What it is like waking up in the morning with fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia patients experience chronic pain of extreme intensity throughout their lives with no cure exists. They have to adjust their lifestyle to manage their pain with other aspects of life. To give our readers a glimpse into their lives and How do People with Fibromyalgia start their day? , we asked our Facebook community Living with fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness a question “Write a 10-word story about waking up in the morning when you live with fibromyalgia?” for our website Fibromyalgia Resources.

Requested them to share their stories, consisting of only 10 words, in the comments!” We share their responses below while most of them said that the start of their day is Pure agony, exhaustion, stiffness, pain everywhere, disoriented, and it is another day of suffering.

Here is what community shares with us on waking up with fibromyalgia:

1> Body just doesn’t work I lie in bed thinking about getting up before I get up then put my feet on the floor try to walk and then the pain kicks in and the day begins ………,pain pain etc you get the picture xxx – Marie F

2> Eyes not yet open. But already my body’s fighting me. X – Andrena R

3> Woke several times already. Groggy, achy, headache, sore throat, stiff. – Kari K

4> Deep breaths…gentle stretches…. loud cracks…dizzy…stiffness…agony…still sleepy ….forced to think positive ….pain meds..nap time……ok its 10 thing not ten words my morning story – Nnicola M

5> No sleep, awful pain throughout body. Headaches all the time. Sick of hearing people say you look good ,you don’t look like your in pain. It must all be in your head. I will walk in their shoes any one day if they walked in mine. – Barbara C

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6> Waking up in fibro is full of feelings and issues like Fatigued, migraine, excruciating radiating burning numbing spasming itching electric shock like trembling pain and stiffness throughout my body – Carm G

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7> Waking up and starting the day is a Steady Struggle as most times I’ve only just fallen asleep a few hours before hand, feel like I’ve not refreshed and always tired – Sammy Jo

8> Stiff can’t move well…headache…nausea…barely make to bathroom which make waking up with fibromyalgia very hard – Diana G

9> Tossing turning feeling pain, headache rib, back and hip flexor aches – The stiff walk to the toilet feel like I am walking encased in cement – Kathy L

10> Back pain…stiffness…pain in my hips ..dizziness…Oxycodone Depot and Paracetamol…tired to the bones…heavy arms…hurts to walk…can’t stretch my spine when i wake up – Roxanne H

11> Exhausted excruciating noisy chest pains cold feet back aches frustrated headache – Samantha B

12> I have headache!,jaws,neck, shoulder,back,hip, pain.Ouch . Still exhausted, muscles ache, still have to face the day, these are the feelings i go through daily after waking up – Terry K

13> Backpain, stiffnes, tierd, like omg I could sleep more but the bed is like a torture chamber., my hips and back cant lay down anymore. – Ann-S

14> Woke up stiff as always. Headache and neck pain again. – Elizabeth K

15> Unbearable pain, muscle spasms, burning painful feet, tiredness and depressed .- Back pain, hip pain, arm pain, fluey feeling, meds, carry on. X – Tricia P

For people not affected by this disorder, mornings are lazy or happy starting with a shower or breakfast but for people with Fibro, It starts with pain, aches and the realization of spending another day in agony.

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