nothing I don’t need to be believed it’s my illness I don’t need to waste my energy convincing others! If they don’t believe then they don’t. belong in your life as they people that really care and know you will! People who don’t can go to hell!

16. A specialist told me that the disease is very much real and we all have different stages and we all have different aches and pain. Then he also said that people that don’t believe us are uneducated ignorant people. Out of all the doctors I seen he was the only so far that has the balls to say something like that.

17. Read up on it n see what we feel n what all goes along with it. It’s painful, burning, scary, crazy, exhausted etc n people only look at the outside they have no idea how feel on inside.

18. I wish people would understand… I’m not lazy…. I work full time and do all the housework and stuff I’m supposed to do…. Just because I need to sleep and yes for a period of time doesn’t mean I’m lazy or a waste of time… I’m important and I wish I could be understood.

19.  Do some research. Talk to people that have this disease, not just the Dr.’s who are non believers. Open your mind and then read EVERYTHING you can find on it. Maybe then you will understand what we all live with every day.

20. I’ll pray that no one in your closer never get fibromyalgia.

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