How Does Swimming Help Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

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Swimming for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

It has been established that exercise is an important tactic in dealing with fibromyalgia (FM). But people who suffers from FM often have other medical issues, like arthritis, that inhibit them from walking long distances. Fatigue is also a common malady that accompanies FM, so getting exercise is easier said than done.

The muscles of people with FM tend to be more tense which makes them more exposed to injuries from exercising. The recent scientific evidence shows that FM patients improve exercise capacity, symptoms and quality of life with the holding of regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise.

Is Exercise Always Good For You?

You have to be realistic when you start an exercise program. It is better to build up slowly, gradually increasing the intensity and length of the exercise activity. Each FM patient has to find the exercise that is right for him/her. You need to create a balance between effective exercising but without causing lasting pain.

Exercise, and in particular swimming, is as effective as walking to improve quality of life and relieve pain for patients having FM, who experience chronic diffuse non-inflammatory pain in the musculoskeletal system deriving from malfunctioning of the system that transmits and modulates the transmission of nervous stimuli between the periphery of the body and the brain. It has been used more and more as a regular part of therapy for pain related diseases, and FM is one of the diseases that have been using it a lot more lately.

It will also improve flexibility, fitness, and stamina which are crucial for FM sufferers who often lack mobility due to long term muscle pain.

Why Choose Swimming?

The latest research has shown that swimming can significantly reduce the chronic pain of FM. Even though it has less impact on your body than other types of exercise, but still it is great for your heart and your blood circulation. Sufferers of FM often have a difficult time when it comes to blood flowing throughout the body, so anything that allows your body to do that more easily is always a good idea.

How Does Swimming Help?

Swimming uses all the major muscle groups, has strength building effects and cardiovascular benefits. However, swimming is much easier for FM sufferers than other weight-bearing, land based activities. The water’s buoyancy eases stress on the joints, and its warmth helps tight muscles relax.

This alleviates muscle spasms and reduces stiffness, resulting in greater flexibility and range of motion than is possible with land-based activities. The individual’s body is supported by the water which reduces the chance of injury from losing one’s balance. At the same time, the pressure of the water boosts heart and lung strength and enhances blood flow. The soothing effect of the water can also reduce the perception of pain and help lower anxiety which are the two common problems experienced with FM.

Swimming is a great activity for FM sufferers of all ages and all levels of fitness. You should not worry about the speed of those swimming around you. Just enjoy the feeling of freedom of weightlessness that the water brings alongside the exercise benefits.

The treatment of FM is always changing, and if you are looking for more natural ways to deal with the pain, then swimming on a regular basis can definitely help you in a huge way. Your physical therapist is the one who will help you determine whether or not it is the right decision for you, and they can get you connected with a program that can give you the exercises and such that will benefit you the most. Either way, swimming can be a huge benefit for FM sufferers.


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