Best Winter Shoes for People Living with Fibro/Chronic Illness

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If you have fibromyalgia you know how painful it can be. The list of possible problems that come with fibromyalgia is long it can cause widespread, chronic aching, tenderness, increased pain sensitivity, joint stiffness, numbness, tingling, fatigue, headaches even anxiety and depression.

The right shoes can’t cure all of these problems. However, they can help relieve many of the symptoms and some of the pain. The right shoes will also keep you comfortable and pain-free while exercising, which is one way to help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

First-class Shoes for fibromyalgia patients is an essential requirement.  Fibromyalgia patients should take care of their feet as well as the rest of their bodies.  After all, our feet move us from point to point, help us exercise, and assist us in keeping our balance.

We have asked a question from our community “Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illness” that what are their suggestion on winter shoes for people who are suffering from chronic illness like fibromyalgia, lupus, ME/CFS and etc. They have participated in the thread and share their thoughts with us. Most of them have recommended shoes with memory foam. In our question, one of the group member is Podiatrist and also shares her suggestion with us. 

Here are few of their suggestions.

1. Claudine- Sketchers are incredible and do boots for winter too. 

2. – Dee-  Dankos works for me, I work in assisted living and walk a lot on my feet a lot. 

3. Julie : Sketchers with memory foam

4. Louby: Please don’t go for sketchers ( worst footwear !!) I am a podiatrist . Get some supportive fitted runners new balance or ASICS. Saucony & Dr. Comfort are great too.

5. Joanne : I have tight over knee boots they ease my ankle and knee pain 

6. Janet: My podiatrist recommended Brooks, Glycerin or Crocks for my arthritic feet

7. Lillian : I wear my Doc Martens if I have to be on my feet often during the winter

8. Angella : I can only wear birkenstocks

9. Debra : Rock Springs is all I wear

10. Brenda: For me either sketchers or Dr.Scholls for the arch support to take the pressure off my joints and trigger points.

11. Karen: Keen makes nice wide shoes with lots of room in the toe box. They also have good arch supports.

12. Teresa : Merrell’s, Cloud Steppers by Clark and Sketcher tennis shoes with memory foam.

13. Marie: Ortho is good for people with wide width

14. Jane: New Balance tennis shoes are my main shoes year round… Every day. Summertime…Crocs. my orthotics fit well in both. Not attractive or stylish but comfortable

15. Coyler: Drew….. They have saved my legs and back!  (Orthopedic Shoes)

16. Kirsten : New Balance, Saucony, Brooks, Dansko, Asics all make great shoes

17. Teresa : I like UGG Boots because the TOE box is big and I can get my shoe appliances in there and it’s made OF suede , so it’s soft and does not bind nor hurt my foot.

18. Valerie : Personally do not find Sketchers provide any support despite feeling very comfortable when first go on. New Balance have proven best for me, or the Equestrian brand Ariat which are extremely expensive but do a lot of supportive insulated winter boots. Sadly their trainers are not as good as I hoped they would be but boots excellent

19. Suggestions for shoe‘s for women with high arches and need with wide toe box: Crocs w/shoe inserts? Dr. Comfort awesome everything. Order wide width. Good Arch, heel, ball of foot, foot support. Removable insert that I use in other shoes like walking on jelly cushions. Helps knees, back Etc? AND Vionics, Aetrex, Abeo, Birkenstock, Naot, Haflinger.

20. Miller: Easy spirit old lady tennis shoes. Great shoes for problem feet.


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Shoes for fibromyalgia sufferers

Shoes like ‘Shapeups’ or other toning shoes may not be the finest idea for individuals suffering with fibromyalgia.  They are constructed to keep you unbalanced.  The fact that you are unbalanced makes you use the muscles in your legs and butt to keep yourself upright.  Well children, we all are familiar with what over exerting our previously tender, stiff muscles can carry out. Good shoes for fibromyalgia patients are as varied as the patients themselves. 

For some, a difference in shoes doesn’t make a bit of difference; for others it can make a huge difference. For a number of of us, frosty feet = painful feet, and warm feet = swollen, achy feet. Numerous of us fight back to keep our feet at a comfy temperature, but if we don’t we’re in problem. In the winter, try keeping them covered. If they get frozen, you might require an external supply of heat, like use a heating pad or rice bag to get them warm.

In the summer, it may take ice packs or drenching in cold water to get them chilled down. I’ve noticed that when my feet hurt, I’m better off wearing a truly well-cushioned slipper at home than I am going barefoot. Something it took me a long to realize is how much the right socks can help! I’ve revealed newer fibers that I love for the reason that they make for a very flat and smooth socks no more of those ridges grinding into my skin and making it blaze.

My first priorities are in fact made of rubber and other man-made fibers, and they’re remarkable! They feel helpful and silky against my skin without being taut, yet they’re thick enough to add padding to not-so-cushy shoes. They’re also in particular warm, which I absolutely need in the wintry weather. Bamboo socks also feel amazing, and I have some super-soft terry cloth ones to wear around the house. If you have skin allergies or sensitivities, walk with care when trying out new fibers. I’ve heard from quite a lot of people with fibromyalgia that sock elastic fibres cause them a lot of tenderness. If that’s a problem for you, you might want to try diabetic socks.

To deal with my foot pain, the number one thing I look for in shoes is a good amount of cushion. People used to like a hard-soled shoe like Birkenstocks, but they can’t put up with those any longer, Now, the softer the sole the better for them. The accurate shoes for fibromyalgia patients can be complicated so good luck in your hunt for the right shoe.  I’m well aware it can get expensive when they don’t fit like you were hoping; but, many shoe stores have a decent return policy as long as the shoes haven’t been worn outside. 


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Might I suggest that you buy your shoes and wear them around the house for several days before using them for exercise or work?  That way, if you decide you don’t like them, you’ll have a better chance of returning them.

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How to Ease your foot pain

Your doctor can help you find the right treatment, it the foot pain is caused by any injury or overlapping condition. Otherwise you need to find the ways to manage it. Some things have helped people to ease their foot pain, following is the list of those things, but keep in mind that they are personal experiences and they might not work for everyone.

  • >>>soft well-cushioned slippers
  • >>>thick socks or diabetic socks
  • >>>soft-soled shoes
  • >>>soaking in hot water and Epsom salt
  • >>>gentle stretching
  • >>extremely gentle massage
  • >>>cooling lotion
  • >>>orthotics

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Tips to control Fibromyalgia Foot Pain

A 2012 study on custom orthotics that they may help people with fibromyalgia to help function better overall. It can some time and experimentation to find the best ways to reduce your foot pain

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Few of our members recommendation related to shoes

1. I have Fila’s and with the added memory foam they r heavenly!

2. I have Algeria shoes. Love them. I have severe arthritis in my feet, along with Fibromyalgia, cortisone injections every 3 months. I tried many shoes and Algeria is sooo comfortable.

3. I brought a pair of Nike’s, they teally helped me with my foot pain. Nike Free TR7, so Comfortable.

4. Adidas put out a high top shoe that supported my ankles. Addidas cloud foam sneakers and Tamarac Boots

5. Birkenstock soft foot bed Arizona’s but I’m going to try a Mephisto sandal to see how they are besides expensive.

6. I brought ones in amazon brand name is balenciaca they are so comfortable.

7. I love sketchers but the ones with elastic no laces.

8. I wear New Balance, I have been wearing them for years. They work well for me.

9. Sketches seem to have more memory foam than others.

10.  I got myself a pair of Jordan’s cuz I need ankle support and a pair of memory foam inserts and I love them


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