7 Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a multifaceted disorder that causes pain and exhaustion in the muscles. Doctors don’t really know what causes fibromyalgia. People of all ages, genders, and ethnicities develop it, but it appears to be more common in middle-aged women. Additionally, people with a history of rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune diseases frequently develop fibromyalgia.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but it is possible to manage the symptoms, with medication and other lifestyle changes. Treating fibromyalgia can be hard because no one is really certain what the reason behind it is. Since there is no root cause to treat, it is often necessary to simply manage the symptoms.

Tenderness all over, fatigue, bloating and continuously forgetting things are but a few of the many symptoms often connected with fibromyalgia. You may experience all of these symptoms, some of these symptoms or other symptoms. For some, the symptoms are present every day, for others, only on some days.

This is not to talk about the changeable intensity of symptoms from day to day, confused yet? Now you know why it is so frustrating for you and your doctor when trying to diagnose this syndrome. Although there are medications that can help deal with fibromyalgia, self-care in the form of some daily life changes and even some natural remedies can be effectual in controlling the condition.

An essential part of self-care is finding a helpful doctor who understands and cares for people with fibromyalgia and other pain conditions. The subsequent list contains a number of instructions for managing and alleviating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. People should always talk to their doctor first for ideas and advice.

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Mold problems and fibromyalgia

Mold grows in water damaged buildings and can release toxic substances called mycotoxins.  They have hallucinating health effects on humans and are very infrequently tested for or thought of by conventional medicine. At least one mycotoxin in urine was found in individuals with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.   

Almost 30% had two or more different mycotoxins in their urine. Many of these people had high mold exposure from their home or from their work office.  I ask my clients if they feel better when they are on vacation (away from their office and home).  If one observes a big alteration when they are away from their usual surroundings it is a red flag for mold sickness. Read the Connection between Mold and Fibromyalgia Here


Pushing too hard can escort to increased pain and exhaustion. In addition, it is important to practice moderation. If a person with fibromyalgia pushes too hard with work out or activity when they are feeling fine, it may set off more days when they are feeling feebly.

Digestive problems

Victims of fibromyalgia can practice a full variety of digestive issues, including bloating, excess wind, stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation. These symptoms can often be diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Check your medicine; digestive problems could be a side effect of a prescribed medication that you are taking for fibromyalgia or another condition.

Avoid caffeine and refined sugar as much as possible – these are difficult for your digestive system to cope with and can result in digestive problems. Try to eat bit by bit – chewing your food more allows it to be digested and broken up more effortlessly in the stomach, reducing dangers of digestive troubles, such as acid reflux, indigestion and bloating.


Yoga practice has therapeutic effects in fibromyalgia patients. Yoga and Tai chi are both kind and slow practices that unite controlled movements with consideration and profound breathing. A preliminary study done in 2010 found that Tai chi was effectual. However, more studies are needed.

Magnesium citrate

Fibromyalgia has been linked to magnesium deficiency and research shows that magnesium supplements may help to reduce troublesome symptoms, including pain. According to a study published in the journal Rheumatology International, women given 300 milligrams of magnesium citrate daily for eight weeks experienced improvement in the number of tender points, tender point index, FIQ and Beck depression scores.

In addition to pain relief, magnesium supplements may also dramatically improve insomnia, sleep time, sleep latency and sleep efficiency according to a study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. In this double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, participants were given 500 milligrams of magnesium or a placebo daily for eight weeks. As sleep problems are common for those with fibromyalgia, a high-quality supplement and boosting intake of magnesium-rich foods should be a top priority and can help as a natural fibromyalgia treatment.

Music therapy

Listening to music may be a potential natural fibromyalgia treatment. In a pilot study published in the journal Pain Management Nursing, study participants with fibromyalgia who were given music therapy experienced a significant reduction in both pain and depression. In this small study, patients were instructed to listen to music daily for four consecutive weeks. Researchers encourage further study and investigation for music as a self-management intervention to reduce both depression and pain. Read More Here

Fish oil

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, taking a high-quality fish oil supplement may help to reduce inflammation and pain, as well as improve immune system function. Select high-quality omega-3 fish oil or cod liver oil. They are both packed with vitamins and nutrients beyond just essential fatty acids. As a precaution, if you are on high blood pressure medications, anticoagulants have asthma talk to your doctor before taking it. Read more here

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