These Companies Have Remote Jobs That May Be Great for People With Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities

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It can be very difficult to go work daily, if you are suffering from chronic illness, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find job. If you can find suitable accommodation, most people are able to work at least part time. In order to find some suitable and best jobs, we have found 20 top companies that are hiring people for multiple positions. Most of these are very large companies with international influence but that doesn’t mean small companies are not looking for remote workers as well.

If it’s your favorite company which is looking and hiring people, and you see position, and you think you can do virtually, and send their HR department email and ask if they can allow people to work remotely. Frequently many companies are willing to make accommodations for people who deserve. We will update this article as more companies announce telecommuting positions, so make sure to bookmark it for future reference.

APPLE: If you are technologically good at making judgments’ a remote position at Apple may be good for you. Some virtual positions like Apples at-home advisers and team managers provide great technical support throughout the U.S and internationally. If you are on full-time position, you can enjoy many benefits and discounts on Apple products. The company very proudly claims that they”explore new ways to support employees with disabilities”.

ATENA: It is one of the largest health insurance providers in the U.S; Atena hires remote employees for a number of different job types. From its website, it is estimated that the company has more than 100 offices, across the U.S and more than 43 percent of its employees telecommute. The company provides a variety of benefits to its employees including minimum hourly base wage of $16 per and health insurance and improved medical benefits. The company claims that these enhanced benefits can save $4000 for eligible workers on out-of-pocket health care costs.

AMAZON: To add 5000 part-time remote employees this year, this is the America “s largest online retailer plans. These customer service positions will pay approximately $10 per hour according to CNBC. Those people who are interested to work in different departments, Amazon offers remote positions for managers and engineers. There are a number of medical benefits including company-paid short term and long-term disability insurance, reimbursement for adoptions and a ”ramp back” program which make easy for fresh moms or primary caregivers 8 weeks of flexible time to return to the work. These benefits are provided to full-time remote employees.  

MOZILLA: If you want to work for Mozilla as it is your favorite browser, it can offer you remote position throughout the U.S and internationally. It is an internet company and foundation that honors its employees work preference. They state that” we can support you anywhere even if you can work best at home. In addition to business development and managerial roles, opportunities are available for engineers and developers. Medical benefits and other technology benefits are received by full-time employees.

NEILSON: Are you interested in watching what people are doing on TV?? If so, then you will like to work for Neilson, which tracks viewing habits of people across the U.S. Fields like engineering, business services and analytics offer full time positions. Benefits package is offered by company and it includes health care, dependent care spending accounts, long term and short term disability coverage, supplemental and dependent life insurance and an employee assistance program.

HILTON: For position across the country Hilton routinely hires virtual groups. It is one of the largest hospitality groups in the U.S. Apart from being remote it also offers feasible schedules for employees that cannot work from 9 to 5. Some full time positions may require travelling on and off, depending upon the task. Full-time jobs come with benefits like customer service positions. By typing remote or virtual you can search remote offerings.

HUMANA: Insurance company offers a great variety of work and it includes home positions as part of its workforce. Health, financial benefits, bonuses, overtime is there for employees to enjoy them. Remote positions include financial services, sales and customer care. Humana was named a “top 25 Noteworthy Company” by DiversityInc in 2015. The company prefers to hire veterans with disabilities.

PHILLIPS: Home-based jobs around the globe for a variety of positions are offered by consumer product company Phillips. Positions like engineering, sales, informatics and customer service are available. A lot of benefits are there for full time positions. Some remote roles also require travelling. To support the mental and physical health of military veterans, company also offers an “employee assistance program”.

UNITED HEALTHCARE: Are you interesting in working in health care? United healthcare offers something more than just remote jobs related to health insurance business. Through programs such as Welfare to work and Lifeworks United Health care coordinates with agencies and government to hire and support needy people with disabilities. Virtual roles like behavioral analyst, social workers, nursing positions and managerial opportunities are available. Full time positions with benefits and hourly roles are also options.

XEROX: 8000 employs are currently hired by Xerox s virtual office. The company also prefers to hires veterans as part of its Heroes@Home program. Customer care, tech support, programming and quality control are included in virtual positions. Health insurance, life insurance and child and elder care assistance are the benefits for remote employees.

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For reference: Jobs Links:

  • Atena: You can search remote offerings here by selecting “yes” under “potential telework positions.”
  • Amazon: You can search remote offerings here by typing “virtual locations” where it says “location.” Apple: You can search remote offerings here by typing “at home” into the search bar.
  • Hilton: You can search remote offerings here by typing “remote” or “virtual” where it says “keyword.”
  • Humana: You can search remote offerings here by selecting “Virtual/Work At Home” at the bottom of the page where it says “Work Environment Type.”
  • Mozilla : You can search remote offerings here.
  • Neilson: You can search remote offerings here by typing “remote” where it says “location.”
  • Philips: You can search remote offerings here by typing “home based” where it says “Where.” United HealthCare: You can search remote offerings here by typing “telecommute” where it says “Enter Keyword.”
  • Xerox: You can search remote offerings here by selecting “Virtual/Work At Home” at the bottom of the page where it says “Work Environment Type.”

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