How Dare You Judge My Handicap Sticker?

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If you have a chronic illness like arthritis or lung disease that makes it agonizing or hard to walk, you might be eligible for a handicapped parking consent. Ask your doctor about eligibility. People with limited mobility can save time, energy, and frustration when they park in handicapped parking spots near the entrances to businesses. For handicapped parking permits every state has its own forms and criteria.

Typically, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) runs the program. Check on your state’s specific process. The DMV will need your doctor to verify your medical condition. Other health-care professionals such as an optometrist, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner may also be able to document your condition. If you’re visibly disabled and appear at a DMV office, the requirement of a physician’s certification might be waived in some states.

The procedure for getting the sticker includes, getting a handicapped parking application from the DMV office or online, Complete and sign the form. Ask your health-care provider to fill out and sign the portion that certifies disability. (Again, in some states, certification requirements might be waived if you’re visibly disabled and appear in person at the DMV.) Submit the application by mail or in person.

Although many people apply for permanent disabled parking, states also offer placards for temporary disability, such as after having surgery. Fees also vary. Some states charge a minute fee, and others give placards free of money. You are the only one officially allowed to use the placard, whether you’re a driver or traveler in the bus. It’s unlawful for anyone else to use the placard if you’re not in the bus. Misusing the placard can result in cancellation of the permit, fines and other penalties.

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How dare people judge your handicap sticker?

Having to go to appointments to your doctor here in Rhode Island, so you can one more time fill out the form for the state to verify that you are still eligible for a handicap sticker, causes a embarrassing and upsetting feeling to have to be reminded that you have two deadly conditions. And yet, you have to get that signature to confirm that you are still dealing with this future.

You have to deal with those of you out there who feel so free to judge people like you when you are not in wheelchair and appears normal, regardless of possessing no information of conditions that necessitate the need for this. So many jumps to the conclusion that you do probably not deserve any special compensation, so what has brought this judgment by others towards those of you with the handicap placard? It reminds me of the distasteful recollections back in elementary school where one classmate would do something dim-witted, the teacher would ask who was accountable, not one would rat on that person nor would the person give themselves up.

The result would be the entire class had to face the punishment. It always stuck with me that punishing the many for the sins of a few as being overly punitive and unfair, and here we are now as grownups still facing that type of attitude.

So, let me share just a small number of stories of disabled people that have been approached with judgment and what they are facing every day with their circumstances:

A person existing with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an excruciating fatal connective tissue fault you are born with. This individual bear above twenty surgeries, lots of on the legs, to only be judged as he walked into a store, for the first time, instead of using the wheelchair, instead of the delight of this hard earned achievement, this person was judged from using a placard by a person that didn’t see a wheelchair so consequently there must be no necessity for a sticker?

Then there is the woman with Turner’s syndrome this woman faces daily problems with hearing loss, fatigue and the danger of an aortic dissection and gets approached in a parking lot of a shopping mall for “abusing her placard” and then gets judged like this? The cancer patient that comes to the car to a letter on the windshield that they are being impolite for taking up a room, this person is incurable, lost their hair and facing recurrent chemo therapies leaving them feeble. And someone else gets to judge their need instead of their doctor?

Some tips for people who tend to judge others

Your lack of understanding makes you a discriminating person who needs to learn to have an open mind when it comes to people living with disabilities. Just because you can’t see what is wrong doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Don’t move toward someone with impolite comments you are most liable attacking the person that truly want this card. It is threatening and emotionally hurtful. You have no idea what they have been through and are going to continue to go through. Believe me, you don’t dream of having this card hanging on your car to look cool! Do you realize all you do in life is being observed by your children or even grandchildren? We should be educating our children to not at all judge others and be tolerant of others, no matter their race, faith or disability!

People who use the handicap sticker need to consider the following tips

Remember, as much as it hurts and angers you, try to remember they are the people with problems they are hurtful, discriminating and setting a terrible example of humanity and I bet you would rather deal with what you are facing then live in their shoes and be that person. Do not get into it with them and if need be, report them either to the store staff or even the police if you feel you are not safe.

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